This is an AU story. Mutants are common knowledge and are generally accepted in society. The X-Men were never formed but most of them will meet up at some point in this story.

Summary: Rogue and Gambit are cops. They are working together to try to find a serial killer that has been targeting young women between the ages of 18 and 25. Rogue can control her powers and is currently engaged to Joseph. ROMY

Chapter 1

The killer was watching his latest prey. She was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He watched her enter her apartment building and enter the elevator to take her to her floor. He was going to enjoy killing her. All women were the same to him, especially the ones in the prime of their life. They thought that they were too good for him, that he was a monster but they still flaunted what he couldn't have in front of him. He enjoyed killing them slowly so that they knew they couldn't get away with teasing him.

He had been following her for about three days now so that he could learn where she lived and what her habits were. She lived alone on the fifth floor of the building. Her apartment was on the corner facing away from the street. He knew that the doorman would let anyone enter if paid well enough so he got ready to follow her. He entered the building and took the stairs instead of the elevator. He entered the fifth floor and walked towards her door. She must have stopped to talk to a neighbor or someone she meet in the elevator because she was just now unlocking her door. He stayed back in the shadows until she started to open her door and then he pounced. She put up a struggle but it didn't do her much good since he was three times stronger then her. He dragged her into her apartment without letting her make a peep to alert her neighbors. Her fear excited him and he was looking forward to the kill but first he would enjoy torturing her. The woman was then turned around so that the fun could begin. The last thing she saw was the smile on her killers face.


Rogue was excited to be getting to work. Today was her first day as a police officer. She had graduated from the academy about 3 months ago. She had taken a little time to decide where she wanted to work and to catch up with her mother and brother before moving to New York to join the force. Her family had always lived in the area even though she grew up in Mississippi and she wanted to be closer to them. As she walked into the station she was surprised at the speed that everyone seemed to be moving at. She went to the receptionist's desk and asked where the captain's office was so that she could get to work. As she walked back to his office she couldn't help but feel a little thrill of excitement course through her body.

As she entered the captain's office she heard a gruff voice that startled her out of her thoughts. "What do you want and why are you here?" She took a moment to study the man in front of her before answering. He was fairly short, measuring in at about 5'3" with bluish black hair, cold blue eyes, and a scruffy looking face.

"Ah'm here to start work sir," Rogue answered.

"So you are the new recruit are you? Well, I've already had a chance to look over your file and I think that I have the perfect partner for you," the captain answered. "LeBeau, get your arse in here!"

Remy jumped as the captain called his name. He had currently been busy flirting with the receptionist. "You rang Captain Howellet?" he asked as he sauntered into the office.

"I would like you to meet Anna Marie Darkholme," Logan said to Remy, "she is going to be your new partner. Officer Darkholme this is Remy LeBeau, he'll show you around and get you caught up on protocol around here. LeBeau I expect you to behave yourself and don't scare the poor girl away, huh?"

"Mon ami, you insult Remy. He would never and has never scared a femme away before. He can't help it if all the pretty ones prefer him over you." Remy grinned as Logan frowned at him.

Remy turned to his new partner and slowly looked her up and down. She was a strong looking woman with a lovely figure. She was about 5'6" with long brown hair with two white streaks framing her face. She wore her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She had to most amazing eyes Remy had ever seen. They were a sparkling green that would rival the prettiest emeralds anyone had ever seen. She had pale skin that looked like it had never seen the sun and would feel like silk when touched. As he was looking her he was pleased to see that she was looking him over too.

She looked him up and down and had to admit that he was easy on the eyes. He had a great figure that was muscular without being bulky and a handsome face that would make most male models jealous. He had longer auburn hair that he wore pulled back in a ponytail and you could tell that he had shaved this morning from the slight razor burn but stubble was already starting to try to grow back giving him a slightly scruffy look. She was curious about his eyes but couldn't see them through the dark sunglasses he was wearing. As she finished looking him over she decided that she had better say something to get him to stop staring at her. "Like what you see?" she asked. "And Ah don't go by Anna Marie, Ah go by Rogue."

This caused Remy to smirk as he nodded and asked "How about you chere? Like what you see?" Rogue smirked back at him and said "It ain't bad but Ah think Ah like what is waiting for me at home better." This caused Remy to frown. No woman had ever not been attracted to him right away before. Logan just shook his head as his receptionist, a younger girl named Jubilee, walked in with a folder in her hand. As he opened the folder he was angered by what he saw.

"LeBeau enough with the flirting, your case just got another victim. It looks like you will have to wait to give Darkholme the grand tour of the station because you need to get out to the murder site and look for clues. Fill her in on the way. Maybe a new pair of eyes will see something that we have missed. When you get back I want you to bring all your information in here for me to look over and see how the case is progressing. We need to find this SOB before he kills again!"

Rogue was shocked that her new partner was currently working on a murder mystery and would get a new partner at the same time. She looked over at Remy and noticed that his entire demeanor had changed. He had seemed relaxed before but now he stood up straighter and had a slight frown on his face. "Where is the site this time?" Remy demanded while getting out a pad of paper to write down the address.

Logan gave them the address and then they were out the door and heading to the site without another word. As they drove Remy told her about the case. There had been five other murders already. They were guessing it was a male because he seemed to have no problem over powering the victim and the carnage that usually went with the scene. The victims were all younger women although they couldn't find a connection between them. All the victims appeared to have been picked at random. The only common denominator was the fact that they were between the age of 18 and 25 and stayed in shape. The perp didn't seem to care about hair or eye color. Rogue was horrified at what she was being told. The amount of blood and carnage at the site really set things over the edge for her. She had to run out into the hall after walking in to keep from retching. Remy followed her out to make sure she was OK.

"Sorry bout dat," Remy said as he walked out of the apartment. "I should have warned you bout all de blood 'fore we entered. Are you gonna be alright?"

Rogue nodded. "Ah can't believe all the blood. They showed us pictures at the academy of scenes like this but Ah never thought that it would be this bad."

Remy patted her on the back and said, "Not a problem, chere. Remy had de same problem the first time he came to this killers scene too and Remy had been on the force for bout 4 years at de time."

"We should get back in there. This guy is seriously unhinged and we need to catch him." Rogue turned around and walked bravely back into the apartment.

'Remy be impressed,' Remy thought to himself, 'this femme is one of a kind. Most femmes would look at the crime scene and be horrified and want to run away but this one is not going to run away. This just makes her even more determined to do her job.' Remy smirked at the open doorway and walked in to take a look at the apartment with his new partner. 'De name Rogue certainly pertains to her.' Remy thought as he walked up behind her where she was questioning the coroner on the scene.

The coroner was the same one that had come out to the other five crime scenes. His name was Hank McCoy. He was a big blue guy with fur all over the place. He usually wore gloves, long sleeves, long pants and special shoes to keep his fur from contaminating any crime scene he was currently working on. Despite his appearance and large hands he is really good as what he does. He was currently explaining to Rogue how they knew it was the same killer. "The girl is the same age as the other girls that were found. They were all killed inside their homes and have a lot of damage done to the body. They all look like they were mauled by a large cat with the scratch marks all over their bodies. They were tortured before they were killed. The killer always knows how to avoid killing the victim until the end. This guy seems to be in it for the torture. He mortally wounds them and then watches as they die from the inflicted wound." At this point Rogue was looking a little green and Remy was afraid that she was going to be sick. He didn't think that him suggesting that she wait outside would be taken well and so continued to get the information they needed from the scene. The girls name was Grace Benton and she worked at the accounting firm that was about two blocks from the station. Remy made a note to go interview the people from the firm later in the day.

As they headed back to the station Rogue asked if she could have the case file so that she could catch up on the rest of the murders. When they got back she gathered the file and headed to where Remy said her desk was. She spent the rest of her shift going through all the notes on the case and looking over the autopsy reports and pictures of the crime scenes. When her shift was over she headed home in hopes that she would be able to relax and find something to take her mind off of all that she had seen today. She was surprised to see her fiancé standing in front of her apartment door waiting one her. "Hey sugah what are you doing here?"

Joseph grinned at the beautiful woman walking towards him. "I came to see my beautiful fiancé."

"Ah thought that you had to work tonight." Rogue commented as she opened the door and let them in. She had rented a furnished apartment so all she had to unpack was her clothes and knick-knacks. "If you want something to eat we will have to order take-out. Ah haven't had time to get to the grocery store yet."

"I can't stay too long. I have to get home and pack." Joseph sat down on the couch and patted it to try to get her to sit down next to him. "I came by to let you know that I am going to have to leave town for a few days. My company is looking to merge with another company over in Germany and they want me to go over and look at the legal paper and get everything in order before the big guys come over to sign them next week."

"Ah'm sorry to hear that Joe. Ah know it was just my first day on the job but they assigned me to help investigate a serial killer and Ah was looking forward to being able to use you as a distraction after work." Rogue teased as she looked over her boyfriend of three years. He was a handsome man with distinguishing features. He had white hair that made him look older then his 25 years, blue eyes, a well-toned body he got by working out everyday before work, and chiseled features.

"I'm sorry I'm going to miss that. Maybe I can help after I get home." Joseph replied with a grin. "Unfortunately, I have to be leaving now to pack. I have to catch the 5 a.m. flight out."

"Alright sugah, ah guess ah will see you when you get home. Call and let me know that you made it there in one piece." Rogue said. "Ah love you."

"I love you too," Joseph replied as he gave her a kiss goodbye.

Rogue watched him leave and then noticed her roommate walking down the hall towards the door. "I thought that Joe wasn't supposed to come over until tomorrow." Kitty said as she walked in. She was a perky brunette with clear blue eyes, a pretty face, and an affinity for all thing pink. Rogue had asked her to move in with her after she found the place and realized she couldn't afford it on a cop's salary. Kitty worked as a waitress at the coffee shop that was just a couple blocks away. The two had been best friends through high school and had kept in touch when Rogue had gone to the police academy.

"He wasn't but he has to fly to Germany for his company for a couple of weeks."

"That's too bad, but at least I don't have to share you for a while and we can catch up on what has been happening to you since you graduated from high school."

Rogue grinned at her perky friend and had to admit that it was nice to be back at home with her family and friends.