A Day in the Family

"Daddy! Daddy!" The children burst into the room where he was reading a book.

"Can you show us that photo when mummy was young again?" The young boy, about ten years of age gazed at his father in anticipation. "Yeah..." The two years younger daughter nodded furiously in agreement.

The father put down his book and rubbed his weary eyes. "How many times do you want to see it?" he asked his children, somewhat amused. "You know Mummy don't like that photo..."

"But we want to see it!" The children chorused in unison.

Oh, no. It will be those bambi eyes again. The father closed his eyes. He always loses to those bambi eyes. He ventured a peek. Yes, there they are, his children looking at him with those big, innocent eyes, so filled with hope. How many times must they get him into trouble? He peeked once more and his heart melted. There was no point resisting his children's charm offensive.

"All right… all right…" The father opened the nearby drawer and started to rummage through it.

"YAH!" The children cheered and crowded around their father. Sign… these kids will be the death of him, but for them, he would do anything and everything.

"Here!" the father finally found the photo within the piles of loose changes, other photos and letters and lifted it up triumphantly. The children came closer and let out a collective gasp in awe.

The photo was old, but still very visible. A young girl with pinkish-blond hair, around the age of nine smirked mockingly at the photographer, her eyes glinting of intelligence and sarcasm.

"Where did you get this photo from?" the son asked curiously. "A student of Mummy gave it to me… her name… I think she is… Rei-san…" the father answered, all the time keeping an eye at the door, just in case.

"You mean, Rei-obasan?" the son repeated in surprise, "The one who always treat us to Chinese food?" "Yes. Her." The father replied, "She said this was something she got from Mummy's professor and she wants me to have it."

At that moment, a lady with pinkish-blond hair, dressed in a bright dress and apron entered the room. "Dinner's ready!" she announced to her family. Then she took note of the scene before her in horror. "You… you showed them THAT photo again!" her voice rising in both pitch and volume.

"But…" the father tried to explain but the children started to laugh and chant "Mummy is evil."

Cold sweat started to form on the father's head. This is getting bad. "But… the children…"

The mother stared daggers into the father. Looks like it might be the blindfold tonight again…., the father thought. He had better salvage his situation while he still can. "But Becky… you look so cute in that photo…" He pleaded fearfully.

Becky simply sulked and turned away. The father grimaced in anticipation of bad things to come. Then he quickly followed behind, pleading to his wife. "Come on, Becky… it's only a photo…"

As the pitiful pleads of the father trailed to the kitchen, the daughter looked to her brother and asked in a soft, guilty voice, "Do you think we did something bad?"

"Nah. Rei-obasan told us that we should see the photo once in a while. It won't hurt Dad to be bullied by Mum sometimes." The son replied in confidence.

"Becky…. Becky….this will be the last time, I promise…" The father's pleads wafted into the room.

"Let's go." The son said. "I'm hungry"

The daughter quickly put the photo back into the drawer and left with her brother. Peace was once again restored in the room, or at least for today.

Just something fun I came up with in my free time.

Yes this is a fanfiction, go watch Pani Poni Dash!