Chapter 13

In the Middleton General Hospital emergency room, all three of them were examined, and their injuries declared minor. Because both Kim and Ron had been rendered unconsious, they were put in a room for observation for a few hours.

Mrs. Possible read the charts, but otherwise left them alone. She gave Jenny a ride home,
where she showered and changed, and came back to the hospital to wait for them to awaken.

She stood in the darkened hospital room, looking at Kim and Ron. They were on their backs, cuts and bruises dressed. Various monitors were hooked to them, but nothing else. They were still asleep from the pain killers. Rufus was curled up by Ron, asleep as well.

She stood looking at her friends, tears gathering in her eyes. Behind her, she heard the door open and close. She knew who it was without looking.

"Dr. Director," Jenny said, in a monotone.

"Agent Jinx," responded the older woman, stepping up beside her.

There was a long minute of silence; only the beep of the monitors breaking it.

"How are they?" asked Dr. Director.

"Still asleep," answered Jenny, "But the docs say they should wake up any time now, and they can go home."

"That's good news," was the answer, and silence decended again.

Jenny hung her head. "You've done so much for me already. But I want to ask you to do me one last favor."

"And that would be...?" asked the Head of GJ.

"I want you to take me and put me in the deepest, most isolated cell you have, and throw away the key," said Jenny.

"Now why in the world would I want to do that?" asked Dr. Director, looking at Jenny, plainly puzzled at the girl's words.

Jenny gestured at the figures prone on the beds. "They are my teammates, and my friends,
and I nearly killed them with my bad luck." She sighed. "I've tried, I've really tried, to be a good girl. But my powers just aren't fit for hero work. I want you to put me where I'll never put them, or anyone else, in danger again."

"Age-- Jenny, you stopped Drakken and Shego, destroyed their robot, and we recovered the stolen amplifier," said Dr. Director. "You ARE a hero."

"And I nearly killed them in the process," she answered, "I can't...I won't risk that again."

Jenny started crying. Dr. Director hesitated for a moment, then gathered her into her arms.
The pink-haired girl cried on her shoulder. While this kind of action was really against policy, Dr. Director decided that it was more important to comfort the girl. She hugged Jenny tightly.

"They've been doing this kind of work for years, and they know what the risks are," answered Dr. Director, "When they wake up, if they refuse to work with you again, I'll assign you somewhere else. But I seriously doubt that will happen. Besides, I'm not going to waste a valuable agent like you by locking her up."

"Me? Valuable? Hmph," said Jenny.

"Yes. You valuable. You've proven yourself, and that won't be overlooked," said the other.

"Jenny?" asked a weak voice from a bed.

"Kim? You feeling better?" asked Jenny, letting go of Dr. Director and wiping her tears.

"Yeah. What was that I heard about Dr. Director locking you up?" Kim asked, sitting up and wincing with sore muscles.

"Like we'd let that happen," said Ron, also sitting up. Rufus ran over to Ron's lap and looked up at him. "Hey, guy," said Ron, petting him.

"I'm too dangerous to have as a partner. I nearly got both of you killed," said Jenny.

"Jenny, if it wasn't for you, we'd almost certainly be dead now," said Kim. She held out a hand towards the young witch, but Jenny ignored it.

"Yeah, you saved us, and probably a lotta lives, too," said Ron.

"How do you know what happened?" asked Jenny, puzzled.

"We woke up briefly in the ambulance, and the EMT told us," said Ron.

"Do you really want to keep me on?" asked Jenny in a low voice.

"YES!" said both Ron and Kim together.

"Jinx! You owe me a soda!" said Kim to Ron.

"I do?" asked Jenny, confused.

Dr. Director laughed.

"No, not you, Jenny, Ron... oh, I'll explain later," said Kim.

Dr. Director laughed even harder.

Kim and Ron got up, and took Jenny's hands. "You are part of our team, and we're not going to give you up without a fight," said Kim.

"Darn right," said Ron.

"Uh huh, stay with us," added Rufus.

Jenny looked down, face pink, and finally murmured "Okay, if you're sure..."

"We are," said Kim, firmly.

A minute later Mrs. Dr. Possible came in. "Hi, Betty," she said.

Dr. Director nodded. "Anne," she replied.

"I see you're up and awake now, kids; ready to go home?" asked Mrs. Possible.

"Yeah, mom," answered Kim.

"I'll expect a full report in the next couple of days," said Dr. Director.

"You'll get it," said Kim.


They were checked out of the hospital, and Mrs. Possible dropped Ron off at his house,
and then Jenny. She and Kim went out to the industrial park to retrieve Kim's car.

Jenny went to her room and lay down. Now that all the excitement was over, the rush was starting to end. She closed her eyes and dozed off for a while.

She was awakened by dual voices at her door. "Jenny?" they said in stereo.

She looked over to see Jim and Tim standing hesitantly at her door. She sat up and swung her legs off the bed.

"Oh, speaking to me now, are we?" she asked, "I should feel priviledged."

The twins hung their heads, and stepped into the room. "We're sorry for how we treated you,"
they said in unison.

Jenny sighed. "No, I'm sorry for what I just said. I shouldn't be sarcastic when you're trying to apologize. Go on."

"It's just that..." said Jim.

"Your powers scared us," said Tim, "We were afraid you would get mad andput a hex on us."

"What changed your minds?" Jenny asked.

"They televised the fight with the robot," said Jim.

"It was really cool, the way you saved Ron, and those policemen, and made the robot fall apart," said Jim.

"Yeah, and then you shielded Ron and Sis with yourself to try and save them. If you would do that for them, you wouldn't hurt us," said Tim.

"You're right, I wouldn't hurt you," said Jenny. "Apology accepted." She held out her arms,
and the twins stepped into them. She hugged them both, then said in a low voice, "Does this mean I'm your giiirlfriiiend again?" and grinned.

Jim and Tim turned very red, but didn't let go.

Mrs. Possible's voice came down the hall. "Jenny? Jim? Tim? Could you three come here, please?"

Jenny got up, and keeping her arms around the twin's shoulders, they headed for the living room. When they got there, Jenny had a shock.

Besides Mr. and Mrs. Possible, Ron, Kim, Rufus, Monique and Felix were all there. On a card table was a cake inscribed: "Congrats Jenny, on the success of your first mission".

"Surprise!" everyone called, even the twins.

Jenny looked at the smiling faces. These were her friends, maybe even family. They wanted her, and accepted her, even knowing what she was. She couldn't help it-- she started crying again.

But this time, they were tears of joy.

The End

If you enjoyed this story, you might be interested to learn that a sequel is in the offing, titled: "The Jinx of Middleton High".

Robert Teague 8 March 2006