Chapter 15

One month after they returned from the trip to New Orleans Betsy and Warren announced that they were going to get married. "That's great!" Kitty exclaimed. "Are you going to have a big service? Have you picked a date?"

"We're not going to have a very big service. We were planning on having you all come with us to city hall and then going to a nice restaurant afterwards."

"That sounds nice too," Kitty said. "When are you planning on doing this?"

"Next Friday. Will all of you be able to make it to the courthouse by four?"

All the girls got a thoughtful look on their face as they were trying to figure out what their schedules held for that day. "I should be able to make it," Wanda said. The others all nodded as they too figured it shouldn't be a problem for them to make it. Betsy smiled and then sat on the couch rubbing her still flat stomach.

"Have you been to the doctor yet?" Lexa asked.

Betsy nodded. "They said that I was about three months pregnant so that would put my due date sometime in early in December."

"Oh, it could be here in time for Christmas. I'll have to buy it all sorts of clothes and toys. It's going to be so much fun having a baby around." Kitty said. Everybody looked at her like she had lost her mind. "What? I love babies." Kitty defended. "Do you know the sex yet?"

"No. It's too early to tell and we're not sure if we want to know."

Everyone nodded. "Well, we have to get to class," Jubilee called out as her and Amara headed towards the door. "Congrats on your engagement and we'll see you next Friday if not before." Everyone waved as the two headed out the door.

Everybody else knew that it was time to get ready for work themselves so they headed out to get ready. Betsy had a photo shoot coming up and then she had to talk to her agent about the pregnancy. She was not looking forward to that conversation.


The next Friday found everyone gathered in the courthouse while Warren and Betsy got married. They had decided against having their parents there since they would have insisted on them having a proper ceremony with all the trimmings. Warren had placated the parents with a promise of having a proper ceremony after the baby was born. After the vows were taken and the papers signed they all went out to dinner to celebrate.

"Ah can't believe that you two are married. It seems like everyone is getting married lately."

"Are you getting jealous chere?" Remy asked as he leaned closer to her.

"Now why would ah be jealous? I have a wonderful job and ah like where ah live so what is there to be jealous of?" Rogue teased him back. Secretly she did hope they would get married some day but she didn't want to rush him into something he wasn't ready for.

Remy smirked back, "Well, I suppose dat if you were going to get married you would have to find the right man, eh?"

"Yeah, so if you find a good man would ya let me know?"

"Oh, you two are so full of it," Lexa said as she watched the two. "You're both madly in love with each other and just won't admit it." With that being said she turned back to Pietro and the conversation they had been having.

"Well, ah guess she put us in our spot," laughed Rogue. Betsy, Wanda and Kitty laughed as well even though they agreed with Lexa.

"Are you about ready for the wedding Kit?"

"Yes! Everything is just about done. You should see the cake! It is absolutely gorgeous. It has three towers and there are pink and blue and yellow flowers all over it with a little fountain under the middle layer that is going to have pink tinted punch in it."

Kitty would have continued to ramble on about the wedding and all the decorations if Warren hadn't stood up to make a toast. "To my lovely bride and all my friends, thank you for making our wedding day a special one." Turning to Betsy he took her by the hand and pulled her to her feet. "You are absolutely beautiful and I am so glad that you agreed to marry me. I love you Betts."

Everybody toasted the newly weds and drank from the glasses. As the evening went on everybody had a good time just being around their friends with nothing else to worry about at the moment. Around eleven o'clock everybody decided to call it a night. On the way out Remy pulled Rogue aside and asked, "Would you like to go for a ride?"

Smiling at her handsome boyfriend Rogue agreed and walked with him to his motorcycle. "Where are we going sug?"

"You'll see," was all he said as he hopped on the bike and headed down the road. It didn't take Rogue long to figure out where they were going. Her suspicions were confirmed when he pulled up next to the cliff where they had had their first picnic together.

"Remy, it's wonderful!" Rogue said as she looked out at the stars.

"I'm glad you like mon amour." Remy whispered in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"It's as beautiful as the first time you brought me here. Ah never thought that there was a place in this city where you could see so many stars."

Remy pulled Rogue down onto a blanket next to him. "You know, we really never got de chance to talk about what you tought of mon family."

"They were great Remy. Even if they are a bunch of thieves," Rogue teased as she turned to look at him.

"I'm glad you liked them chere. It makes it easier to do dis." He reached over and grabbed her around the waist before pulled her to him for an intense kiss.

When they pulled back to catch their breath Rogue asked, "How does me liking your family make that easier?"

"Remy wasn't talking about dat. He was talking about dis." He reached into his trench coat pocket and pulled out a little box. When he opened it Rogue's eyes widened in surprise. Taking the gold ring out of the box Remy looked Rogue right into the eyes and said, "Chere, would you do dis tieve de honor of becoming his wife?"

"Yes! Of course ah will marry you sugah!" She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Smiling Remy took the ring and put it on her finger. It was a beautiful marquise diamond set in 14K gold. There were four smaller diamonds running down each side. "I love you Remy," she whispered in his ear before kissing him again.

"I love you too Rogue," Remy said. He had the biggest grin on his face and he couldn't wait to call and tell his Tante. They sat there for another hour just looking at the stars and making plans for the future.


The month before Kitty's wedding passed in a blur of finalizing plans and setting everything up. The wedding planner had found a garden at the Xavier Institute that Kitty and Piotr were going to use to hold the wedding. The man running the institute also offered to let them hold the reception in the house since school was out for the summer.

The day of the wedding dawned clear and bright. The weather had been cooperating with them so far and it looked like it might hold. Wanda and Rogue had agreed to meet Kitty at the institute at 10 a.m. to help make sure everything was in place although they all knew that it would be more to keep Kitty from having a panic attack. She had been stressing over the details for the past week and it just got worse the closer to the wedding it got.

Kitty was currently running around making sure all the flowers were arranged the way she wanted. When she was satisfied with the flowers she started towards the reception area to make sure everything was set up right. "Kitty if you don't calm down you are going to collapse in the middle of the wedding," Wanda said as she finally caught up with the petite girl.

"I've got to much energy to collapse in the middle of the biggest day of my life," Kitty replied as she moved some chairs out so that she could move one of the tables to a different spot. "Help me move this table will ya?"

Wanda rolled her eyes and went to help her. When the table was moved Kitty stood back to see if it was where she thought it should be. Satisfied she turned to start reorganizing the decorations. Wanda grabbed her by the arm and said, "Why don't we go figure out how to do your hair."

Kitty looked at her watch and saw that it was just a little after noon. "I still have lots of time for my hair. I need to get these decorations done."

"The decorations are fine and can be finished by us later. You need to eat some lunch and I definitely know that I need some. Betsy, Lexa, Jubilee, and Amara will be here in a little while with some sandwiches for us."

Nodding Kitty thought that maybe it would be a good idea to eat a little. "Alright, we'll eat and then finish off the tables."

Wanda nodded knowing that it would be useless to argue with the girl. When they got back to the room the girls had claimed they settled down to their lunch. The girls managed to keep Kitty busy a little while longer with some presents they had bought her.

Betsy had got her some massage oil. Lexa had bought her a new towel for the beach and Rogue had found a cute pair of sandals to wear while at the beach. Wanda had bought her a cute teddy that was sexy without being too revealing. Jubilee and Amara had gone in together to get her a pretty little dress they thought would be good for the art opening she would be attending while there. The girls talked for a while and then looked at the time. The photographer was due at 4 so that they could get all the pictures out of the way before the wedding. Seeing that it was now a little after two they knew that it was time to get Kitty ready.

They pulled her hair back into a bun with little curls hanging down. Her veil was attached to a little silver tiara with diamond accents. The veil attached to the back of the tiara and hung down to the middle of her back. The dress was a pure white with a sweetheart neckline. The skirt had a small train that could be removed for the reception. There is bead work on the bodice and decorating the folds and bottom of the skirt.

Once she was dressed Wanda and Rogue got into their bridesmaids dresses. Kitty and Piotr had decided to keep the wedding party small and had decided to have two people stand up with each of them. The bridesmaids' dresses were in pink blush with a sweetheart neckline to match Kitty's gown. They were long, simple dresses with some matching beadwork going around the neckline. Illyana, Peter's little sister, was the flower girl and wore a dress that was similar in style to Kitty's.

By the time everyone was ready the photographer was waiting on them. The set-up to do bride pictures first then groom pictures. Right before the ceremony they would get the pictures of the two of them together. The ceremony went off without a hitch. All the girls were teary eyed by the end.

As the wedding party entered the reception hall everyone greeted the newly weds with congratulations and well wishes on their new life together. They all sat down to a nice dinner before starting the dancing part of the reception. Rogue and Remy watched as the happy couple shared their first dance as husband and wife.

"They look so happy don't they?" Rogue asked Remy.

"Yeah, dey do chere. One day soon dat will be us out dere." Rogue smiled as she turned to look at her fiancé. Giving him a small kiss she pulled him out on the dance floor as the emcee called for the wedding party to join the newly weds.

The End


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