Kim Possible: Jinxed!

by Robert Teague

This story is written solely for the entertainment of Kim Possible fans, and no copyright infringment is intended. This story may be reproduced, provided no changes are made, and you let me know.

Author's Note: This story has nothing to do with my "Green Glory" series, which is currently bogged down with writer's block and plot problems. But it MAY be the beginning of a series of its own...

Chapter 1

In a dim, obscure warehouse in Lowerton, Colorado, a familiar scene was taking place. Kim Possible, teen hero, and her best friend/partner/boyfriend Ron Stoppable were trying to prevent Shego, evil sidekick to would-be world conquerer Dr. Drakken, from stealing some gadget needed for his plans.

The fight seemed almost choreographed; lunge, punch, block, dodge, kick, avoid the plasma charged hands. Ron stood to the side, encouraging his girlfriend to kick some Shego buscuit.

"As if," growled Shego, taking a particularly vicious swipe at Kim's head with a fist wreathed in green flame. Kim avoided the blow, countering with a fist to Shego's stomach.

Without warning, a spot of brilliant yellow appeared about twenty feet behind the combatants some three feet off the floor. Ron noticed it, but Kim and Shego were concentrating solely on each other.

The spot grew a bit, taking on a circular shape. "Uh, Kim...?" said Ron.

"Kinda busy, Ron," replied Kim, trying a leg sweep that Shego jumped to avoid.

"Yeah, stay out of it, sidekick," said Shego.

"But..." began Ron, and Shego launched a plasma blast in his direction he had to dive to avoid.

Ron stood up and looked, and the yellow spot expanded again.

"Time OUT!" he shouted in a tone that told the females it was serious.

Kim and Shego backed away from each other, still wary.

"Time out?" asked Kim.

"Time out," agreed Shego, and they stood up from defensive positions, turning to Ron.

"What is it, Ron?" asked Kim, panting slightly.

"This better be important," growled Shego, crossing her arms.

Wordlessly, Ron pointed behind them. They turned in time to see the yellow thing expand to about two feet in diameter.

"What is it?" asked Kim.

Shego shook her head. "If it's something of Dr. D's, I didn't know about it."

The spot expanded to three feet and settled into the shape of a circle.

A high-pitched scream suddenly issued from the object, and a human figure appeared and fell out of it, landing unceremoniously on its butt. "OWWWW!" it complained.

The person stood up, facing the object, and shouted, "Darn it! I TOLD you to LEAVE ME THE HECK ALONE!"

Kim, Ron, and Shego looked at each other, then back. Judging by the voice, the person was female.

The girl ran back toward the object, but it collapsed in on itself, and with a loud "POIT!" was gone. She stamped her foot in frustration.

Now that she had quit moving, the observers could see she was wearing white sneakers,
a short-sleeve orange prison coverall, and had straight pink hair that fell to just below her shoulders.

"When I get my hands on that half-pint, I'm gonna fill him so full of bad luck he won't be able to use a can opener for six months!" she said.

Shego cleared her throat loudly, and the girl turned around quickly. She gave an embarrassed grin and waved. "Um...hi!"

"Who are you?" asked Kim.

"Jinx..." the girl replied.

"What are you doing here?" asked Shego, "And you'd better not say you're after the, uh..." she pulled a scrap of paper from somewhere, "Acoustic amplifier."

Jinx shook her head. "The what-what? No. I don't even know where I am." she looked around the warehouse in confusion.

"Okay," said Shego, grinning, "Since you just got out of prison, come with me and you can help my boss take over the world."

Jinx raised her hands and shook her head. "Uh, no, thanks, I'm trying to cut down."

Shego shrugged. "Your loss." Without warning she kicked Kim in the side, knocking her into Ron, and they both slammed into a wall. "Time out's over. Later, Princess."

Jinx watched in amazement as the green-and-black clad woman grabbed a small crate, jumped to the top of another crate, and disappeared through a window she would have sworn was too small to allow her to pass.

She ran over to where the other two were sitting up and groaning. "Are you okay? That was a hard kick."

"Tell me about it," moaned Kim.

Jinx held out a hand, and Kim looked at it, then at the girl in the prison coverall. She got up on her own, and helped Ron stand up. Jinx wasn't offended. It would have been foolish of this red-headed girl to trust someone dressed the way she was when they had just met.

"So, who did you say you were?" asked Kim, crossing her arms as Ron shook his head to clear out the cobwebs.

"I'm Jennifer Wheeler, known as Jinx. And you?" was the answer.

"I'm Kim Possible, and this is my partner, Ron Stoppable," Kim said, gesturing.

"You guys are law enforcement, right?" asked Jinx.

Kim and Ron looked at each other. They were seniors in high school, and since they turned eighteen, had been offered and accepted jobs as freelance Global Justice agents. So they had the credentials.

"Yes..." said Kim.

Jinx held out her hands. "I surrender."

"Excuse me?" asked Kim, cocking her head.

"I said I surrender. I'm in enough trouble already for escaping, even though it wasn't my fault, and I'm not gonna add resisting arrest to it," Jinx answered, still holding out her hands.

"Okay... Ron, cuff her," said Kim.

"Cuffs? Do we have those?" asked Ron.

Kim rolled her eyes. "Yes, Ron. Look in your utility belt."

They watched Ron fumble around in various compartments, muttering to himself. Jinx looked at Kim, who gave an embarrassed smile.

"AHHA!" said Ron, holding them up in triumph. His pants promptly slid down, revealing his boxers. "Aw, man...!"

Jinx cracked up. It took her a minute to get herself under control. "Sorry, didn't mean for that to happen," she said, still chuckling.

Kim and Ron gave her a strange look.

Ron, who had put his pants back on, approached Jinx, who held out her hands again. He put the cuffs on her, then clicked them closed. "That okay?" he asked.

Jinx lowered her arms, and the cuffs hit the concrete floor with a clatter. "I think they could be a little tighter than that," she said. She picked them up, and slid her hands back in.

Ron tightened them. "How about now?"

Jinx shook her arms. "That's okay."

"Good. I didn't want them to hurt you," he said.

It was Jinx's turn to give him a strange look.

Jinx looked around in the dim light. "So, where are we, anyway?"

"What's supposed to be a high-security warehouse in Lowerton," answered Kim, "But the defenses are kinda old and weak."

"Lowerton? Where's that?" asked Jinx, brow wrinkled in confusion.

"Colorado," said Ron. "Where are you from?"

Jinx sighed, "Well, I WAS in Jump City State Penetentary, until that jerk Gizmo pulled me out with that wormhole thingy. I told him not to do it."

"Where's Jump City?" asked Ron.

Jinx stared at him. "You're kidding, right?"

He shook his head.

"It's on the coast of..." said Jinx, then stopped as something stirred in Ron's cargo pants side pocket. A small, bucktoothed pink head popped out.

"Hi!" said Rufus, waving at this newcomer.

"Awww...what a cutie! What's his name? Can I pet him?" said Jinx, leaning over to get a better look.

"That's Rufus, he's a naked mole rat. You can pet him if he'll let you," answered Ron.

Jinx held out a hand, the other following closely because of the cuffs.

Rufus knew what cuffs meant, and drew back a bit. Then he leaned forward and sniffed her fingers. Suddenly he jumped from Ron's pocket, ran up Jinx's arm, and sat on her shoulder. She raised her arms and petted him.

"Looks like you have a new friend," said Kim, amused.

"Yeah," sighed Jinx, "At least until I'm back inside..."