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Chapter 1: A Start

The capacious manor remained silent as it had for the last few years, an attribute the 24-year-old counselor and coach enjoyed as she made the manor her home over the past months. She glanced around at whatever she could see in any room from her spot on the couch in the family room. Ironic, she thought, that her favorite room was the family room of the house even though there was no family for her to enjoy it with. She spent so much time on designing the house to her preferences, something she figured changed so much over the course of time that she just stuck with the classier styles, simple monochromatic color schemes or era designs that fit the house, which always turned out to be Victorian, like the architecture of the manor. She didn't even want to get into anything involving the furniture. As long as it followed the color scheme around the house, it was fine with her.

Despite all the time she spent designing and changing the interior of the house, the woman spent more time upstairs in the attic, a place she knew was safer and least destructible for her and anyone else. Ever since the year and a half she first arrived to the manor by an unexplainable pull she could not then fathom, Kimberly Hart had been learning a numinous part of herself and honing the gifts that came along with it, and time. She wasn't fully at ease with everything in the beginning, but she saw it as a sort of second chance from what she considered her former duties as a teen: saving the world. Well, at least her part of it. Like being a Power Ranger, she had to learn how to fight with the powers she had now and how to control them as they came. She thanked whatever great being out there for giving her great mentors to help her along the way, too. Yet no matter how much company she could gain from time to time and how many new friends she made through all her missions, there was a void that only an intimate bond could fill in her life. Kimberly was getting tired of fighting alone and not being able to let others know just what she was and what she could do for the better of the world. She wanted a freedom and companionship she felt was present in her younger life.

A clatter came from upstairs, high enough upstairs for her to know that it was in the attic, which ended up putting Kimberly on her cautious side; no one beside her and her mentors ever stepped into the room… and demons, of course, but only rarely. Unlike when she first moved in, Kimberly didn't bolt up from her seat right away but simply glanced over her shoulder first to see if anyone was behind her; she had gone through too many surprise confrontations with demons that popped up behind her because of superspeed or shimmering. There wasn't another sound but she still made her way upstairs slowly and quietly, but with her sensing power on the fritz. For the past couple of days, she couldn't get a hold on whether her sensing power was really working or not. Softly pushing the door ajar enough to peer in, Kimberly didn't see any activity in the recently organized room. Yet something peculiar did catch her eye: her scrying crystal and one of the maps she used to scry.

Rushing over with both calm and circumspection, Kimberly looked over the map to see where the crystal landed. Knowing it was already strange that the crystal was searching without her even thinking of looking for anyone or anything, she searched for the exact state and city where the gem landed. Her mind was pegged when she saw the bold letters right by the crystal spell out Los Angeles on her map of California. The first thought that passed her mind was that the city was close to her hometown of Angel Grove. She could suddenly sense another presence passing her, something forecasting a future occurrence. This time, she knew her sensing power was right on track; she could feel it. Remembering what happened when she first discovered her first power and when she felt the pull of the manor, she couldn't help recalling and fearing what would happen soon. Her mind went back to when she first decided to move from her home of over 5 years in Florida for something she hadn't known for certain at the time…

She was freaking out. In the last two weeks, things had just been happening Kimberly couldn't believe were possible, let alone explain. More than once, she suddenly showed up at her home or the park near her apartment complex whenever she wished to be there more than any place. It didn't sit well with her that she was just appearing anywhere and everywhere. Then, a couple times out of anger or stress, she would wave her hand and an object, be it a box, lamp, chair, or anything else, in the same path would fly in the direction she waved. These events kept reoccurring that Kimberly ended up staying in her apartment for 3 whole days letting nobody in and just struggling to figure out what the hell was happening. After three days and 13 phone messages by her friends and colleagues, she woke up with an eerie calm, letting her slip into a peaceful routine. Yet at the same time she could feel something pulling her. After odd clues she could find everywhere, she packed up some luggage, deciding that she had to leave and go where this pull was dragging her toward, bought a ticket to San Francisco and boarded the plane for a 10-hour flight.

Getting off the plane and searching for baggage claim, Kimberly felt nothing but determination to find where the magnetism that was pulling her from her home was coming from. She didn't know how she knew that it was coming from a city she had only visited once and the exact directions from the airport to the neighborhood where the pull was originating, but she knew it was there. She told the cab driver to stop at an imposing red-burgundy Victorian manor and paid her fare after collecting her luggage out of the trunk. The dwelling just felt right from where she was, but Kimberly didn't like how she felt her body was humming just by standing in front of the house. Deciding to finally make a move and take a step into figuring out just what was happening to her.

She rang the doorbell and when there was no answer she knocked on the door and it opened slowly from the slight push. Apparently, no one had locked it. Kimberly entered the house and walked cautiously around the first room she found, what she guessed to be the living room. Stepping out of that room, she was surprised with the huge open room of the first floor of the house. All the furniture seemed fit for the 40s or 50s but perfectly right in this modern house. Trailing a hand over the mahogany table behind the couch, Kimberly forgot for a moment what brought her here. Her attention returned when she heard someone yell, "Hey!" and turned around to see a 24-year-old guy standing near the foot of the stairs. She didn't have much time to react when he made a wave of his hand and Kimberly could see a porcelain vase lift from a table a couple yards away, which did freak her out at the moment, but considering what happened to her the last few weeks, it seemed a bit normal. However, all she could do was yelp and wish she was just a few feet away in a different place than where she was when she saw the vase heading for her direction at too quick a speed. Not even two seconds later, she found herself on the floor behind the coffee table in front of the couch and heard the crash of the vase hitting the wall. All she could comment was, "What the…"

Looking back at the guy at the foot of the stairs, her look of shock and confusion didn't surprise him all that much and she could tell. In fact, he gave a smirk but a friendly one before saying, "Don't worry; I hated that vase anyway. And I wouldn't have hurt you with it even if you hadn't orbed in time."

"Orbed," she asked, the word attributed to her showing up in a totally different place without actually moving a new term to her. "What the heck is that?"

"What you just did," he said easily as if it explained everything. He glanced up the stairs to his right and spoke again, louder this time. "Hey, Wyatt, it's her." And then it began.

The only thought Kimberly could think of after remembering her arrival at the manor was would it all happen again?

She couldn't help but glimpse back at the life she was leaving behind, for something she didn't even know existed. But after everything that was happening lately and something nagging her mind day in and out, she knew she was making the better alternative than staying here and risk whatever would happen… even if it meant leaving the one person she loved more than life. But she didn't want to risk harming him with whatever was happening to her.

For the last week and a half, whenever she wanted something to blow up or expanded her hand quickly into a full palm from a fist, something that was in her mind that was somewhere close around her would just burst and shatter to pieces. It scared her at first and she couldn't understand why this was happening to her. Had she done something wrong to deserve this, the random exploding of things with a familiar gesture of her hands? She was lucky the first couple times when she was alone and the one time it happened with people there around her who believed it was someone else performing some type of magic trick in the park. Afterward, she rushed home and put herself in solitude for the next few days in her apartment, hoping she could put it all under control with short time. She didn't let anyone come in, not even her boyfriend, fearing she might accidentally make them combust or something similar.

Seeing she couldn't keep herself in this loneliness forever, Ashley Hammond forced herself to try and go to sleep calm and stress free at the end of that week, trying to keep her fears under wraps about the supernatural exploding because of her. She was surprised to find that she woke up calm and a feeling of some control over what was happening. Yet there was still a nuisance in the back of her mind. After breakfast, Ashley sat herself down on her couch and scanned the channels for something to watch. She abruptly stopped when she felt something compel her to halt on a channel that was reporting on a bank robbery involving hostages at a bank in San Francisco. The story was old enough, the same event happened practically every other week, but what caught Ashley's eye was the city. Something about it made it peculiar to her, as if she belonged there at the moment. Throughout the day, the feeling kept bothering her and after two hours of just arguing with herself whether or not to leave, she found herself packing some luggage for a long-term trip away from Pasadena. It suddenly didn't matter that this was her home for the past year and a half, so close to her hometown where her life was built and unfolded a destiny to her she cherished, a destiny that gave her the people she loved most in life, especially Andros. But now, it didn't matter that she loved them and they loved her back that they wouldn't have wanted her to leave; all that really mattered was that she had to minimize the risk of blowing them up and that she felt a pull to somewhere else where she knew she would feel safe.

Taking a last glance at the home she felt she wouldn't return to, at least not for a long time, she turned the light switch to turn off, closed the door and locked it, and just as she was about to put the key where she and her friends knew to keep the spare key, Ashley remembered they each all had their own keys to the dwelling and wouldn't need it. Besides, it was probably one of the only things she was taking with her that would remind her of her past here in Angel Grove and Los Angeles.

Taking a breath to clear her thoughts, she took her baggage and before heading downstairs to catch a cab to the airport, she said with strong conviction and a certainty that had been absent from her life for the last few days, "San Francisco, here I come."

It felt odd to be on the opposite part of a jet. Well, a sort of jet; just a plane. But being a passenger was much more different than being a pilot. She couldn't do much but stay in her seat by the window seated next to an unaware woman who couldn't stop talking about her cats and her sister's cats and had the worse case of snoring Taylor had ever witnessed. She wanted to march up to the pilots, throw one of them out of their seats, or both if need be, and pilot the plane herself just to get to her destination faster. It took most of her strength to keep herself restrained in her seat and focus on the music from her headphones and her sketchbook in her hands. Good distractions, but she wanted to land as soon as possible; she had to find out what was going on.

She was scared of what was happening, but the fact it was all unknown to her was just being a thorn in her side. It wasn't like discovering how to fight and wield the spirit of the eagle and bear, finding truths about the Power Rangers and being one when she first became the Yellow Wild Force Power Ranger; she was self-reliant and didn't want help on her journey back then. Yet after everything, she did learn there are just some things she couldn't do alone. She learned how to be fearless with the unfamiliar but also how to accept people and changes that came with the unknown. She needed someone here for her now.

Despite her newfound composure and understanding, Taylor still had a great amount of anger and stress left in her. After resigning from being a full-time jet fighter pilot with the Air Force a few months previous, she became a trainer and sort of advisor to incoming pilots for the aerial division of the Silver Guardians, most of whom knew how to pilot a jet, but not how to work in a team like the one at Silver Hills. She ended up getting most of the more stubborn and obstinate students, since Eric Myers decided it fit perfectly for her; Taylor still had a bit of a grudge against him for the first time they encountered each other, even if it was manifested as teasing in private and once or twice in public. At first she could handle it but about a month ago, she could feel her control barely slipping. She didn't understand; sure, when she was finished with being a Power Ranger, she suffered from an energy loss along with a huge power loss and depression from losing it all, but she got through it, keeping in mind that it was all the after-effects all former rangers had experienced. But this time, it was unexpected and, much to Taylor's discomfort, uncontrollable. She could contain herself in front of people, save for Eric sometimes when he was too concerned, for his own good as she saw it, and wouldn't leave her alone until she yelled for him to get away. The damaged expression on his face when she did hurt her but she didn't want to risk throwing something at him, especially the mysterious and dangerous spheres of fire that just appeared in her palm right before she wanted to grab something and thrash it toward the wall, which would typically rush in the direction where she wanted to hurl any object.

She was more dumbfounded than worried at first, not thinking anything like that was possible. Yes, she had gained a sort of power before but it had more to do with her animal spirit and her strength within; this one was too out of the blue. When she had set an incoming pilot's file in fire in contained rage that nearly set her office desk into a conflagration, that was it; for nearly a week afterward, she stayed in her apartment, isolated from anything she didn't want to risk burning up into ashes. She received so many calls from concerned friends that she unplugged the phone and turned of her cell phone; she didn't even bother to check her mail or emails anymore. As far as she saw it, the less contact the better. Then she became a little scared. Would she just hide from everyone with this anomaly in her? Could she, or more importantly, should she? She thought she was going crazy when she began debating with herself over the matter. She just wanted to go to sleep then and wake up with everything from the last week erased. She didn't get that exactly, but she didn't feel fear or worry the next morning after the wish. There was a hope present somewhere around her, but she could feel that she wasn't going to find it here in Turtle Cove.

Searching the internet site for a city or town to buy a ticket to fly to, Taylor scanned each page and price for anything that drew her attention. She was close to giving up when she was onto California and San Francisco. She didn't know what it was, but something of assurance and familiarity was triggered inside her. It was right, that state, that city; she could feel that it was right. Before buying the ticket online for that evening, she amusedly cursed herself for going alphabetically backwards with the states when she was searching. She packed up whatever she could into two suitcases and a duffle bag and got ready to leave the life she had here. She didn't even feel all that sorry or gloomy that she was leaving the place that she had always known as her home, except for the fact that she'd be leaving one person she had learned to care for so much. But risking distance and not seeing him again for a long time was better than risking losing him due to her anger and a capricious curse.

So here she was, on a plane to San Francisco, not knowing what she would do once she got there. Not knowing when they were going to land and feeling herself drift off from the lack of sleep all day, Taylor conceded to the lure she knew was going to drag her to sleep. She woke up when a stewardess announced on the P.A. system that they were about to make their landing and that everyone needed to buckle up. Taylor didn't know what was going to happen but she felt great relief to finally be where she felt was the right place now. When she told the cab driver from the airport the exact directions where to go, much to her surprise, she felt like everything from that point on was on a road already traveled, not by her but someone else, someone she felt a bond to already. Great, she thought, it's getting even weirder.

Arriving at a manor she could not explain as anything except for timeless and beautiful, she could sense that she was in the right place. Despite that feeling, she approached the dwelling warily, being on her guard the entire way. She rang the bell and the door opened a few seconds later with an elfin brunette in her mid-20s with an amused and confused yet kind smile on her face. She tilted her head and her countenance let Taylor see that the woman was contemplating on something serious as she gave Taylor a once-over. She confused Taylor even more when she said, "So it's true."

The oldest and youngest of the three young women followed the somewhat exasperated brunette that they considered their middle sister everywhere she went around the house. After nearly two years together, the three considered themselves their own little family, sisters in the truest sense of their bond. They had experienced and learned so much together. They could hardly see themselves breaking apart after all of it… which was why Kimberly and Taylor tailed Ashley wherever she went, attempting to dissuade her from what she was going to do.

"You can't stop me you guys," Ashley said, "I have to do this."

"You sure we can't stop you," Taylor asked as she appeared in front of Ashley out of nowhere.

Ashley nearly jumped back when she saw her friend suddenly appear in front of her. "Jeez, Taylor," she exclaimed, "I thought you would stop doing that to me unless it was an emergency."

"Well, it is," Taylor replied.

"How so," Ashley returned. "And yes, you could stop me, but I know you wouldn't."

"Sure about that?" Kimberly asked behind Ashley.

A sigh escaped Ashley when she heard the eldest out of all of them. "Yes, I'm sure." She knew the both of them knew they wouldn't as well, which was the only reason she would even try to attempt this endeavor. "Guys, you just have to believe me, I have to do this," she repeated. She continued shoving more clothes into her suitcase from her closet.

"Why," the other girls asked simultaneously. After a glance between the two, Kimberly spoke first. "What makes you think you have to go back to Los Angeles? Do you know about a demon or something over there?"

"No, I just have a feeling that I have to. Something big is going to happen; I don't know if it's good or bad, I just know it's going to happen."

The other two still weren't dissuaded from trying to stop her. "Did you get a premonition," Taylor asked.

"No, I just have a feeling."

"And you think that's enough to get you packing and heading back to L.A.?"

"Well, you know how accurate a feeling could be, especially with us," Kimberly said, breaking the continuous order of who talked when.

"The last time I checked," Taylor responded, turning to Kimberly, "You were the one with the power to sense, not Ashley."

They were about to continue when unexpectedly Ashley said, "It's not L.A.," which brought both her friends' attention back to her. Hearing them both ask 'What,' concurrently let her continue. "It's not L.A.," she repeated. "It's Angel Grove." At that, the room remained silent; Ashley knew it would.

There wasn't anything either Kimberly or Ashley could think to say once they heard the name of their real hometown mentioned. Taylor knew what the place was to them and that it was the place of the first earth Power Rangers, which made it an important place for her also. She knew the gravity of the place for her friends. Ashley stopped her packing, Kimberly sat down on the bed opposite Ashley and Taylor leaned against the closest wall, none knowing what to say. The silence became unnerving after the minutes passed without a word and Kimberly felt compelled to say something to break it.

"What happened?"

"Nothing." At that answer, Taylor and Kimberly glared at Ashley for an authentic answer and so she gave them one. "Okay. A week ago, I got a sort of premonition. I was asleep though, so I couldn't tell if it was a premonition or I was just having a wacky dream." Seeing her friends confused as she was when she woke up that next morning allowed her to continue. "But you know how dreams are, right? You know, you can remember them perfectly when you're dreaming but you can't remember it completely when you wake up and stuff? Well, that's what happened: I didn't remember everything that happened. But I remember it had something to do with Angel Grove."

"And the former rangers," Taylor asked.

"I guess," Ashley shrugged. "I just knew that and the fact that I was there. Since that day, though, it's been nagging me and I felt like I needed to be somewhere else… like when I first got my powers and I just knew I had to be here." She knew her friends could relate to what she was talking about; they felt the same thing she recently described at one point or another in time.

"I guess we can't do much to stop you then."

"But what do you think is going to happen when you get there," Taylor continued her interrogation. "And are you sure that everyone's going to welcome you back happily after being gone for, what, nearly three years?"

"I don't know," Ashley answered the first query, "and I don't know."

"What about Andros," Kimberly asked, knowing the mention of the name could've stopped Ashley in her tracks. It was the same for her and Taylor, one name beside one another's could make them drop everything just to feel the shock of hearing it again.

"What about him?" Ashley said almost coldly enough after a while that her friends could tell it definitely got to her this time.

Kimberly got up from her side of the bed and walked over to put a hand on Ashley's shoulder. "Are you going to be okay when you see him again?" Ashley still didn't have an answer minutes later when Taylor went to do the same as Kimberly had.

"I'm sure he isn't still angry," Taylor commented in attempts of assurance. Looks of doubt from her two closest friends made her add on something else. "Well, even if he is, he loves you enough to let you explain and forgive you."

"I sure hope so," Ashley said. After a sigh, she shrugged her friends' hands from her shoulders and continued to pack. Seeing her friend uncommonly silent and focused so much on packing, Kimberly made a suggestion she knew was most likely going to be denied.

"Want us to come with you, just in case?"

Ashley gave a small smile at the proposal. "Thanks, but I think I'll be perfectly fine. This might be something I have to do myself. But don't worry," she added, knowing they were going to stress the fact they wouldn't leave her completely alone even if she had to do this ordeal alone, "I'll keep in contact with you guys, full details and everything. If I hear something about or from your former team members, I'll tell you guys straightaway."

A word of thanks came from Kimberly but Taylor merely stated that there was no chance in hell anyone she knew was going to be in Angel Grove.

"Who knows," Kimberly said with a hint of amusement in her voice, "Considering it's us, we can never be sure."

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