Hell Fantasy

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Chapter 6

We arrived back at the mansion after one P.M. While driving

up the driveway there was only one thing on my mind.

'I'm going to puke. I'm going to puke. I'm going to puke.!'

"Vincent, are you alright?" Walter asked, noticing my head against

the window.

"Stop the car." I groaned. Luckily we were at the end circle of the

driveway. He stopped, I flung open the car door and fell out of the

sit. Crawled to the bushes and let it come.

"Vincent, are you..." Seras started,"Gross"

"Not in my flower beds!" Walter cried.

"I'm in the fucking bushes." I yelled back as another wave hit me.

"The wolf gets car sick." Alucard laughed and started towards the


"Fuck you, Alucard!" I said, turning around to sit on the ground

for a moment.

"Sorry your not my type." He laughed again continuing up the stairs.

"Alucard, care to lend a hand?" Walter said as he started to remove

bags from the car.

"Sure, Walter. Anything for you." He grinned evilly. Something bad

was about to happen.

CRACK! My eyes widen in horror.


"Oh, dear lord, Alucard." Walter said annoyed.


"Oh gross, Master! That's disgusting!" Seras yelled.

Alucard ripped his own hand from his wrist and tossed it to the ground

at Walter's feet.

"How long will you need it?" He grinned.

I turned back to the bushes.

"ALUCARD!" Integra's voice boomed from above. We all looked

up to see her standing on the second floor balcony, her eyes shooting

ice daggers at Alucard.

" Yes, my Master?" his grin widened.

"Pull yourself together, and you and Seras help Walter. He's an old


"Oh no, I can get my own stuff Ma'am. I-I-I mean Sir, Sir Integra."

I said blushing. I can't believe I just stuttered.

"I believe I am far older than Walter, Master. Centuries older." Alucard

said matter-of-factly.

"Shut Up and do as you are told." Integra'sglare intensed ten-fold.

"Yes, Master." He said, his hand disappearing from the ground and

reappearing on his ragged wrist. He and Seras helped unload the car

and we all went inside.

Afterward Alucard and Seras disappeared, and I found myself

talking and eating lunch with Integra in her office.

"This is a nice office." i stated.

"It was my father's." Integra said, taking a tea cup from Walter.

"Would you like some tea, Vincent?" He asked me.




"One lump or two?"

"Two, please." I answered. I turn back to to Integra.

"Is that him?" I gestured to the large portrait on the wall.


"He looks like a very powerful man."

I caught a hint of annoyance at the statement.

"Not that I'm saying women are weak. No far from it."

I rambled on. Walter snickered but said nothing.

"So where did Alucard come from?" I asked, taking a bite of my


"He was captured by my grandfather, Abraham Van Hellsing."

She replied.

"Like Brom Stoker?"

"The same."

"No kidding?" I asked excitedly.

"I do not kid and Alucard is nothing to get excited over." She said

with a smirk.

"Ok." I replied with a smirk of my own. Happy that I was able to

just talk to the boss easily.

"So what else can you tell me of Hellsing?" I asked finishing my


We talked long into the evening, and then the events of the

day started to wear on me and I let a big yawn.

"I'm I boring you?" Integra asked finishing her tea.

"No. No. I've just had a long day." I replied. rubbing my aching


"Well then, Walter will show you to your room."

"Thank you," I said, rising from my seat. "I enjoyed talking to you."

"I enjoyed talking to you too, Vincent. Good Evening."

Walter lead me from the office back down to the basement.

We passed a few doors before Walter stopped at one.

"This will be your room. Miss Seras's room is a little further down

the corridor. She may show you later. And if you need anything,

feel free to call me. Good evening, Vincent."

The room was very simple. A canopy bed, nightstand, dresser,

and table with two chairs in the middle.

"Walter!" I looked back out in the door, hoping to catch him before

he got to far. I got lucky.

"Yes, something I can get for you?" He said.

"Yes, if I'm going to fix my gun, I'm going to need a work bench

and tools..."

"We will provide you with everything you will need once you get

settled." He said. "Oh and watch out for the remote on your bed."

"Why?" I asked.

"Go lie down." He told me. I did and he pressed a button. The top

of the bed began to lower.

"What the Hell!" I yelled.

"This is the same type of bed Miss Seras has." Walter said.

"A four-poster coffin?" I asked.

"Her words exactly." He said.

The lid closed with me inside. I lie in the dark for a while. This

was kinda nice. I was already use to sleeping in a coffin.

Walter opened the lid again.

"Are you alright?" Walter asked


"That's shocking." He added.

"I like small dark spaces." I said, deciding it wasn't the best to say

I had slept in one for years.

"Well, I will let you rest then. Pleasant dreams." he said and left the


Well this was an eventful day and with that I closed the lid again

and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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