-Harry goes to another universe where his parents are alive.
-The story starts during the sorting.
-The story has no plot. We don't need no stinking plot.
-Harry's parents hate him.
-The story is a poor excuse for Lemon.
-Harry is straight, hooks up with a Gryffindor.
-Ron is dating an OC/Xover character
-Hernione is dating Ginny
-In a random twist of fate, Harry is related to Snape.

Due to the citrus content, Hermione's pairing and Harry dating a Gryffindor, I've decided Harry ends up with both Ginny and Hermione. As there is no plot, this is both a one shot and will make little to no sense.

This story is primarily to introduce my "Cliché Harry Potter Story Generator," which can be found on my profile. If you have suggestions for changes I've made a forum(which is my homepage).

Generator Story #1
By Rannath

"Oh no I'm in another universe!" thought Harry as he realized that he was in another universe and the hat came down on his head, again.

"Slytherin!" the hat bellowed.

Just then James and Lily Potter burst in and yelled out,

"You're no son of ours!"

"Of course he isn't your son Potter, because he's my son." Snape smirked as James looked flabbergasted.

James felt his Flabber gast, Lily looked guilty and Harry looked ready to be sick.

"How did you two get in here?" asked Dumbledore. He looked around at the children, some laughing at poor Harry's misfortune. Really, not only was he related to the dursley's, but to Snape as well. "Oh well I can just play the kind old grandfather and make him into… the ULTIMATE WEAPON!"

McGonagall looked worriedly up at Dumbledore as he started Cackling evilly, that usually meant he was up to something naughty and would have to be punished. We leave this line of though with utmost haste as it degenerated into S&M.

Nothing happened for several years.

"Oh Harry, I'm sorry," said Hermione, "but I love Ginny!"

"Um… Hermione, I love Harry," said Ginny.

"Hmm… and I apparently love Hermione," said Harry introspectively, "There's only one way to solve this!" Hermione and Ginny both looked expectantly at Harry. "An Orgy!"

"YAY!" came from the two girls.

And several things Happened that would prohibit me from posting this on FFnet.

Ron was off shagging Muffy (the Were-wolf Slayer).

And thus ends the pointless story about Sex, drugs and rock & roll.

This is a very bad example for the generator, but I wrote it to have no plot, in about five minutes, and as a poor excuse for lemon so that's understandable. I think.

This is on the other hand a very good example of what happens to a story when there is no plot.