Hello, this is Karlo (formerly known as Sumaru93), and after 4 years without really any sort of real "activity" here on , I've finally decided to re-immerse myself into this site's beloved little "world."

This fanfic story, Sasuke, You Cold-Hearted Jerk, is, and always will be, the first fanfiction story that I had ever really posted and was contented with its completion, and though I'm very unsatisfied with its original outcome, I've decided to leave it as it was, unedited, as a chance for me to reflect back to my very childish manners of writing, maybe even as a learning experience, and as a reference point, so see how much my writing as improved.

I'm writing this short little update/announcement to you (whoever is reading this) on June 25, 2010, four years after I had original posted and completed this story. I'm writing this update/announcement with my improve grammar, vocabulary, my refined type of writing, in order for those of you reading now that have read my writing before to see how I've improved to a rather large extent. I'm not boasting, but even I, myself, have recognized the improvement. I was 13 then, and now I'm 17, I was bound to improve sooner or later, for even though most may have thought that I abandoned all my writing, I haven't.

You see, I merely abandoned my Naruto/anime fandom. I still highly respect those writers here who continue on with this, but sadly, I can no longer continue due to my lack of interest. During the last 4 years, I've been immersed with other types of fanfiction that include korean dramas and korean artists, which I'm highly satisfied with. I've been to other sites in which I can post my fanfiction, and if you read my more up-to-date stories, you will clearly see the improve in my writing as well, not just in quality, but in quantity.

I would like to described this improvement as myself, maturing. Growing into a more experienced writer, and so, for the finale of this announcement, I will mention what I really meant to say.

For the most part, I may start coming back to this site, being a little more active as well, but not writing anime fanfiction, but rather, asian dramas. I've decided to start anew.

What I mean from the above statement is that it's a high possibility that you may see more activity from me on this site once more. Who knows, when I'm just into it, I may start reading anime fanfiction once more, even start reviewing more often, but for now, let's just hope I will get my "mojo" back into this type of writing.

I've deleted all the stories I originally had posted on here that were still on-going for I knew that they were original doomed to be incomplete and abandoned forever. This was inevitable for even if I were to suddenly have the urge to write them once more, I don't have the original files, and even after reading them again, I don't think I'd be able to come up with the original story lines that I had originally planned for them all.

All in all, I hope to continue writing on this site once more, and a little support is always appreciated!


P.S. if you're interested in reading what I've written on other sites, PM me, or email me on my profile, and I'll gladly direct you to them.