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Oi, Minna! Yes, this is a new fic! I know, you're asking yourself, "Why is she starting another one when she's got enough on her plate as it is?" Well, here's why. The idea for the fic just came about suddenly, and I'm not sure as to where it's going to go at this point. Also, this fic is a first for me in the sense that it will mainly be written in first person perspective, through Inuyasha's mind and eyes as things happen around him. So, let's just sit back and enjoy what I come up with, k?

Avoidance: Chapter 1

Sigh Tonight's the night. The night I will never see. Why? Because I have to avoid seeing it. One night a month. One dreaded feeling I feel I need to avoid because of what I become. What happens to me isn't normal, least not for me. It's just one damn night a month! Why should I live through hell for one night a month? Why do I have to live through torture you ask? Because I am half-human. Yes, only half. What is the other half you ask? Definitely not something of my choice, but I'd rather have had my human half be all of what other I am. Yes, folks, my other half is dog demon.

Tsch…How did that happen, you ask? Well, it's simple. My father fell for a human woman. Yes, it was my father's fault I have to suffer once a month. Geeze, I sound like a girl going through pre menstrual syndrome. Nice, huh? shakes head Oh well, there's nothing I can do but make the best of it. So, what do I do? I travel. Yes, travel. I travel west until the next night comes along. I refuse to see the darkness on that night every twenty-eight days. It's just not fair, ya know.

Thankfully, I have the means to do this. And how do I hide this mystery about myself as I cloak my demon features every day? I stay out of the lives of others. I never allow anyone to get too close to me. I make sure I say only what needs to be said, and that I never get too attached to anyone as well. Otherwise, others would learn of my fear. My fear of becoming blinded, deafened and senseless for just a few hours. My fear of becoming fully human while the stars are the only lights in the sky.

While the moon vacations, so must I but on the run from it. I must follow the sun to avoid my transformations. When I had them while I was a kid, I was scared the whole time. You may not think it to look at me, but I was born during the times of Japan where no calendar existed. Yes, over four hundred years ago. After four hundred years, I still look to be in my twenties. Not bad, huh? Yes, that is another reason why I stay out of other people's lives and avoid them all the same. My age. I do not age as a normal person would. I have looked the same for over a century.

I even have been called the hermit living in the estate at the top of the tall hill behind the old shrine grounds in the outskirts of Tokyo. The shrine has been abandoned for many years now. The shrine of the Goshinboku and the well that was dedicated to my life. No, I don't tend to the shrine. Why would I? All the monks who'd resided from that ancient village have all died away. I just live by myself in the old estate about a mile into the forest beside the shrine.

I inherited this estate when my father past on. My older half brother disappeared after that, so I'm stuck here. With no one to take care of me. It's not so bad though. I cloak myself to go out shopping, and to take care of business and then go home to an empty and quiet house where I reside with my loneliness. Just me, myself and I.

I know you're curious about what the shrine and the well have to do with me, right. Well, it's due to the fact that I was once pinned to that tree. The Goshinboku protected me for over fifty years. I fell into a trap over some stupid jewel and some demons that were hungry for revenge. Revenge from the miko who had prevented so many of them from acquiring said jewel. The only miko who could purify the ball of hatred and purity, Kikyo.

The demons that were after her ate the body and soul of a bandit she took care of and took my form to destroy the love she and I had. Those wretched demons took my face and attacks to kill her and betray me with her face as well. All just to taint that stupid piece of purity and hatred on a string. And what did it get them? Oblivion and years of wandering for me, but death for the miko who fell for me for no reason. I was released a hundred years later when the legend had faded, and I had become engulfed in roots from the Goshinboku. One curious miko released me before anyone could recall what had happened to me. So, therefore, my story had faded until I appeared before those descendants to give them the story once again.

And so, here's the shrine. The well is here because it was made out of the time tree. Therefore, the villagers would throw the remains of the demons killed over the centuries into it, and they would disappear. Where they went, no one ever knew. But the two are connected, so they are a part of the story. Have I ever jumped in it you ask? Never. No way. I am half demon. Who knows where the well may send me. Or worse yet, when.

And here I am today, the eve of the New Year and I am stuck on a jet going west. Yes, one hell of a trip, but it's worth it. The plane isn't too full, thankfully. Especially since, I will only be on the plane with only a couple short stops from Japan to the United States. Then I will once again board another plane back to Japan almost instantly after I land. Just to keep from the sunset. I must hit the next day without seeing night. I must avoid the transformation.

I chose to sit in the first window seat all the way in the front of the plane to avoid any conversations with other passengers. Not many people choose to fly from Japan to America with only a few short stops, but I must if I am to remain what I am now.

Over the intercom, "Welcome to Brussels. We will be landing shortly, so please raise your tray tables and fasten your seatbelts as we decline in attitude for landing. Thank you for flying Air-Europe"

Sigh Now I must catch the next plane west. This gets rougher and rougher each month. The flight attendants have all been starting to get friendly seeing as they have been asking me more questions lately. One in particular. Kagome Higurashi. The first time I saw her was about a few months ago. The other flight attendants mentioned my travels and she got curious. I have no idea why she's so curious, but the flight back to Japan is the one I dread the most. She travels at almost the same time I do every month. So far, it's been impeccable. Almost as if, she's choosing her flights to my pattern.


I had just finished my in flight meal and was ready for some rest and relaxation. Ah, yes. Reclining seats in first class are the best way to fly. After a couple seconds of adjusting myself, I reached over and grabbed the blanket from the seat next to me. As I settled beneath the soft warmth, I heard something annoying.

"Psst…Kagome, come here for a second…" My cloaked ears twitch and reposition themselves to catch the words.

"What is it?" She asked as she left the passenger she was waiting on and headed towards the last row and then through the curtains. I remained still and my eyes closed in relaxation.

"Did you see the guy in the front? Ya know the one in the window seat?" A flight attendant asked.

"Yeah. What about him?" Kagome replied with a shrug.

"Well, we saw you chatting with him last time. Do you know him?"

"No. I just asked him if he was traveling on business or pleasure since I had seen him on a few flights since I started."

"What did he say?" She asked with enthusiasm.

"He said it was mainly business which was none of mine." Kagome shrugged.

"Oh. Nothing more than that? Has he said anything to you this time around?"

"Nope. He comes off as sort of grumpy. He's got a bit of an attitude problem." Kagome spat.

"So you're just gonna let his bad attitude get to you?" The attendant asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"It's really none of my business. If you're so intrigued, then why don't you give him a try?" Kagome said sarcastically as she turned her back to the other attendant and stepped back through the curtain.

I heard everything. My first thought was, 'Good. It's working.' The chip on the shoulder impression works every time. It's only natural that when approached with such a horrible attitude, the first instinct is to turn away and forget you ever tried to talk to that person. I just smirked, took a deep breath and snuggled tighter under my blanket.

Through the rest of the flight, Kagome only said, "Hello," and "Goodbye."

End of Flashback

You see, at that point, I thought I had chased her off with the angered look and the attitude. Ah, yes. I had nothing to worry about this time around. I had nipped that problem in the bud, or so I thought.

(Sneeze) "Damn!" I said as another sneeze hit me full on. "This sucks!" I moaned to no one in particular.

"You all right? Would you like some tissue?" Came from the aisle. I turned to eye the box of tissues that was being held by 'Damnit!' Kagome.

"Don't bother." I said as I ran my finger under my nose and sniffled. After I wiped my finger off on my shirt, she gained a disgusted look that even I could see from the side of my eye. "What?" I asked with a look of annoyance.

"It's just...I'm sure you don't want to get sick again. Plus, that behavior is childish for a grown man such as you. Not very happenin' with the ladies." She explained.

"And what makes you think I'd be interested in women?" I shot back without looking at her.

"Oh. I see. I'm sorry I mentioned it." She replied as she started to walk away.

I thought on what she had just said for a few seconds. Then it hit me. I stood from my seat and turned her to face me. "Don't you think that! Not even for a second!"

"Think what?" Kagome asked innocently.

"I'm not gay, that's what!" I spat.

"Oh. Then what are you?" Kagome asked as she put her hands on her hips.

"None of your business." I spat. She gained a rather frustrated look on her face as she huffed and stomped away down the aisle and through the curtains.

As I turned around, I noticed the other passengers were paying attention to what just happened. "Mind your own business!" I spat and sat back down in my seat.

Even though I was quiet after I sat down, I felt their eyes boring through my skull. I tried my best to ignore it, but after a few minutes, I was able to count every eye. "Will you stop staring?" I shouted over my shoulder. They all gasped and looked away in fear. 'Damn, this is gonna be one hell of a loooong flight. Maybe I shouldn't have taken it this time around.'

Soon after that little outburst, I heard stomping that stopped at the end of my aisle as I was rifling through my carry-on bag. Once I got a hold of my hand-held, I noticed a new pair of eyes glaring at me from the side. I glanced that way for a second and saw nothing as my eye ended up being hit with something. I grunted as I touched my eye and felt something round and wet had slid down to my cheek. After I affectively rubbed my eye, I sent a nasty glare at the kid who blew the spitball at me

"Why do you have to be so mean?" the kid spat and ran off.

I pulled the neck of my shirt up and wiped the offensive saliva off my cheek and started going about playing my hand-held and ignoring the claps the kid's parents gave to congratulate the little worm. After that incident, they left me alone, seeing as my sick body was not only grouchy beyond belief, but also toxic. Ah, peace and "Achoo!" quiet...(Sniffle)

Finally, I got off that plane back home. As I was walking at my own pace through the tunnel leading up to the terminal, I was hit from behind and knocked into the wall. I stopped with a grunt to see that it was Kagome who had 'brushed past me'.

"What flew up her ass?" I asked aloud as I started walking again. I watched her as I continued on my way through the airport 'til she entered a closed-off room through a door marked 'Airport Personnel Only'. I clicked my tongue and continued.

Once I arrived at the ticket counter, I paid for my next 'round the world' trip and left on my way home.

Well now, that was fun to write for me. I have another chapter written out and another on the way as I type this out. So, if you liked what you read here, then please let me know. If I hear you guys enjoy this story and the concept, then I will continue to post more, okay? Thanks again for stopping by! Ja ne for now!