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Last time

"I'm sorry Aang but I can't be with you. You broke my heart, you played with my emotions, and now you come waltzing along saying that you love me and expecting me to just forgive you? Well you were wrong. I will not let you control me Aang. Go back to Ainah because I am not coming back with you because I aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Katara had fallen off of a cliff and she landed on a rock 25 feet below her.

-Chapter Two-

Katara had just fallen off of the cliff and she landed on a rock.(She's not dead she's unconsious. Sorry redroseeternity) Aang looked over the cliff and spotted her. He saw that she was laying there -lifeless. Aang then used his airbending to propell himself down to where she was. He checked for a pulse and found a very faint one. He checked if she was breathing and she was very faintly. He then realized that she was in a coma and she needed to get to a healer fast. So, he gently took her in his arms, bridal style, and took off to a healer as fast as his legs could carry him. For a moment, Aang thought she was dead because he couldn't hear her breathing but she breathed. He was just happy that she wasn't dead after a drop like that. When he got to the healing huts, he sent a messenger to Sokka and Sokka came almost 15 minutes after the messenger had left. Aang told him all about the cliff and about the fight. Enough about Aang, let's go see Katara.

-Katara's Mind(Her POV)-

I don't quite remember what happened. All I do remember is that I was yelling at Aang and telling him to go back to Ainah and then I fell off of a cliff. Now I'm surrounded by this darkness that feels like it could kill. Then she sees a light. It's a very pretty light and she goes toward it. It then encases her. The next thing she knew she was in the Spirit World where four figures were there waiting for her. They were Avatar Roku, Katara and Sokka's mom, Aunt Wu, and her father. 'Whats going on? Why am I here?' After a moment of silence, Katara's mother spoke up."Hello Katara. It's so good to see you. I missed you. Me and your father have." "Are you all real?" "Yes Katara we are." It was her father who joke spoke. Then Avatar Roku began to talk. "Hello Katara. I am Avatar Roku but I am sure you already knew that. We have brought you here dealing with an important matter. We know that you and Aang have been fighting about Princess Ainah. We had no idea that she was going to come. She is a bender but she is an unusual kind of bender. She can bend the mind of the man she chooses and makes them forget that they love someone else. That is why when you saw them kissing, you were as hurt as you were. Last night, Aang came here because we had to speak to him about this. We told him that even though he had no control, he should've controlled himself to not kiss her. I know you love him and he loves you too. And if I'm not mistaken he told you he loved you. You must forgive him and his actions or the world might suffer. The bender's bending is attached to emotions so if he were to suffer, so would the world. Katara, we are asking you to forgive him and to bear a child with him so the avatar cycle can be preserved."

"Why? I mean- why me? I'm not special to him. I don't understand him anymore. He acts like he likes me then the next moment, he's kissing some other girl. True he may say that he loves me but does he really mean it or is he bluffing? I mean- don't get me wrong I love him- it's just...who is going to be next? An earthbender? A firebender? Even though I highly doubt that it would be a firebender, it could be couldn't it?"

"Katara..." it was Aunt Wu speaking. "Do you remember back when I told you that the man you were to marry was to be a very powerful bender? ...Well, I saw who that bender was but I didn't want you to know that I saw your friend Aang." Katara had no clue what to say after that. So she just stood there baffled.

Katara then got the courage to talk to Avatar Roku. "Avatar Roku... You do know thatbefore I fell off the cliff, I was shouting at Aang telling him that I didn't love him and that I wouldn't listen to what ever he said right?" "Yes I do and that could be easily changed. All you have to do is tell Aang that you didn't mean it and that you love him. Now we must go and you should be going too. You need to get back to Aang and Sokka. Also, since you are here, I am going to take the powers that you were given because it could kill you and we don't need that...there now you are safe. Now go. If you ever need to talk to us again, you will find away." And with that said she was gone.

-With Aang and Sokka-

"Sokka,I am dead. I kissed Ainah right infront of Katara and all of this happened because of me. I love Katara and I don't want anything bad to happen to her." "Well Aang. You are too late with the anything bad happening to her because look at her. She is in the healing huts! As for the loving her part...FINALLY! I knew it!" Just then Katara stired awake. "Huh? Wha-What happened? And why do I feel like two hundred hog monkies just trampled over me?" Aang got the courage to talk to her. "Well Katara, yousaw me and Ainah kissing then you ran into the water temple. When you came out you ran to a cliff where I followed you to and then you started shouting at me. You...were about to say...that you...ha-hated me" Katara then started to feel guilty. Aang then spoke again.

"Katara, how are you feeling?" "I am feeling both guilty for hurting you Aang and horrible from falling off of a cliff. While I was unconsious. I was in the Spiritworld talking to people that I thought I would never see again. I was talking to Avatar Roku, Aunt Wu, and...and m-mom a-an-and d-dad."

I'm leaving you there for a cliffy. I am SO SOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY for the long wait but a lot of things got in the way of updating. I had PSSAs, Iowas, and CAT tests. I also had my sisters dance competitions to go to and big fights between friends that I had to settle. Well the next updaate will be MUCH sooner. I also am having writers block for what to do next in the story but believe me this story is going to become romancy, dramay, action/adventury and a bunch of other types.

How are Sokka and Aang going to handle what Katara has to say? Well tune in next time in The Fight


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