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Shadow Hearts III: Snippets

Installment: Introductions

By Tiger5913

Shadow Hearts III Drabble #1 – Excitement, 100 words, Johnny x Shania

It was the most… exciting sight he had seen in his short life.

While the Native American woman was introducing herself, the young detective found himself drawn to her… attractive assets. Johnny was in a slight stupor for a moment, staring as if the meaning of life was engraved on her ample chest.

But he soon snapped out of it, not wanting to arouse suspicion. Of course, if she knew exactly where he was looking, then it was likely that he would be in a world of hurt.

The axe-like weapons strapped to her hips did look kind of sharp…

Shadow Hearts III Drabble #2 – Awareness, 100 words, Johnny x Shania

He was lucky that there were others around, or she would have slapped him.

Even if she hadn't been aware of his line of eyesight, his action still wouldn't have gone unnoticed, as otherwise, his blush would have given him away.

Just as trio was leaving, the female warrior walked up closely to Johnny and gave him a slightly cool glare before leaning down toward him.

"Don't look there again. Understand?"

His eyes widened, the young blond gulped and quickly nodded.

Shania allowed a small smile to grace her lips, showing her forgiveness, and then briskly strode out the door.

End of Installment

Author's Note: Hello, folks! To celebrate SH3 coming out today, I decided to write a new installment of drabbles based on this new game. I immediately fell in love with Johnny x Shania when I saw the scene of their introductions… Naughty Johnny, oh my! Hehehe… Anyway, with SH3 out, expect to see more fanfics from me! And don't worry, although I adore Johnny x Shania, I'll be giving other couples and characters their time in the spotlight too. :)

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