Written some time ago for the Livejournal community "badsummary100."

It hadn't been right since Gaara had died.

But then, it hadn't really been wrong until he found her in his room, pacing back and forth with those long perfect legs of hers. She was nearly naked. In short order, she had been completely naked.

"Temari," he had tried to tell her more than once, "this isn't right."

"Nothing in our lives has ever been right," she said, sounding almost bored. Then she'd kissed him with her teeth fierce behind her lips, and he hadn't spoken much for the rest of the night.

Kankurou lay in bed with his sister at his side, and he could feel an emptiness shaped like their brother between them. Without him there to define the distance, soon they would drift further apart than he could imagine, no matter how Temari tried to keep them together.

The family was broken. He couldn't feel his sister anymore, no matter where he touched her, or for how long. She was just a lover now, and someday she would be even less than that.

Eventually, they wouldn't be brother and sister any longer.