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Shadow Hearts III: Snippets

Special Installment: Gifts

By Tiger5913

Art, Johnny x Shania (Shadow Hearts III) – dedicated to Miah The Storm Wolf

Lenny thought it was going to be a nice, quiet day… until he heard Shania yelling as his master thundered down the stairs, and then made a beeline for the front door.

"Johnny-! Get back here!!"

When she descended to the first floor, the butler inquired, "What's the matter, Miss Shania?"

"…He drew on me," she replied icily.

"Beg your pardon?"

The fusionist turned around so Lenny could see the weird designs crudely drawn upon her upper back. Though the situation was a bit amusing, he sighed and shook his head at his young master's antics.

Shania stalked out angrily.

Protector, Johnny x Shania – dedicated to Angel-chan

It was by accident that Johnny discovered he could turn into the Awaker by will.

Well, sort of.

All he remembered was seeing Shania crumpling to her knees, and a monster hovering over here, ready to strike. The next thing he knew, a dormant power suddenly exploded and he was standing right before the enemy. Red energy hummed as the transformed boy sliced the monster in two with his weapon.

When the battle had ended, his power dissipated, and the blond teen caught Shania looking at him with a strange expression.

Even despite her suspicions, he would never hurt her…

Reprisal, Awaker x Shania – dedicated to ariescelestial

Because Johnny constantly watched Shania, Awaker watched her too.

The creature of Malice lay dormant within its host body, waiting for the right moment to burst free. But while it waited, its attention was focused on the female fusionist. It sensed her power and wanted to challenge her strength. She seemed to be aware of its presence, for her eyes always searched Johnny's face with a hint of suspicion, as if she knew…

The young detective would never want to harm Shania, but Awaker did not share his sentiment.

The next time it awakened, she would be its primary target.

Uncertainty, Johnny solo – dedicated to Angel-chan

Johnny often thought about his hidden counterpart.

Okay, he'd admit that he was just a little scared of that form. After all, he had once hurt his other teammates because of it. And who knew if Awaker would come out again, when he least expected it?

On the other hand, if the young fighter could find a way to use that power by will, just as he wielded the dagger of Malice, he'd be a lot stronger, more useful in battle. He'd have to figure out how to summon Awaker without losing control…

Maybe then, Shania would finally notice him…

Vow, Natan and Shania friendship – dedicated to Nameless

He had been following the princess since the beginning.

He had been there when their tribe was decimated. He watched his brothers get slaughtered by the evil woman. He obeyed his chief and took the Garvoy priestess to flee and protect her with his life. He knew that one day, Shania would desire to seek revenge, and he had to fight by her side when that happened. They would either win, or die together, though he preferred the former slightly more.

Natan, the tall, silent warrior, would journey with the princess until one day; they would meet the woman again.

End of Installment

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