Pairing: Kira x Athrun
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Author's Notes: Part 2, based on Endless Future prompt #10: don't tell anyone.

Sleeplessness II

Kira opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was Athrun lying beside him, gazing at him with lucid green eyes. He blinked twice, still groggy -- he wondered if he was dreaming, but just then Athrun smiled at him and squeezed his hand lightly.

"Aaaaah ..." Kira almost fell off the bed, his face flushing crimson with embarrassment. He didn't plan on actually sleeping with Athrun -- at least not in the infirmary -- and to be caught in the act mortified him.

"You're awake, I see." Athrun smiled, looking completely unflustered. "Slept well?"

Kira goggled at him for a moment, speechless. Athrun pressed closer, hooked his ankle around Kira's calf. A soft unintelligible gurgle issued from Kira's throat, and he bolted upright.

How Athrun managed to stay calm was beyond him. Kira's eyes darted towards the door, as if expecting it to slide open anytime and for someone to walk in and give him a serious talking to for molesting the patient. Or worse still, for Lacus to walk in and give him a terse lecture on the importance of maintaining a level of decorum for appearance sake.

Kira struggled to say something, anything -- well, maybe not anything, but something to excuse his gaffe. But all he managed was a rather pathetic squeak.

"Hey, Kira." Athrun slid closer to him, looking rather glowing for someone who had blood streaking down his face and chest barely twelve hours ago. "Did you stay with me throughout the night?"

"Aaaa ..." Kira managed at last.

"I see." Athrun winced as he struggled to sit up.

"Hey, don't get up! You're not okay yet." Embarrassment forgotten, Kira took hold of Athrun's shoulders, steadying him.

Athrun couldn't help chuckling. "I'm fine, Kira. Quit fussing."

"You always say that!" Kira shot him an adamant look as he arranged the pillows behind Athrun and helped him into a comfortable sitting position. Athrun let him.

Minutes passed in silence. They gazed at each other, and a range of emotions flickered beneath their carefully composed faces.

"Athrun ..." Kira began.

"Kira ..." Athrun said at the same time.

"You first." They said simultaneously.

The underlying tension suddenly lifted and both broke into quiet laughter. Athrun reached out to grasp Kira's arms by the elbows.

"Thanks for staying with me," he said simply.

Kira's eyes softened. "I couldn't sleep worrying about you," he said quietly.

"Is that so?"

Kira nodded, feeling terribly silly. He looked at Athrun, half expecting him to tease him about it. Instead, he saw the understanding in his eyes. He chanced a timid smile.

Athrun drew a deep breath, leaned forwards and pressed a chaste kiss on his cheek.

"What's that for?" Kira looked stunned.

Athrun raised his eyes to Kira's. "For being there for me."

Kira said nothing. Athrun noticed the strange expression that flitted briefly across his face, and then it vanished as swiftly as it appeared. Kira turned his head a little, and their foreheads bumped together lightly.

"Athrun ..."

Athrun held his breath and his heart skipped a beat as Kira lifted his chin and kissed him firmly yet gently on the mouth. He was secretly surprised at Kira's audacity -- it had been a while since they were last together, and the long and hard months they had been apart, fighting on different sides of the war had eroded his hope of ever resuming the intimacy they had between them. Obviously, judging by Kira's actions his fears were unfounded; nothing had changed between them. His hands instinctively moved along Kira's shoulders to hold the back of his head as he kissed Kira back.

Kira's lips curled upwards as he ran his tongue across Athrun's lower lip. Athrun felt warm and pliant in his arms, and his just-woken-up smell enveloped him in a pleasant and fuzzy haze.

Neither heard the door slid open with a soft hiss, and it was after someone coughed politely that they finally broke apart. Kira was rather mortified and made a face, but Athrun quickly composed himself and greeted the doctor without a trace of embarrassment, as if being caught snogging his best friend was something perfectly normal.

"Feeling better this morning?" the doctor asked in a neutral tone as she glanced sideways at them.

Kira gave her a lopsided grin and moved to the stool by the bedside. He watched in silence as the doctor performed a routine check on Athrun, and was relieved she didn't question why he was there so early in the morning dressed in his pyjamas with his hair sticking out more than usual, and more suspiciously, snogging her patient.

After a while, the doctor left, but not before she cast them a brief and rather understanding look.

As soon as the door slid shut Athrun patted the space beside him, and Kira settled next to him once more.

"I am so dead if she tells," Kira said in a hollow voice.

Athrun stifled a laugh. "You'll just have to threaten her with Freedom, Kira."

Kira grinned, then leaned over and kissed him tenderly on the cheek. "Well, let's just hope it won't come to that, or Lacus and Cagalli will have our guts for breakfast."

A pensive expression spread across Athrun's face and clouded his eyes. Finally, he asked, "They don't know, do they?"

"Lacus suspects, but Cagalli ..." Kira trailed off.

Athrun bowed his head, and said nothing. Kira grasped his hands, held them protectively between his own. Both knew that it would be a matter of time before they had to tell her the truth, but until then they had to keep up the charade that they were nothing more than just best friends.

Zeddy © March 2006
Published: 9 March 2006