Lyon was born in Geolyte, the happy little planet where all was good. He had loving parents, nice friends, good grades at

school, and loving family members. He had what was considered to be a perfect life, oblivious of how his life was soon

going to change.

That was when the Meteos attacked Geolyte.

The Meteos blasted toward Geolyte, attempting to blow it to bits. Geolitians were running around, panicking about what

they would do. They all started to run toward the escape pods. Lyon and his parents had made it there a bit late, and

when they got there, only one escape pod remained. As if that wasnt bad enough, the pod only had room for one more

person. "Lyon, go! You can still make it!" Lyon's mother shouted at her son. "But-" Before Lyon could get the sentence

out, His mother and father pushed him into the escape pods. The pod then took off for space, leaving Lyon's parents

behind to die in the mass of Meteos falling down on Geolyte.

Shortly after Lyon's pod left the atmosphere of Geolyte, the planet blew up in a flash of light and rock. It would have

been very pretty, if not for the fact that Lyon's parents had blown up with it. "Mommy! Daddy!" Lyon cried out. He the

floor of the pod and started to sob. A red alien, with a slightly fat head, put his hand on Lyon's back. "Hey, it'll be

ok." He said. Lyon turned, and nearly screamed at the sight of him. "Wah! What are you!" A Geolitian Refugee looked

up at Lyon. "He's the Dawndusian Ambassador." The refugee muttered. The Dawndusian smiled. He was slightly smaller

than the Geolitians, but still tall none the less. "Yep, this escape pod is headed for Dawndus." The ambassador said.

"We'll be safe there." Then the Ambassador looked out the window to see the Meteos headed straight for the pod.

"Oh, son of a-" There was a loud clanging noise, and the pod shook and shifted off its course, causing the refugees

to scream. "Oh, crap." Lyon heard the Ambassador say. "We're off course. We're gonna hit Anasaze!" Lyon looked

up at the ambassador, then everything went black.

That was sixteen years ago. Lyon was five at the time. Now, he was twenty-one, and he only had one goal in life.

To destroy Planet Meteo.