"Submissive my ass!" Ty wrote furiously in her notebook that she shared with her friend Bode in their boring literature class about the standards for females in the late 19th century.

Bode looked over at her newest message and quirked a crooked smile as he reached for his pen to reply. "Careful, Sweetie, just remember that the theory of women being submissive a good thing ended a long time ago, and no one that knows you would never label you with THAT misnomer."

Ty glanced at the book, then spared a look for the teacher who was droning on endlessly in a monotone about the history of women's rights. She went back to the chat book as if she were taking notes. Absently she pushed back her long mahogany hair as she scribbled the next note…

Later outside of class, Ty sighed and stretched as she and Bode walked to their respective classes.

"What's that sigh for?" He glanced at her.

Ty looked up at the trees as they walked, "I don't know. Something's just not right with me lately. I can't explain it"

Bode looked fully at her for a moment. "You don't feel well?"

Ty shook her head, "No, no, nothing like that. More like, uh, ah hell, I don't know." She kicked a pebble and followed its path into the grass from the sidewalk. "I just, well, wish that I were invisible again." She added in a small voice.

"When in seven hells were you ever invisible?" Bode asked, slinging his book bag over his right shoulder.

Ty flashed a smile up at the taller man, "Back in high school. It was such a small area and I was always hanging out with the guys, so really I was just everyone's friend. No one really noticed me any more than anyone else. I don't know, I'm just tired, I'm just tired, is all." She was quiet for a moment before tossing her hair back over her shoulder, "Look, whatever, it was just a thought. Never mind it. Listen, I gotta jet—I have a class in Sheridan Hall and I can't be late."

Bode looked after her, "Sure, call me later, okay?"

Ty flipped a half-ass wave over the back of her shoulder, "Fine."

After a few minutes of walking aimlessly, Ty lost herself in thought. She didn't have class, she just wanted to be alone, and Bode knew the lie for what it was. She didn't know why she felt the need to ditch him, just didn't want to explain the half-irrational thoughts she had just spouted off. What was with her? She hadn't let these insecurities of hers surface for years. So what brought them now?

She shook her head, kicked another pebble down the path, straightened and turned direction as a marvelous idea struck her. It was time. Time for a whiskey and that's all there was to it!

Her thought was cut off sharply as she collided into a body standing in her way. She backtracked a few steps, yet a pair of arms grabbed onto her shoulders and wouldn't let go. Ty felt her hackles begin to rise.

"Is this the one, Cuz?" The man's voice was rough and so was his grip.

A girl walked out from behind the man and shrewdly looked Ty over. The girl was about five-four, three inches shorter than Ty, yet she looked like she had about fifteen pounds on Ty's one hundred-fifty pounds. She had long black hair and green eyes. "Yeah, she's the one." Her voice was as crude as her male counterpart's.

Ty tried to maintain calm as she arched an eyebrow to look at each of them disdainfully. "Care to tell me what this is all about, chica?" . Although despite that, she was losing the battle against trying to keep her temper under control. Mr. Grabby Paws had moved behind her and was still holding her shoulders firmly.

The girl got a smug look on her face, "That's for me to know, and you not to!" She scanned Ty up and down and added, "Carlos, take her. Oh, and don't banter words with me, bitch, it won't get you anywhere!"

Ty looked around-the campus was deserted-everyone was in class. Shit! This was about to get hairy. Grabby Paws Carlos started to shove her in the direction the evil wench was indicating. "Wait a second here, Bub. Just where are we going?" Ty decided to play along for just a moment. Anything to allow a few more minutes to try to decipher what in the seven hells was going on, and in case any innocent bystanders come along. Ty preferred to have witnesses for what may occur in the next few minutes.

"We're going where we can have a talk, oh, and don't try to sway Carlos, he's not taking what you have to offer. I doubt any man would." The girl sneered.

Ty felt her temper snap. She had gone too far with THAT comment. Carlos prodded her along for a few steps and Ty went with it, until they got in front of two buildings. Then she stopped cold in her tracks.

Carlos gave her shoulder a shove, "Move, girl." Ty withstood the buffets. The Girl joined in, though she was a little harsher. "Bitch! Let's go!"

When Ty didn't move, the Girl shoved harder at Ty's back. "Puta! Whore! Move your ass!" The shove planted Ty onto the sidewalk.

Slowly Ty picked herself up, turned to the pair. "Y'all just made a huge mistake." With that she cocked back her fist and sent it flying into the Girl's jaw.

Upon seeing his cousin hit the pavement and struggle to get back up, Carlos launched himself at Ty. He had about three inches on her and 40 pounds, but yet Ty fought back. The guy was quick! She double-timed it to evade his attacks and set a fresh flurry of her own against the larger man. Her knuckles hurt, her arms ached and her jaw hurt where he landed a lucky punch.

However, his fist burying itself in her stomach cut off Ty's latest assault of trying to get a good shot to his jaw. She doubled over in pain, the breath leaving her body in one great whoosh! And it refused to come back. Carlos chuckled and kept one hand on her sleeve as her knees crumpled to the ground. Stunned, Ty felt a smaller hand grasp her by the hair and lift her head up to face a malevolent green gaze, and suddenly Ty's cheek was on fire. The dumb bitch had slapped her!

The Girl laughed triumphantly and as Carlos held Ty, slapped her again. This time, Ty felt blood trickle down her cheek after the bitch's claws had torn furrows across Ty's cheekbone.

Ty threw herself into the struggle. Just how could there be NO ONE around at this time? There was always someone around on campus. This was eerie, but there was no time for that now. She finally broke out of Carlos' hold and got in a solid right cross that dropped the sonuvabitch. She then turned her attention to the girl. "Now, bitch, who sent you here, and why?" She spoke low and steady, even though she had to inwardly shake her head to clear it.

The girl edged back, "I—don't k-know." Fear filled her eyes.

Whiskey gold eyes narrowed in determination and fury as Ty advanced on the girl. "Bullshit." She stepped forward.

The girl stepped back again. "I'm not saying."

Ty smiled through her split lip and absently wiped at the blood along her cheekbone. "Fine with me, seems I owe ya anyway." And with that she dove for the girl.

Apparently, the girl fought better when she had a helper holding her adversary, Ty figured as they scrapped on the yard in front of Sheridan Hall. However Ty soon heard the shrill whistles and sirens of the campus police. Now they came? Ty punched the girl one more time before disengaging and walked a few steps away.

So when the University Keystone Cops tackled her, shoved her into the lawn and cuffed her hands behind her back, she was a mite surprised.

"What the fuck?"