Surprise and Lies

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Miroku and Sango have been married for a year now and everything was going great. Miroku would only look at Sango, which could be bad and good, and Sango was only for Miroku.

Miroku was with Inuyasha in the river, trying to catch fish for their village. Sango and Kagome were babysitting Kagome's child, Inuyasha Jr.(laughs uncontrolablly at name)

"Mommy? When is daddy coming home?" Inuyasha Jr. asks his mother.

" When he is done helping Uncle Miroku catch fish for dinner!" Kagome answers cheerfully.

"Oh..ok!" Inuyasha Jr. replies as he goes off with Shippo, who is much older now, to play.

Sango smiles at the small family and the idea of her and Miroku having one.

"Kagome... I have something to tell you,"Sango says as she plays with her thumbs.

"What is it Sango?"Kagome asks with concern.

"I'm...I'm...I'm pregnant!" Sango stutters.

"So are things going with Kagome? Good I hope!" Miroku says with a perverted grin.

"Shut up you stupid munk! It's none of your concern..."Inuyasha answers blushing.

"OOOOOHHHHHHH...I see..."Miroku answers as he catches another fish and adds it to the pile.

"Daddy! Daddy!"

Inuyasha and Miroku turn to see a little boy with black hair, dog ears, and Inuyasha's golden eyes up in a tree with Shippo frantically running around the base of the tree.

Inuyasha and Miroku run to the base of the tree where Shippo is.

"Shippo! You were supposed to watch him!"Inuyasha growls.

"I'm sorry, but he got up there himself!"Shippo says in hisdefense.

"Never mind! I'll get him!"Inuyasha says right before he jumps up to the branch his son is on.

How the heck did he get on such a high branch! Miroku thinks to himself as he scratches his head in confusion.

"Sango! Oh my gosh! You're pregnant?'Kagome yells with joy.

"Shhhhh! Not so loud Kagome!"Sango warns. "Miroku doesn't know yet,"Sango says sheepishly.

"He doesn't know yet!"Kagome says in disbelief.

"No...he doesn't...I am going to tell him tonight, which means you will have to keep your mouth shut!"Sango warns.

"Ok...I promise..."Kagome giggles.

"Hey Kagome!" Inuyasha yells as he holds Shippo and Inuyasha Jr. by the back/tail.

"What is it Inuyasha?"Kagome asks as she and Sango walk out of the hut.

"I brought back Shippo and your son,"Inuyasha says as he hands his son to his wife and drops Shippo.

"He is your son too,"Kagome says as she glares at her husband.

Sango nervously walks up to Miroku and helps him set down the large pile of fish.

"Hello Miroku,"Sango says.

"Hello my beautiful wife,"Miroku says as he grabs Sango into a lover's embrace.

"Miroku! Stop it!"Sango warns as she blushes a deep red.

"Miroku, I have something important to tell you,"Sango says after she gives her husband a little kiss.

To Be Continued...

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