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| Vengeance And A Half |

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Part 0: General Advisory

The characters and settings in this story are based on those by Takahashi Rumiko and Takeuchi Naoko. Takahashi-san created the world of Ranma 1/2, and Takeuchi-san created the world of Sailor Moon. These characters and events are used without permission, and apology is made for any offence that is given.

Warning, this fic contains animated violence and some coarse language. There are no sex scenes, but there is nudity, kissing and the occasional reference to televised sports. While most of my fics would be suited to a 7:30 screening time for the children, this one would probably be an 8:30 timeslot, with a PG13+ rating.

A word about the crossover of Ranma and Sailor Moon.

The two worlds of these anime and manga vary on the strength of their characters. Since there needs to be a fair amount of interaction, I am just going to lay some basic groundwork for the crossover.

Firstly, I have strengthened the characters from Sailor Moon. By and large, the Senshi and their adversaries do not do much in the way of collateral damage. That is, they rarely smash walls or destroy the scenery. Since both the good guys and the bad guys in Sailor Moon are boosted by magic, it is difficult to say just how they would react to damage caused by someone that is purely mundane.

For this crossover, I am saying that your average demon is very strong, and capable of dishing out great quantities of damage, matched only by the power of the Senshi. In combat against a normal human, a youma would win hands down every time. It has to be like this, otherwise the Ranma crew would wipe the floor with everyone.

For more details on just how things mesh together, read the story. Just don't expect the Ranma characters to act too powerfully. Especially since the Senshi have learned the benefit of acting as a team, when most martial artists fight alone.

This second set of details might act as a spoiler, so don't read it. Just to set things straight for the Ranma timeline, the Shi Shi Hokodan is introduced in volume 20. Nodoka is introduced in chapter 22, and the Saotome secret techniques are introduced in chapter 28.

End of general advisory