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Do I Belong?

A Kyo & Tohru Story

A pale light shone from a large yellow disc that hung loosely on a black canvas painted with sparkling, glittering dots. Two other discs glared back, almost as bright as the mural above. They scanned the sky for shapes made out of the dots, only to look away in despair at the grassy carpet below. How was it that all the stars seemed to form into all the others? The rabbit, the boar, even the rat seemed to appear on the scene above. No place was made for the cat, the lonely, lonely cat. Fighting internally to look up and search again or to continue his self-pity he didn't notice a figure in the distance. As the outline began drawing closer, soft quiet steps sounded in the still night air. He didn't glance up until a shadow loomed above him, darkening his spot on the grassy hill.

"Kyo? It's getting late, maybe you should come home." Two chocolaty brown eyes stared at him in concern as he only sat there; not even considering leaving is nest among the grass.

Instead of leaving, the brunette sat next to him, forming her own nest under the canopy of stars. She said nothing more and only watched in silence with him at the painting of nature known as the night sky. Befuddled and a little depressed he let out an exasperated sigh and leaned back in his bed of vegetation snuggling closer to the ground for warmth from the chilly air. A long silence stretched on until the girl swung her head to face him.

" What are you looking at?"

Startled by the sudden outburst he continued lying there and her only answer was when he turned his face to the twinkling stars. The miniature lights danced in his eyes as he scanned for an outline of the cat amongst the others. Even knowing there would be none he continued glaring a hole into the beautiful scene above, hoping for a sign that would prove he truly belonged.

He heard the ruffle of a skirt as the girl laid down too. "The stars? If you look closely you can find shapes of people, buildings…animals."

Guessing that she realized why he was sitting here on such a chilly night made him more drawn in, self-conscious. If she had truly figured out his desperate attempt to find a clue proving he had a place in the Sohma Family then he should leave and say nothing more. Yet, he struggled, he could not bring himself to move from the cold ground and walk home alone, always alone. His soul was calling for a way out, a way out from this eternal suffering, but his pride screamed for independence. How was he to ever to overcome such and overwhelming feeling? As he sat there, pondering what to do, he didn't notice the light getting brighter, growing intensely.

A bright, large oval floated above their heads, bringing light down around them. He turned his head upward, squinting and the huge moon's glow. Eyes widening to nearly the size of saucers and mouth hanging open, he managed a small, simple, "Wow…"

The moon above, which had started out so pale and feeble compared to the brilliant stars, was glowing brightly, shining out all the other stars. Not only that, but two clouds, gray and puffy, formed a pair of neat triangles with soft rounded tops, and floated lazily behind the moon. Only one other thing was said that night, and only one thing was needed.

"See Kyo, you do belong."