Ryo watched as the man left with the coin in hand

Okay, here it is… the second Half of Test of the Coin. I didn't put this at the end of the first half, because it would have messed up the ending result in it. As like a lot of sequels… they usually do not live up to the first half. So, don't get your hopes up too high. Any way I got a few emails saying that they wanted the Ronins to get back together.
So, here it is… let the search begin.

Lost and Found
- Test Results -

Ryo watched as the man left with the coin in hand. Was it true? Ryo thought: Was it really true he had let them split up. Were their bonds breaking as they spoke about it? It was true he hadn't heard a word from any of them for a very long time. Where they're where a bouts were… He wasn't sure of that either. The words and questions still rang through is head. "And when you look around… where are your friends? Where are the ones that have slain so many for you? Go ahead and toss this coin and tell me the answers. Your life lays with in this coin." He was right in the end. He truly had no clue and those questions he asked of him. Where the same ones, he asked him-self day in and day-out. Where are they? Why didn't they ever come back?
He figured that may-be… it was finally time he found out. He used to know his friends well. This time he wasn't sure where to begin looking. He found him-self at a library. Going through old, but not ancient newspaper clippings and articles. His first thoughts were that it would be impossible to run across one of them. His efforts though, did pay off.
It was his blue haired comrade. He had made the papers with a trip he went on.
With a big headline: "Young Astronomers Name Comet!" Luckily, it mentioned where and soon found him-self arriving in Canada. He went to a few meetings where they were supposed to have annual meetings, but Rowen wasn't there. When he approached one of the members and asked about him. They said he was taken ill and could be found at the hospital. They were in too much of hurry to tell exactly why, but he went any way. They were right. The nurse led him to his room and left him with a thin and more than pale Rowen.

"Rowen… " Ryo said trying to wake him up. "Rowen." He said a little louder.

"Go with out me." Rowen answered still sleeping.

"Hey… Rowen wake up." Ryo said lightly pushing on his shoulder.

"What… " Rowen said slowly turning over.

"I just got here I can't leave." Ryo said teasingly.

"Ryo… Ryo!" Rowen said jumping up from bed then catching him-self on it.

"Hey… there's a reason your in bed, Rowen." Ryo said helping him back in.

"How'd you find me?"

"You made the papers. Figured I'd pay a visit."

"Where's the others… are they with you?" Rowen said excitedly.

"No. I don't know where they are."

"Oh… I was hoping to see all of you. How have you been, Ryo?"

"I've been fine… why are you in here?"

"I was having a hard time fighting off a fever. It broke, but they wanted to keep me here."

"With good reason… what do you say when they let you out. We hunt down the guys?"

"That sounds like a plan. Where would we start though…? I haven't from them in a long time. It's almost like they disappeared." Rowen said adjusting his pillow.

"Well, I found you through the papers… but for the others. We might have a better chance starting at their families."

"No go there, Ryo. I already tried that for Kento and Cye. Nobodies heard anything."

"Chances are they might be together then."

"I don't know about that. They had different interests and Kento left before Cye. I have a feeling they're not.
You know… I have no clue where to find Kento… or Cye."

"Have you heard any thing about Sage?"

"I talked to his little sister on the phone. They said they got a postcard about… oh six months ago from Seattle."

"Seattle… I never took Sage for that kind of place."

"That doesn't mean he's still there though. That was the last they heard from him."

"Well, at least we have a place to start. Did they say anything about what he was doing?"

"Marketing I guess, but how are we going to find him there. It's too big to just go around asking people personally."

"Phone books… business flyers… I dunno, Rowen."

"Well, we'll have to see when we get there then."

"Alright, I left my number at the inn on your table. So, when you're sprung… call me."

"Okay… see you later, Ryo."