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It was a warm day outside. The potters had planned for a picnic in the backyard of the huge manor. There was laughter and teasing and of course, pranking. There stood the maurauders …. James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Lily sat under a tree watching her family. Suddenly there was a huge warcry and there stood Sirius as a monkey. They all turned to see from where it came and saw Mark Potter grinning and trying to stay on his feet from the laughter. "yes", Lily thought, " It was a happy family indeed". No one noticed that there was a family member missing…..

Harry Potter sat near his window and watched the whole scene. The petite boy with a messy mop of raven black hair felt sad. Yesterday was a huge day that came and went in his life as it always did since that fateful Halloween night. The emerald green eyes that once shone with mischief were now dull and sad. But if any one bothered to see, they would see the intelligence and the will to prove himself in it.

He could never forget that night…The night when the mad man came to his house and destroyed his life. James and Lily had gone to visit the Longbottems. The potters were aware of the prophecy. Albus Dumbledore had felt that the child of the Longbottems, Neville was the 'chosen one'. But then Voldemort came and everything changed. He went in the nursery and saw the Potter twins and felt a little disdain. 'Yes….the potter child was the one'… He looked at the two but he felt a particular aura coming from the emerald eyed twin. 'He is the one', he thought and decided to end 'it' first. He pointed his wand and said the deadly two words feared by all in the wizarding world…."AVADA KEDAVRA"… He watched in sadistic glee as the green jet of light headed towards young Harry. Then the unthinkable happed and the curse rebounded. Voldemort was ripped of his body and Harry escaped with nothing but a scar shaped in a lightening bolt. But the magical backlash of the curse made the wooden bed near them explode and a splinter of wood cut Mark's cheek. He woke up with a scream at the same time Harry fell down unconscious . Just then the potters as well s black, lupin and Dumbledore. Dumbledore saw Mark crying and an unconscious Harry on the floor he said the words that changed the life of young Harry, " I give you 'The-Boy-Who-Lived' "…..


Harry was 6 yrs old when he realized that he was an unwanted child in the house. Granted the Potters never abused him, never beat him or never shouted at him. But he could see that Mark was the favored child. Mark was not an overly bright child. He was cute, there was no question about it. The red haired, hazel eyed boy sure could catch attention of anybody. Also there was the fact that he was a little spoilt. As the hero of the wizarding world, he was used to the attention of the public as well as his parents. He knew there was something missing. The bond that twins share was slowly diminishing. But ' I am the boy who lived' he thought. 'Shouldn't he get more of his parents attention?'.

When the twins turned 11, they got their letters. Mark and Harry both got Hogwarts letters, but Harry also got letter from Beauxbatons. Harry kept wondering all night what he should do then he decided …….

"Mother, can I talk to you and father?"

She looked at him with curious eyes. Lily always thought that they were neglecting Harry but her heart always feared that Mark would be taken from them since he was the 'Boy-Who-Lived'. They still got threats from Death Eaters time to time.

She called James down and told Harry to continue. James looked at Lily then at Harry.

"Mother, father….. I got a letter from Hogwarts as well as Beauxbatons….

I wish to attend Beauxbatons…", he said this with pleading eyes.

Lily and James were shocked. They had never expected this from Harry. Beauxbatons was known to send letters outside France only if the child was very intelligent and hard working. They felt a little guilty that they didn't know their own son.

Looking at their unresponsive behavior Harry said

" I never ask for anything mom,dad….. please, let me go there"

Lily heart broke when she heard this. Without looking a James, she said

"Alright Harry, you can go to Beauxbatons."

James did not even say anything. He was trying to think something anything he could say to Harry but he couldn't come up with anything.

"Alright" he finally said sand spun on his heels and stormed in his room. He did not know why he was angry but at that moment he could not see the face of Harry and not lash at him.

Lily looked at the scene with sad eyes. She watched with attention the response of her son. She was slightly shocked and sad that her son didn't care. She just gave him a nod and left.

Harry watched his mother leave and had little tears in his eyes. He had expected his mother to fight that he should not go. Though he wanted to go to Beauxbatons, his heart wanted his mother to fight for him, prove him that he really was not unwanted.

Harry went to his room and decided to pack. Beauxbatons expected non native students to come a month early so they would get used to the new school and country.

Through this entire event Mark slept obliviously, not concerned about his brother, dreaming about cameras and hugs and kisses he got from his fans.


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