Okay, I'm gonna try a funny GX fan fic that will turn out horrible wrong and not make any sense! Yayy! Anyhoo… be sure to review, or else I shall be forced to unleash pick sofa cushions on u! MWA HA H AHA HA HA!

Okay, For this fan fic, I am gonna extremify (hence, yugioh gx EXTREME!) everyone's personalities! Here is a new cast list:

Jaden: Hyper 30 hours a day, 8 days a week; loves to duel a little too much (maybe little isn't the right word…); Idiot.

Syrus: No self confidense. Whatsoever.

Chumley: He likes grilled cheese more than koalas. Need I say more?

Zane: Doesn't care about anything. No feelings, except about dueling. Maybe he's a robot of some sort O.o (wouldn't that be fun for me?)

Chazz: More of a snob than normal! (if you can believe that)

Bastion: Overly-smart. Wait, I can't make overly-smart funny… he'll have to go. You guys will see how that happens.

Alexis: Alexis is pretty normal, I just make something up: MOOD SWINGS! (Mwa ha ha ha ha ha)

Professor Banner: Too nice

Dr. Crowler: Luvs obelisks, hates slifers

The sun shone brightly through the window. The day was beautiful, with amber streaks of golden sunlight (yes, I know they can't be golden with they are amber, but if you point that out, it will ruin the mood (hey, I guess this sort of also ruined the mood too(whoa, I just did a parentheses inside more parentheses(whoa, I did it again(whoa, wait, I'll stop now)))(I hope this is the right amount of end-parantheses)). Okay, mood is broken. ON WITH THE STORY!

Syrus got up and yawned as he stretched his arms. "I can't wait to duel today. Even though I'm going to lose because I use a horrible vehiroid deck."

"DID SOMEBODY SAY DUEL?" Jaden said as he jumped up. As Jaden jumped up his head broke through the bottom of Syrus' bunk, causing Syrus to fall out of the bunk and land on the floor. I deserve this Syrus thought. Just then, a Zebra came and stamped on Syrus' head. I deserved that Syrus thought, even though he had a slight concussion.


Today's game is: do the worst thing you can possible do to Syrus!

Jaden: "DUELDUELDUELDUELDUELDUEL" (before I run out of space)

Me: Hits Jaden with a trout "See you in sleepy-ville!"


Me: "I don't like you! You don't get a turn"

Bastion walks away sobbing, saying something under his breath about porcupines and his life-long dream of baking pumpernickel bread…

Alexis: Alexis goes up to comfort Syrus. "There, there. Everything will be all right. You're the best in the world!"

Syrus looks up with teats in his eyes. "Really?" he asks.

(Mood swing) "No, you dolt! I don't do mushy! It's all your fault I had to do mushy! I hate you! HATE YOU!" Alexis beats up Syrus with… MY MOM'S COOKING! lightning! I deserved that, even though it was really bad… Syrus thought.

Professor Banner: "This will make you better, some pumpernickel bread! I baked it all by myself!" Professor Banner said, taking a loaf of break out of his… wait, I'm not even going to go there. Suddenly, Bastion runs on stage and rams Professor Banner, screaming "THAT'S MY DREAM! MY DREAM! MY DREAM! MY DREAM!"

Dr. Crowler: "Slifer… must… KILL!" Crowler takes out a giant axe and cuts Syrus' head off. I deserved that Syrus thought, even thought he was now dead.

Me: This isn't working; Sryus is already dead and he doesn't care.


Zane: I don't care. Just skip me.

Me: Okay, now we just have… Chazz!

Chazz: Chazz walks up to Syrus. He just is standing there, not doing anything when suddenly… he picks Syrus up and gives him a big long kiss on the lips. Everybody just stares. Somebody in the audience screams "MY EYES! THEY'RE BURNING!" Finally, several GX seasons later, Chazz stops the kissing. Syrus thought OMG! I DID NOT DESERVE THAT AT ALL!

Me: Well, looks like Chazz is the winner! Your prize: You get to clean my toilet tonight! And guess what, It's Mexican food! evil grin

Chazz: NO!

(Back to the story)

Alexis barges into the dorm, screaming "JADEN! I LOVE YOU! KISS ME NOW!"

Chumley then mutters in his sleep, "Oh, grilled cheese. You're the only person/thing I love. I especially love you more than that jerk Alexis, who I completely and utterly despise. Here is an essay I wrote about how ugly Alexis is (okay, maybe I'll give it to you at another time):"

Alexis ran out of the dorm crying, and curse Jaden. Just then, as she was running away, a giant waffle dropped out of the sky and ate her (you guys will see, I like waffles too much). Then the imaginary people who are there that you guys can't see all do the anime sweatdrop thing. At seeing imaginary people do sweatdrops, the invisible people (which you guys obviously can't see; they're invisible) to the anime drop thingy (y'know, where you just see their legs?)

Then, finally at class. Bastion walks into the classroom, where only Dr. Crowler was. "Where is everyone?" Bastion asked.

"They got eaten by a waffle, or something," Crowler responded, and then muttered under his breath "stupid, dumb, lame excuses." "Anyway, Bastion. Now that all the slifer slackers are gone, I need someone to express my rage on! You are now demoted to Slifer Red!"

Bastion's outfit magically turns to red. "Oh no…" Bastion said as Crowler got an evil look in his eye and approached Bastion with a machine gun with an axe on the end, and a laser beam coming out of the laser, and a dirty subliminal message within the laser, and a superliminal message within the subliminal message, and I won't get any farther than that. Oh, and crowler kept saying "Must… Kill… Bastion! Must… Kill… Bastion!"

And Bastion then finished "Red totally isn't my color." Just then, Crowler began to chase Bastion. Instead of writing 87.5 chapters about how the fight goes, I will just censor it and go off topi-

(This other story is dedicated to my friend, Matthew) Once there was a man who had to stay in a town overnight. He went to the church and said "Priest, can I please spend the night in the church?" The priest replied, "Sure, but you must promise not to ask about the strange noise, okay?" The man spent the night in the church, and he-

Crowler cut off Bastion's arm, with blood and gor-

Uhh… sorry about that, thought it was long enough. Anyway… and heard a strange noise the entire night. The next day, he said "Priest, I know you told me not to ask you this, but what was that strange noise?" The priest said, "Okay, I will tell you. Take this key and us-"

Okay, I think its over…

Bastion lay dead on the floor, and Crowler was standing nearby, panting heavily. "I did it," Crowler said. "It is finally over…" Crowler jumps up into the air and raises his fist to the sky, and then the frame freezes and a bunch of credits come on. Suddenly, the credits freeze.

The camera zooms out to reveal Bart, Nelson, Milhouse, and the hobo-guy from "Simpsons Tall Tales". Bart pointed at the credits. "See, there is my name!"

"Wow!" Milhouse exclaimed. "I can't believe you were on Yu-gi-oh GX!"

"Yu-gi-oh GX?" Bart questioned. "I was supposed to be on Krusty the Clown!"

Me: Well, that's our show, folks! Have a good night and drive home safely. Cue the simpsons' end theme! Wait…. This isn't the simpsons!

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