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"I knew I'd find you."

Ann gazed into Zillah's eyes. They were even greener then she'd remembered.

"I got a sonnogram. It's going to be a girl. She'll have green eyes, too."

Zillah reached out his hand. His fingers were long and willowy, and Ann thought he was going to caress her. Instead, he brought his hand down hard across her face.

"Listen, you pathetic slut, get this through your head: I don't want you."

The small remaining part of Ann's brain that was not under Zillah's spell told her that there was beginning to be a pattern in the men she slept with.

But Ann only smiled sweetly at him.

"I thought you might say that."

She opened up her handbag. She pulled out a small metallic object she had stolen from Simon.

"I love you, Zillah. You won't leave me."

He only laughed at her.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Ann pulled the trigger. Zillah yelled from shock, and blood trickled down his chest.

The right side of his chest.

"Ann, you're as bad a shot as you are a lover."

Ann's mind was at war with itself. The rational part told her to run as fast as she could and not look back. The bewitched part said to throw herself on the ground and beg forgiveness. And another part of her mind gave her a different command.

Ann moved forward. Before Zillah could react, she grabbed him by the chest, placed her lips around his wound, and started sucking out the blood.

It tasted of Chartreuse and Opium, hot and sweet against her lips. It felt natural, as if she had drank blood all her life. Both her rational brain and her bewitched brain were now completley gone.

She looked up at Zillah. She smiled to see the stunned look on his face.

"I never knew my mother", Ann said. "She died in childbirth."