Dance with Me

Chapter 1

Rogue was a great dancer. Anyone who watched her dance could tell how much she enjoyed the sport. She had fallen in love with the sport when she was 13. Her mother had her take dance lessons for a wedding that was coming up. She had started out with the basics and watched some of the more advanced classes while waiting for her class to start. She especially loved the Latin dances with all their flair and passion.

She was currently practicing with her partner Joseph. His mind seemed to be on other matters at the moment and it was showing up in his dancing. As he messed up the routine again she decided that they needed to get to the bottom of the problem so that they could get ready for the competition that was coming up in a few months. They had to qualify at the next regional competition if they were going to make it to the national competition in February.

"What's on your mind, sugar?" Rogue asked.

"It's nothing," Joseph replied.

"If it's nothing then why do you keep forgetting the steps to the dance that we almost had completed just last week?" Rogue replied with a grin. While waiting for him to answer she took the chance to really look at the man before her. He was dressed for a long dance practice in a t-shirt and exercise pants. He was about 6'1" with platinum hair that made him look older then his 25 years. He wore his hair long and tied back in a pony tail to keep it out of the way during practice. He was a nice looking man and a lot of women at the studio they practiced and taught at would have loved to go out with him but for some reason Rogue had never been attracted to him in that manner.

"I was just wondering if you would be interested in going to dinner with me tonight," Joseph replied pulling Rogue out of her thoughts. At her pause before answering the question he took the moment to admire his partner of three years. She was a beautiful woman with shoulder length reddish brown hair with two white streaks framing her face. She had sparkling green eyes and full, pouty lips that she colored a soft pink. She had pale skin that made it look like she never went out into the sun, but in reality she just took care to wear sunscreen and a hat whenever she went out. She was wearing black yoga pants and black sports bra for their practice. When she taught she always pulled a purple or green tank on over the sports bra.

"Joe, I know that we have been partners for a while and you haven't bothered to hide your feelings towards me but I just don't feel the same way for you," Rogue answered his question. "I really enjoy dancing with you and I hope that by not returning your affections won't affect our professional relationship."

"Of course not, Rogue," Joseph replied with a frown on his face.

They were about to resume their practicing when Kitty came running in. "Rogue, Joe, come meet the new teacher." A petite brunette with blue eyes dressed in pink workout clothes came into the room. She paused for a moment when she noticed the tension in the room. "Am I interrupting something?"

"No, we were just trying to decide what direction we should take our dance in next." Rogue replied heading towards the door. "Now come on. Let's go meet the new guy."

Joseph and Kitty followed Rogue into the meeting room where the rest of the staff was waiting. Gathered in the room were Piotr Rasputin, Wanda Maximoff, Betsy Braddock, St. John Allerdyce, and Warren Worthington III. The studio was run by Ororo Monroe, a beautiful African American woman with long, flowing white hair and blue eyes. She was married to a man named Logan who ran a bar down the block where the teachers and some of the students from the studio liked to hang out after hours.

The new teacher was leaning against the wall on the other side of the room when the three walked in. He was tall, muscular without a lot of bulk, and very good looking. He had long auburn hair that was tied back in a ponytail and the most unusual eyes anyone had ever seen, they were black where they should have been white and red where they are usually brown or blue. Ororo stepped forward and said "Now that everyone is here I would like to introduce a friend of mine I meet while at a competition in New Orleans a while back. His name is Remy LeBeau and he will be our new teacher. I have assigned him to help teach the rhythm classes with Rogue since Joseph has gone back to work full-time during the week."

Remy straightened up and nodded to the room while looking everyone over. There was an Asian woman with long purple hair and purple eyes. She was very pretty with a body most models would kill for. Next to her was a blonde haired, blue eyed guy who looked like he could be a playboy. Everyone knew who Warren was since he was heir to the biggest company in New York. Standing next to Ororo was a tall man with black hair, blue eyes and a Russian accent. The perky girl that walked into the room with the other two instructors was standing next to him holding his hand. Remy went on looking around the room and came to another couple. The woman had short black hair, blue eyes while the man had red hair and blue eyes. They seemed to have no problems letting everyone know that they were together as they stood very close together. The man seemed to be obsessed with fire as he kept flicking his lighter on and off while grinning like a maniac.

After looking at the group that was assembled he looked over the new couple that had entered the room late. The man was ordinary looking to him with silver hair and blue eyes. The woman however, was beautiful with her brown and white hair, full lips, and the most gorgeous green eyes he had ever seen. He was very glad that they would be working together so that he would have an excuse to spend more time together.

"Hi, welcome to The Dance Studio," Kitty greeted Remy. "We really hope that you like it here. Everyone was just getting ready to close up and head out to The Wolverine's Den for a little unwinding after our busy day. Would you like to join us? We could get better acquainted."

"Sure, petite sounds like fun." Remy replied with a charming grin.

After everyone got changed into casual clothes they headed down the street. As they walked in they were greeted by loud music, cigarette smoke and gruff hello from the man behind the bar. Ororo walked over a kissed him hello and then went behind the bar to get some drinks and to say hello to the workers in the back.

The rest of the group sat down and watched as a couple of waitresses ran around getting people refills and bringing them their orders from the kitchen. As one of the waitresses walked past Kitty greeted her with "Hi Jubes, how is work tonight? Hey, you should meet the new guy. Hey Remy come over here a minute!" Kitty called across the bar to where Remy stood.

Remy turned around from where he had been at the bar talking to Logan and Ororo and Logan's daughter Lexa from a previous marriage. As Remy walked over to the table where the group was sitting another waitress and two guys from the band had joined the group. "Remy this is Jubilee and Amara my roommates and their boyfriends Bobby and Roberto."

"Bonjour," Remy greeted while shaking hands with everyone. "So you are in the band? Do you take requests?" Remy question when a plan formed in his mind on how to get a little time alone with Rogue.

"Sure. What did you have in mind?" Bobby asked as he started tuning his guitar and Roberto went to the drums.

"Something that we could do the Salsa or Meringue to," Remy replied. Bobby nodded and went to talk to the band while Remy went over to Rogue. It wouldn't be a problem for them to think of something to play since there were always people from the dance studio coming into the bar to have some fun and practice the new moves they learned in class. "Cherie, since we are going to be working so closely how about we get to know each other a little better. Want to dance?" Remy asked Rogue while giving her his most charming smile.

"I suppose," Rogue answered as she stood up. She turned to Joe, "Sorry sugar I'll have to push our dance back to a little later. I really should see what I have to work with tomorrow." She grinned at Remy as they walked out to the dance floor. Remy feigned being hurt by her comment, acting like that was the most insulting thing she could have said to or about him.

"Aw, chere, you wound Remy by implying that he isn't as good a dancer as you." Rogue laughed at the pretend hurt look on his face and replied "Well, you will just have to prove me wrong, now won't you?"

The band started playing a fast song that was perfect for doing the Salsa. As they started dancing she was happy to see that Remy was an excellent dancer and that they seemed to be able to read each other's minds as they danced. As they did all kinds of fancy spins and turns people stopped dancing to watch them. When the song came to an end Remy dipped Rogue and looked deep in her eyes which seemed to suck him into their green depths. He realized that he could look into those eyes and all day. While he was staring into her eyes Rogue was gazing into his red and black ones that seemed to hypnotize her. She had never seen such beautiful eyes before. She was quickly brought back to the present by Joseph cutting in.

"That was fascinating, now if you don't mind I would like my partner back. We have things we have to discuss," Joseph broke into the magical moment the two had fallen into.

Remy looked up with a scowl on his face and said, "You've had all day to discuss things with the belle femme and now I would like to get to know my teaching partner if you don't mind."

Rogue watched the exchange and decided to end their little argument before it went any further. "If you two will excuse me I see that Pietro and Kurt have arrived and I think that I will go greet him and catch up with Wanda and the girls." Rogue walked off leaving both men looking after her then they both turned and glared at each other silently blaming the other for driving her away.

As the night went on the group enjoyed talking and laughing together and all danced with the other at some point in the night. Even though Remy danced with many of the women at the bar he found himself thinking back to the dance that he shared with Rogue at the beginning of the night. He had never danced with someone who put so much passion into dance. She was so graceful and he found himself wondering what she would be like in bed. Breaking himself out of his dream world he realized that the song had ended and that it was getting late. He walked over to the table and noticed that Rogue was getting ready to leave. "Are you leaving, chere?" Remy inquired.

"Yes, I have to be at the studio early in the morning for a private lesson." Rogue replied. She gathered her coat and said good-bye to her friends.

"Do you need a ride home?" Remy didn't know what he was really doing he didn't really know her and yet he was offering to take her home so that he would know that she was safe.

"That's really nice of you but I think that I will just catch the bus that runs through here in about 10 minutes." Rogue started to walk out the door when Remy grabbed her arm and said, "Non, it's really not a problem at all. It would make Remy feel better knowing that you made it safely home."

Joseph really wasn't sure what was going on but he knew that he didn't like Remy and he wasn't about to let Rogue leave with him. Walking up to the two southerners he said, "I'm taking Rogue home so just back off and leave her alone."

Rogue glared at Joseph. "Nobody is taking me home. I am not some woman who can't take care of herself. I will see both of you tomorrow. Goodnight!" With that Rogue walked out of the bar and got onto the bus that was pulling up. As they watched her go both men knew that they had some competition in winning over the Southern Belle.