When the goodbyes were done with, Sawyer took Kate's hand in his and they shared a look. A look that showed they were ready to begin a new chapter in their lives.

Without looking back, they went into the water.

Chapter 27

2 minutes later…

"This place sure is beautiful," Desmond stated as the island became smaller and smaller to them, "but I'm not going to miss it for one minute."

Getting no answer from Kate or from Sawyer, Desmond turned around. The pair were in a tight embrace, kissing avidly, seemingly unaware of his presence. He sighed. This was going to be a long trip…

"Ok guys, just go downstairs for a while and get it out of your systems," he told them. This time, they heard him perfectly and broke their kiss. Kate smiled shyly at him, as though she wanted him to know she usually wasn't this kind of girl, while Sawyer just couldn't tear his eyes off her.

As they disappeared inside the boat, Desmond couldn't help but feel envious of them. He had once loved someone like that, but he had lost her. Maybe one day he'd get the chance to find such love again, but for now he knew what he had to do.

He'd make sure those two got the chance to be together forever.

2 days later…

Exhausted, Jack and Eko finally stepped back on 'their' beach. It was late afternoon and there wasn't much activity around, everyone staying in the shade to escape the heat.

But as the two tired men put down the stretcher, Charlie noticed them and ran over.
"You're back!" he exclaimed before looking expectantly behind them and frowning. "Where are the others?" His eyes then fell on the stretcher and he seemed in shock. "Who's…" he began, unable to finish.

"It's my father, Charlie."

Charlie seemed lost but relieved for a second before wondering:

"What about Kate, Sawyer and Locke?"

Jack took a second before replying. He hated lying to those people he had gone through so many things with. But Kate's safety depended on his ability to lie. Maybe in a few years, he could contact those who had been closer to them, Sayid, Charlie, Claire, Hurley, Sun and Jin to tell them their friends were fine. But for now he had to lie the best he could.

"I'm sorry, Charlie. Locke decided to stay with the Others, but Kate and Sawyer... are gone."

"Gone? You mean..."

Jack put a soothing hand on Charlie's shoulder and nodded. Devastated, Charlie didn't ask anymore questions and left them to go back to Claire. The news would spread rapidly and it suited Jack just fine; lying repeatedly about good friends' deaths wasn't something he'd have enjoyed doing.

Jack then went to Sayid, who was chatting with Michael. The men quickly hugged, glad to have the chance to see each other again but sad to know it wouldn't be the case with Kate, Sawyer and Locke.

Quickly, Jack explained how Tom had told them they could now radio for help and they'd finally be heard. While Sayid went to retrieve the radio from his tent, Michael spoke in a low voice so no one would overhear him:

"I guess Kate and Sawyer found a way to leave this place before the authorities came."

He was smiling hugely as he said that and Jack knew Michael didn't believe in their deaths. The island had given each of them, each of the six what they wanted, he was certain of that. Jack answered by way of a smile but, even though he knew he could trust him, didn't say a word.

The two understood each other perfectly and that was all that mattered.

Sayid had successfully called for help and a frenzy had taken hold of the castaways. People were packing, exchanging phone numbers... the excitement was palpable.

But Jack was much quieter as he reflected on the last two months and what might lie ahead.

On this island, he had found himself. Understood how and why his personal life had been going nowhere. Why his work had overtaken his whole life. It was a more peaceful man now packing the few things he wanted to take with him. A few items of clothing, the key to the marshal's case as a souvenir... Jack's gaze then fell on his father's personal belongings he had found at the hotel. Needing to see a picture of his dad, Jack opened the wallet and stared at the driver's license.

Dr Christian Shephard. His father.

On this island, thanks to Sawyer, Jack had learned that his dad had loved him and had been proud of him until the end. Jack wished he could have talked to his father himself, instead of finding him dead in Australia.

"Hey," he suddenly heard behind him.

He turned around and found Ana-Lucia looking at him, her hands in her back pockets.

"Hi, Ana," Jack replied.

He was still holding the picture in his hand and Ana pointed at it as she asked:

"Is that your dad?"

Jack nodded as he looked down on it.

"Yes, this is him. Dr Christian Shephard," he replied as Ana took a step towards him.

She gasped as she saw the picture.

"What? You know him?" he asked, thinking how nothing could surprise him anymore.

"Yes... I went to Australia with him," she said, still astonished.

Quickly, Ana-Lucia explained how she had met Christian and flown with him to Sydney.

"Jack... I think you might have a half-sister down there," she revealed.


Recalling the night she and Christian had driven to the Sydney suburbs, Ana told Jack how his father had wanted to see his daughter but the woman had refused to let him in.

Jack decided he'd go to Sydney as soon as he had a chance. He didn't really know what he'd be expecting from that trip, but it was something he knew he'd have to do, only if to tell his half-sister that her father was a great man, something he now truly believed. Ana gave Jack all the information she had.

"I'm going to go and pack a few things, too. Try to find a souvenir, maybe," she said with her usual mocking smile. "If you ever want to have a tequila and tonic with me, when we're back in L.A... just look me up. I'm in the phone book."

Jack nodded. He didn't know how he'd feel to see Ana-Lucia, or any other of the castaways in the real world, but he wasn't totally closed to the possibility.

As he closed his bag a few minutes later, he heard excited cries. A boat was coming.

Nine weeks ago, his mother had asked him to bring his father back to her.

He was finally going to do just that.

2 years later…

From where she was standing, on the porch, Kate could see Sawyer perfectly without him suspecting anything.

Down the path leading to the house, he was speaking with the neighbour's daughter. She was about 8 years old and she came by every chance she got. At first, Sawyer had found her annoying, or at least that's what he used to tell Kate. But now, a few months later, he couldn't hide how glad he was that the little girl had made a good friend of him.

Kate smiled to herself as she recognized how far they had come since leaving the island. After laying low for a while, they had came across this ranch that was for sale. Kate had just fell in love with the place. She loved nature and horses and couldn't imagine them living in a crowded city working 9 to 5 anyway, so she had suggested they buy the place with the money Sawyer had saved from his conning days.

Having learned on the island to love the outdoor and activities such as chopping wood, Sawyer hadn't been too hard to convince. The place was secluded enough to give them privacy, but wasn't too far from the city either. Best of both worlds, they figured.

As she watched her man joke around with the little girl, Kate knew she was happier now than she'd ever been. She had everything she could ever have wanted. Well… not quite.

For a while, she and Sawyer had been talking about having their own kids, but something had been stopping her until now. Even though the FBI seemed to think she was dead, there was always that tiny fear inside of her. What if someone recognised her? That was unlikely, she knew it. No one cared about Kate Austen anymore. The fact that the island wasn't on any map and that no one had ever been able to locate it after the rescue, almost two years prior, had easily eclipsed the fact that a fugitive had found death there.

No, she was free for good, she had to believe it. And seeing how good Sawyer was with kids, having seen in his eyes just how badly he wanted some with her… She now felt like it was time for them to start their own family. She believed they could now give their children what they hadn't had the chance to have: a happy childhood.

"What are you smiling at, Freckles?"

Kate was startled. Lost in her daydreaming, she hadn't noticed him come to her.

"I don't know," she replied, grinning even more.

"Wrong answer," Sawyer said as he encircled her waist with his strong hands and smiled at her devilishly. "Tell me or… or… or else."

"Or you'll make dinner?" she teased.

"Every night of the week," he replied playfully.

Kate pretended to be scared.

"I'd better tell you, then."

"Yeah, you better," he approved.

"I was starting to think we should begin to put all that practice to good use," she said as she seductively ran her fingers on the nape of his neck.

Getting the idea, Sawyer became serious.

"You mean… kids?" he said in a low voice, as though he was having a hard time believing this could be true.

As a response, Kate leaned in and kissed him languidly, leaving him breathless.

"I've got to repair the fence before dinner," he said, but not moving an inch.

Kate grinned widely.

"I already did."

For a second he seemed surprised, but then he rolled his eyes as if he wondered why he'd even be. A dimpled smile appeared on his face as he looked at her lovingly.

"You were right, Freckles."

"About what?" she whispered.

"I've never been with any girl exactly like you."

"Is that a good thing?" she wondered, beaming.

"A very good thing," he replied before kissing her again.


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