Okay guys, sorry I haven't done this in soooooooooooooooooooooo long! I sort of gave up on it, but i'm bored now, so I thought I would make another chappie! Enjoy! Oh, and just 'cause I don't feel like making any more, this is the last episode! But don't worry, it'll be good!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh GX, a dangling particible, the letter "q", or this fanfiction. Wait, forget the fanfiction part!

Me: Let's just skip to the mini-game time! Today's game is... make somebody go completely against their personality! Let's go!

Alexis (vs. crowler)

Alexis (puts slifer uniform on Zane): Hey look! Now your best student is a slifer!


Alexis: ... uh...



Syrus: Just skip me. I already know I'm gonna lose.

Me: And how do you know that?

Syrus: Well, I have bad self confidence. I also looked ahead in the script!

Me: Oh, okay. Well, you could have just smiled and gone against your personality. Aw well!

Syrus: Huh? What? Then in that case let me g-

Jaden (vs. Jaden! O.o):


Me: He he had to do was not say duel and the blew it.

Dr. Crowler (vs. crowler):

Crowler: Must... not... kill... Must... not... kill... Must... KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! (Puts slifer uniform on everyone and kills them)

Me: Oh no! We got no more characters left! Well, except... Oy, I can't believe i'm doing this, but...


Bastion (runs on stage): I'm back? I knew you'd want me back! I knew it! I was right! right I tell you! Right!

Me (sigh): You may be back, but it is the last episode.

Bastion (gets all depressed): Aw man... aw well, I don't care! (whispers in my ear)

Me: Oh, okay. (Writes in little notebook and everyone comes back to life)

Bastion: Okay, Banner. Kill Jaden and don't kill Jaden.

Banner: Huh? (explodes!)

Jaden: What(duel) happ(duel)ene(duel)d(duelduelduelduel)?(duelduelduelduelduelduel)

Bastion: I asked him to do two opposite things. Because he is nice and has to do everything people ask, but he couldn't this time because if he did one thing he would be disobeying the other, he exploded!

Me: Congradulations! For winning you get... to be kicked off the show!

Bastion: What? No! I wanna stay on!

Me: No! Now get off!

Bastion: No!

Me: Fine! I don't want to use this but... (takes out piece of parsley from pocket)

Bastion: So?

Me: (looks at parsley) Oops, wrong pocket! (throws away parsley but then takes out... A PIECE OF CELERY! (lightning))

Bastion: GAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! (runs away)

Me: Now that that's over with, lets- (whole area becomes shrouded in darkness and Lord Evil-Dude appears) What's going on?

LED: It's me! Lord Evil-Dude! And I am going to take over the world! MWA HA HA HA HA! But to do so I must beat Jaden in a duel!

Zane: Uhh... how come?

LED: Well, duh! Jaden is the protagonist, and this is Yugioh, so for anything to happen there's gotta be a duel!

Me: Oh yeah, well, let the duel start!

(3 seconds later)

LED: MWA HA HA HA HA! Now you have no cards in your hand, field, graveyard, removed from play zone, only 1 lifepoint,and you only have 1 card in your deck! MWA HA HA HA! You cannot win!

Jaden: Oh yes I can! It's my move, and I still have one card left!

Alexis: Wait, what happened?

Chazz: Read above: 3 seconds later

Alexis: Yeah, but how did that happen?

Chumley: With... the magic of animation!

Alexis: Ohhhh... (mood swing) THAT IS THE SUPIDEST THING I EVER HEARD! (starts beating up Chazz and Chumley)

Jaden: So now, my draw!

(Scene Missing)

Jaden: So that destroys all of your cards, and gives me an infinite amount of monters with infinite attack, and infinite lifepoints! Now, attack!


Alexis: Wait, how did that happen?

Chazz (sigh): Do you have to be so stupid? SCENE MISSING!

Alexis: Oh no he didn't! (beats up chazz)

LED: Well, now I won! So now my plan will be complete and the world will be eaten by a giant toad!

Everyone else: What the-

(World gets eaten by giant toad, so every dies except for me, because I was in a "Protection from giant toad" capsule)

Me (floating through space): Whoa... I'm the only one left... I destroyed the Yugioh GX world... AWESOME! Now I think i'll go destroy inuyasha! (happy anime eyes) I'll see you there! (exits through random (yet conveniently placed) dimensional rift to inuyasha)