Lost and Found

Lost and Found
- Test Results -

After their late night snack they ended up down in the basement. Rummaging through the boxes Mia had put away while they were gone. It was never their intention to just take off or to leave Mia with all the left-overs of their past. Till now they never seen just how much they left behind. In amongst all the clothes, pictures, books, and other miscellaneous items. They not only found their belongings, but also themselves. Remembering who and what they left behind to go off in search of what they already had. They were right though. Kento had left a lot of his things behind. Along with the journal they were looking for.

"Here it is!" Cye had found it.

"It's about time. I thought we'd be down here forever." Ryo said putting a box back where he found it.

"What does it say?" Sage asked noticing Cye was already skimming through it.

"Not too much." Cye lied reading in the heat of the moment thoughts.

"Anything about where he might be?" Rowen inquired.

"Umm.. just a minute."

"You know I never thought Kento for writing things like that." Ryo stated.

"Well, it's one way to get rid of anger and frustrations with out fighting." Sage added.

"When did he have time to write though? He was always a busy body." Rowen said in thought.

"At night." Cye said still reading.

"That makes sense."

"Any thing yet?"

"Give me a minute… you think Kento's handwriting is easy to read."

"You have a point." Rowen said sitting down on the steps.

"Do you actually think that he'd put that in there?" Sage asked joining Rowen on the steps.

"Yes, here it is. He said he'd like to visit Nevada."

"Nevada… why would he go there?" Ryo said to himself.

"Any where else?"

"No place specific… just says he wanted to travel and live abroad."

"That's a big help." Sage said under his breath.

"We'll never find him if went and did that." Rowen said in a last bit of hope.

"Well, we can still try Nevada." Ryo suggested.

"Where in Nevada? Does it say Cye?" Rowen asked.

"Nope. Just Nevada."

"We can't just go waltzing around in Nevada hoping to run into him."

"That's true, Ryo. Rowen has a point. It would help if we had a clue where to start."

"Are you guys sure Kento never called home?" Ryo asked them.

"Yup. The last time they said they talked to him they said he never mentioned where he was." Cye said.

"Same here, I called there and they said the same thing to me." Sage added.

"May-be he'll come back on his own, Ryo." Rowen added.

"Kento. I don't think so. He always went his own way. No matter what he's always been really busy with what ever it is he was doing." Ryo said in response.

"Well, we can back to his family and leave a message. Sooner or later he's got to get it." Cye suggested.

"That might be our best bet. Other wise I don't have a clue what to do now." Ryo said leaning against a shelf.

"What if he doesn't come back on his own though. He might not want to come back. Even if he was confronted by that guy." Sage said.

"What guy?" Rowen asked.

"Some guy approached us with a fixed coin." Ryo answered.

"So was I." Cye added to the conversation.

"I thought it was just a dream." Rowen thought out loud.

"I never got to ask him his name." Sage said.

"He said it didn't matter." Ryo stated.

"What about you Cye? Did you get a name?"

"No, he just call me what you want. I didn't pry, because I really needed some help."

"I wonder if Kento passed that test."

"What are you saying, Ryo? What happens if one of us had failed it." Sage asked.

"He told me if I failed. That he was supposed to take my armor and life. He didn't really go into it. He was so intent on me answering those questions. That he really didn't give me a chance to ask anything. Instead I was cornered into his little game." Ryo said recalling what happened.

"He did the same thing to me. I never got a chance to even ask what it was for. I had to guess what was happening. He just threw that coin at me and told me to answer. Then he was gone. I looked away for one second and he wasn't there any more." Sage added.

"What about you Cye?" Rowen asked.

"I didn't give him a chance. I was angry… so when I was done I left. If I lost at that time… didn't seem to matter. It was just what the man said. It wasn't that if I lost. It was what the question meant. My answer… rather it was right or wrong was the truth. So, I just left. Apparently I was right or I wouldn't be here right now." Cye said thinking out loud.

"And you Rowen?" Ryo asked.

"It happened when I first got that fever. That's why I thought it was all just a dream and my subconscious was creating what my conscious thought I should know. So, it didn't really strike me until you showed up. Even then I didn't get a name either. Come to think of it… he never even mentioned what would have happened if I lost."

"You don't think Kento lost do you?" Sage asked the group.

"No, Kento should be able to answer for himself. He always has. Don't worry about that part." Ryo assured.

"Well, it looks like the only thing we can do. Is give a message for him at home. If he calls Mia… we'll be here to talk to him. She knows what's going right, Ryo?" Rowen said.

"Yeah, I filled her in."

"Well, lets get some rest." Sage said getting up.

"That sounds good. It's been a really long day." Cye said following them up the stairs. With the journal still in his hands.

"So who's going to leave the message?" Rowen asked closing the door.

"I will. It's some thing I should do." Ryo said going up to the bedrooms, but stopped seeing the fridge door was still open.

"Rowen you have to remember to close that door."

"What door?"

"The fridge door." Ryo said walking in to close it.

"I did. Sage must have left it open."

"No I didn't. I wasn't even in there.'

"Hey… Ryo what took you guys so long?"

Ryo looked in astonishment as he watched Kento munch on a pickle.

"Looks like I don't have to leave a message after all!" Ryo said to the others.

"What you talking about?" They asked coming around the corner.

"I told you some one put the cover on too tight!!" Rowen turned to yell to Sage.

"What are you guys doing in my journal? That stuffs private." He said seeing Cye had it.

"Did you just get here?" Sage asked in surprise.

"No, I been here a week already. I been waiting for yous."

The End…

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