It's been a year since the Titans defeated the Brotherhood of Evil, now they're focusing on small crime in the city. But something's not right with Beast Boy. Mood swings, fits of rage, alienation, and the desire to take charge and "be a man" take over him. Sounds familiar doesn't it? But more happens when an old enemy from his childhood returns to seek his vengence on Beast Boy. What happens when this sudden beast that he still keeps within takes form? Will he be able to control it? How do you think Beast Boy would take it when this beast takes it's first victim?...Raven.

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NOTE: This prologue is Raven narrating. Then once Chapter 1 starts, it will go into omniscient narrator in 3rd person.

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The Beast Returns

"Dude! You won again!"

"Ha! I told ya I'd win again!"

"I demand a rematch, but this time no power-ups,"

"You're on, salad head!"

It was the usual thing at this time of night; Beast Boy and Cyborg were at it again on the game station, fighting over who saved the universe first in one of their space wars games. Robin and Starfire were usually out and about minding their own business, whether it was in the training room, the roof, the basement, or their bedrooms, any place where they thought they were alone together. Me, I read. I sat at the end of the sofa while I sneak glances up at Beast Boy and Cyborg playing games, just making sure that they don't kill themselves in the end in their "heated debates" as they call it.

It always seemed like those two were up to something when they were together, whether it was a prank on Robin or getting me to go out of my way to play one of their ridiculous made-up sport games. Cyborg and Beast Boy were two partners in crime, innocent until proven guilty; it was unusual how those two suddenly clicked when they first met. But they definitely add to the uniqueness of this team. Both were useful in their own special ways.

"Ha! I got you again!" Cyborg gloated.

"Whatever, dude, you won because I went easy on you!" Beast Boy argued.

"Oh, please, B. C'mon anyone would have known that you were going to do a turbo kick flip with a mega size slam punch combo using your laser gun! Even Raven could notice that," I rolled my eyes at Cyborg's statement about me, as if I would ever pay that close attention to their gaming to know the difference between their kicks and punches. I would probably lose a few brain cells if I did.

Cyborg was the oldest out of all of us, and always dependable if you ever had a computer problem. He was like the big brother of the group, he looked out for us. If one of us wanted to go somewhere he would always want to be the one to drive, besides the fact that he was the only one with a car, but I always told him that I didn't mind flying. He was always up to date on the latest technology, especially with his car. Cyborg is the kind of guy that loves to have fun, but he has the self control, and the common sense, to restrain himself if the fun gets out of hand. He is just an all-around good guy, and just trying to live life to the fullest. Like we all should sometimes.

"But that's was a classic move. If you hadn't backfired by doing a double double whip it sonic boom blast 320, my move would have crushed your life points to oblivion," I was surprised that Beast Boy even knew the word "oblivion."

"Hey, guys," Robin entered through the doorway on the other side of the room, "Starfire and I are back,"

Robin and Starfire have been together for the past few months, ever since Robin finally got over his fears and admitted his feelings…in the heat of a battle no less. I guess it was expected of Robin, being the dedicated leader that he is, always getting rid of the trouble in town, it was no surprise that he suddenly blurted out his love for Starfire afterwards. And with the many citizens that were watching, he might as well have made into a victory speech. Starfire hasn't stopped talking about Robin ever since then. She would come into my room or "kindly" interrupt my reading to have one of our "girl talks"; it's very annoying to me about how often she talked about Robin, but I didn't let her know that, as a friend I wouldn't want to upset her. But I was happy for her and Robin, for the fact that they may have finally found that certain someone, especially with their constant flirty comments and hitting on each other secretly behind us. It was about to get on all of our nerves. But even though I was happy for them, I couldn't help but feel envious of them too. They have found that special someone that they can hold in their arms, that someone that they can go to for comfort or support, that someone who understands you, that someone that cares for you, someone…who loves you.

Love, it sounded so foreign to me, to feel it, or even hear it. But it was a feeling that I've always wanted to experience in my life, to have that feeling where I could never feel alone again, to have someone hold you while you slumber, or to kiss you after a long day. Even though I have the attitude and the look saying that "I don't do love," I've secretly wanted to. It's just one of those girlish traits I tried to bury within me. It probably would be nice, to not be alone anymore, and to have someone next to you forevermore. But I knew that it was an experience that I could never have. Maybe I've been reading too many romance novels lately, but can you blame me?

Even after my destiny had passed and the chains that bound me to this curse felt a little less tight. And even though I now have the ability to feel this love, I'm afraid to. I'm afraid of what my powers could still do if I did love, I'm afraid that I might hurt that special someone, and I'm afraid that my special someone may hurt me, like before. I didn't want to feel that way again, I wasn't ready for love, and I don't think I ever will be. And I don't want to fall in love just to get hurt again. It would be…too much for me to handle. But at least, I still have the love of my friends, and I know deep down that will never change.

"So, whose winning so far?" Robin walked down the stairs with Starfire hand in hand.

"I am, of course," Cyborg gloated again, "how was y'all little make out ses-I mean, uh, date?"

Beast Boy started to chuckle under his breath at Robin as he furrowed his brow at Cyborg.

"It was wonderful," Starfire cheeked, hovering slightly in the air, "we went to the mall of shopping and visited many of the earthling stores, while we ate the iced cream together and--,"

"Whoa, whoa, hold up, you two at ice cream together?" asked Cyborg.

"Um, yea, I think we are allowed to," Robin replied.

"On the same cone?" Cyborg slyly asked, Robin turned red in his face, but that red grew even more into panic after Starfire said…

"Oh, yes! It was most joyous, especially when we got to the center of the—eek!" Robin quickly slapped his hand over her mouth. Cyborg had this evil smile on his face, while Beast Boy couldn't hold in his laughter any longer. I couldn't help but let out a snicker myself, the look on Robin's face was priceless.

"Hey man, you know we're only kidding and it's not like you can hide the fact anymore," Cyborg said.

"Yea, true," Robin sighed in defeat as he and Starfire sat down on the sofa on the other side of Cyborg.

"And I think you have accepted the fact enough to a point where you don't care who makes fun of you, right?" Cyborg asked.

"I believe so," Robin said bluntly.

"So what're ya worried for?" said Cyborg.

"Well, I would like to keep our moments between us, between us. And I'm worried about you taking the jokes a little too far," Robin stated.

"Nah, I'm not that cruel," Cyborg gave him a wink, "I'll go easy on you two, from now on,"

"Thank you," Robin smiled. He placed an arm around Starfire, as she laid her head on his shoulder.

"But you know what stinks?" Cyborg replied.

"What?" Robin asked.

"I can't pick on you two and your constant 'flirtiness' anymore," Cyborg picked up his controller getting ready to set up another one of their childish games.

"Oh, darn, what ever will you do now, Cyborg?" Robin commented sarcastically. Hmm…maybe he's learning.

"Well, here's to all my hopes going to Beast Boy and Raven getting together," Cyborg sai…wait…what did he just say? I looked up from my book to see the others reaction to that and mainly to just glare at Cyborg for the comment and to see the look on Beast Boy's reaction.

"What? Whatever, dude," Beast Boy looked a little pink even though he was green, "there's no way I'd fall for Raven,"

"And why not? You never know, you can't control the fate of love," Cyborg wiggled his eyebrow at him; I was trying pretty hard to keep myself from slapping that grin off his face.

"Dude, it wouldn't work," Beast Boy replied.

"You don't know that, you may actually like her, or love her, heck who knows? You may actually have a secret little shrine of her in the back of your closet," If Cyborg was trying to do this for a laugh, he's not doing a very good job. Beast Boy would do better jokes than this.

"Cyborg, you're really starting to push it now, so just stop while you're ahead. It's not gonna happen," Beast Boy starting to get annoyed, and I didn't blame him.

Surprisingly, I had to agree with Beast Boy with this argument, there's no way possible for me to go for him. Beast Boy is the polar opposite of me, we would never get along in a relationship. He is outgoing and completely care-free. I'm too shy and take things more serious in situations and rather be in my room reading my books for entertainment. And when he tries to be funny…ugh…his jokes, it makes me want to put a permanent cork in his mouth just to shut him up. But that doesn't mean he can't be my friend. He is my friend, and he's always there when I feel like my life is pointless, he was there after Malchoir had been defeated, and he was there even in the end and after. He was just there, but he is just a really good friend and he means nothing more to me than that.

Still, I do respect him in his comedic moments, he does take some of the tension out of the hard times, and we all have a chance to roll our eyes or forget what's really happening in reality. But reality is reality and you can't change it, and I do sometimes wish he would realize that, because I'm afraid for him that he may be blinded from the truth…and he could get hurt.

But what would happen between me and Beast Boy if we did get together? If it was…love? I know that he is a very caring guy. The way he cares for all of his friends, including me, no matter how much I threaten or emotionally abuse him. I don't know how he can still be smiling after an argument he just lost. It sometimes makes me feel guilty in the inside how I just insult him yet he walks away happy. And his smile, he grins so wide that it almost makes me jealous that he can smile that big. And his eating habits, well, I can't really pin him on being a vegetarian as a bad thing. Even though the things he eats, like his tofu, completely disgusts me, and I know I'm not the only one. But I have respect for him being a vegetarian, and the promise he made to not eat other meats of animals, because, well, I'm not sure, I guess I would have to ask him one day.

But I know it wouldn't work between us. He would be too involved in his mindless video games to care enough for me. He wouldn't take that one minute to say "I love you" in the midst of something. He wouldn't hold me or kiss me good night and stay awake just to watch me sleep. He wouldn't go out of his way to do something sweet for me; I barely do anything for him. And he is way too bright and perky for someone as serious and dark like me. He is always happy, and I know I never will be. And it's just fact that nothing would happen between us. Nothing.

"C'mon, B, admit it," Cyborg starting up this ridiculous subject again.

"Alright, Cyborg," I raised my brow at Beast Boy's answer. I hope it wasn't what Cyborg was thinking he was doing, he isn't truly going to admit something. Was he?

"Lay off, dude!" Nope.

Beast Boy suddenly stood up and dropped his controller on the couch with some sort of aggravation that I've never seen come out of him before.

"What?" Cyborg looked surprised at Beast Boy's sudden standing.

"You and you're cutesy little jokes about love! You can't just force two people to fall in love, it wouldn't work. And you joking about it isn't helping anyone! I don't know why you do it now, and I suggest you stop now before you take it too far! Because I can tell you now, buddy," he actually got up in his face, "I'm not going to fall in love again, especially with someone like Raven! So just buzz off!" I tried to keep my focus on the book in my hands when he said this, it didn't help. What he said kind of…hurt.

"Hey man, I didn't mean any harm, I was just pokin' fun," Cyborg was trying to hold up his defense by putting his hands up. Beast Boy backed away from him and gracefully jumped over the sofa, almost like a cat.

"Whatever, man," he said, his brows were still furrowed, "I'm turning in for the night,"

"Now? It's only eight!" Cyborg frowned at him, "Look if it's about the jokes, I'm sorry, okay? C'mon, BB. It's Constant Video Games until You Drool night; you can't miss out on that,"

Beast Boy was nearly at the door when he suddenly stopped. The tension from his shoulders released and he looked more calm. He suddenly turned to the rest of us. I was still expecting him to be upset and come back with a bark. But his face…he wasn't aggravated or angry any longer, he looked just down right sad.

"It's…not the jokes, Cyborg," he said depressingly, almost too depressing for me, "and I'm not really…in the mood right now for games tonight. I just need to turn in,"

Cyborg was just as confused as the rest of us were; we all felt a little concern for him.

"Alright, B, go to bed then, no hard feelings," he said, trying to be as sincere as possible.

"Yea, no hard feelings," Beast Boy finally opened the door from the Ops. Room and entered into the corridors on the other side.

"Well, that was strange," Robin stated, Starfire agreed silently.

"Ya think? What's up with him?" I rolled my eyes at Cyborg, I thought he was supposed to be one of the intelligent ones, "You think he's still suffering through…puberty?" He gave a fake shudder of fear.

"You shouldn't have pushed him," I made my presence known, although the team is already used to my quiet nature, which I don't mind.

"Pushed him? I didn't touch him!" Cyborg raised in defense.

"You did emotionally," I replied promptly.

"Alright look, I'm sorry for the jokes and the messin' around, I promise I won't ever do it again," he raised his right hand and put his left one over his heart, like he was actually going to keep that promise anyway. Just wait until tomorrow.

"But still something isn't right with BB," Cyborg continued on, "he's been acting like this for the past week now, he has sudden mood swings, he gets all defensive about something, and he's negative about every little detail that happens. I get a little afraid that the poor guy is gonna explode if I do something wrong in his view,"

"Well, if it's something that gets out of hand, we'll step in and help him out. But I think the best thing is to leave him alone for awhile, he'll be back to his comedic self soon," Robin said this with such confidence thinking that he is always right. I think he's been around Starfire in the closet too much.

But I do agree with some of them, what is with Beast Boy lately? Cyborg is right about his mood swings, for a moment he's suddenly happy like he always is…then by the end of the day he always wants to try and chew someone's head off, not literally of course. Even though he does have that happy grin on his face constantly, I haven't seen it around lately.

Lately, I haven't seen much of Beast Boy, well, at all. I don't know where he goes all the time, but I have tracked him down with the tracker on the communicator when we need him for missions and crime. He's usually not where you would find him, in his room, on the roof, on the obstacle course alone and not doing drills, or he's on the outskirts of town on the east side where the major wooded areas are. I found it strange when I tracked him there. I did have the urge to levitate over there to see exactly what he does there, but I haven't had the heart to. I respect his privacy, and he probably goes there to be alone in the first place. But I can still worry for him.

Even though it seems that Beast Boy looks like a very open person, there are some mysteries about him that even make me wonder. Wondering if he's truly okay. But little did I know, that tomorrow was going to be a special day for Beast Boy.

That may change his life…forever.

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