Two Families Into One

By:FMA4EVER(can't spell)

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Miroku holds his wife as she gasps for air.

This pain is so unbearable! Sango thinks to herself.

"What's going on? What has happened?"Miroku yells at Naraku.

"Have you not noticed my miasma? Too bad it will only effect the baby,"Naraku says coldly.

"Baby?"Miroku says dumbfounded.

"Miroku..."Sango stutters.

"Sango...a baby?"Miroku asks again.

"Yes...we are...were going to have a baby,"Sango says as more pain comes and asshe can feel the life inside her start to weaken.

"No..."Miroku whispers.

"After the baby is gone, then I will kill her...slowly and painfully..."Naraku laughs.

"How dare you! How dare you take my baby and my wife! Wind tunnel!" Miroku yells as he opens his wind tunnel and sucks in the miasma and surprisinly...Naraku. Miroku closes it in time, so that he doesn't suck in Inuyasha Jr., but catches him.

Miroku lays Inuyasha Jr. down and rushes over to his wife.

"Sango...will you be ok?"Miroku asks.

"Miroku...I..." Sango says right before she closes her eyes.

Two years later...

"Inuyasha? Where is Kagome and Laken?"Sango asks the little half demon who is now seven and proud of it.

"I don't know. I think Uncle Miroku has them,"Inuyasha says as he runs and perches on his dad's favorite branch. It helps him stay connected to his parents.

"Miroku?" Sango asks as she walks back into their hut.

"Yes dear?"Miroku asks as he holds Kagome and Laken, one in each arm.

Sango and Miroku's twins made it through and when they were born, Sango named the girl after Kagome and their little boy, Laken.

"C'mon! Time for dinner,"Sango says as she holds Laken and walks to the fire.

Sango and Miroku were going to try hard to be good parents for Inuyasha Jr. and their own kids.

After all, they made it this far.


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