"C'mon Evans-"

"No, no way."


"You're out of you're mind."

"True, but-"

"No, no. A thousand times, Potter, no!"

James frowned, picking up his pace just to catch up with the girl. He wasn't going to drop the subject anytime soon, even if Lily was bent on ignoring it all together. He couldn't help but to snigger. He wasn't sure who was more stubborn; Lily or Sirius. They were probably equally stubborn, not that James would ever tell either of them that, they'd have his head. Well, they would have his head in tiny pieces in a matchbox. That thought made him squirm in step. He made a funny noise as he caught up with Lily, hoping to get her attention. No such luck. He didn't understand girls. He didn't understand Evans. Why did Evans have to be so - so Evans-y? Maybe he could get his cousin and his cousins friends to help. Merlin only knows it would be better to talk with any one besides Sirius. Or Remus. Or hell, even Peter.

All the while lost in this thoughts James hadn't once noticed the direction in which they were going. He had noticed it far too late; he had just walked through the door and glanced wide eyed around him at the several students sitting in desks. He looked at Lily who was staring pointedly at him with hands on her hips. He gave her his best pout before the two of them moved to take their seats. Lily next to a girl in their house named Alice, and James next to Sirius who looked like he was just waking up from a nap. Probably was.

"Traitress!" James hissed off to the side glancing at Lily. "I thought our time in the corridor meant something!" He hissed dramatically, causing Sirius to stir beside him.

Lily put her arms down on the desk and leaned over. "Scandalous!" She exclaimed in a whisper, covering her mouth with her hand. "I'll be sure to tell Black of our recent exploits!" She paused. "He'll be devastated, I'm sure."

Then Sirius regained all sense and was looking at James like a lost little puppy; mostly due to having just officially woken up. Of course, he got right into the mix of things at once, much to James' dismay.

"Scandalous exploits? Evans? No! Lily, how could you? Everyone knows we'd be so good together! You two-bit tart!" Sirius paused, his head still on his arm, he looked from Lily and then to James. "Oi, Prongs, what's she on about?"

James could only stare blankly at his friend before shaking his head. "Go back to sleep, Pads." He said before resting his own head on his arms, looking quite bored. He hated History of Magic. He had been right when he had said that Binns was too old! He's a ghost for heavens sake! See, he'd show Evans, his logic did work and it made perfect sense too. The boy grumbled something into his arm, listening to the sort snores next to him coming from Sirius. Figures. Poor sod was out already. Again.

Remus shifted in his seat next to Peter in front of James and Sirius and turned around, Peter following suit. The werewolf raised an eyebrow glancing back and forth from Lily to James. James was all but laying on top of his favorite Quidditch book, and Lily was actually looking rather sulky as she begun a conversation with Alice. He wrinkled his nose. "You weren't in class," he commented.

"I know," James mumbled.

Remus raised an eyebrow. "Quidditch?"



"Lilies are nice."


"Nothing, Moony, nothing at all."

That was when Peter began to chuckle and Sirius tried to swat him away while sleeping. The poor boy gave a little "Eep," before backing away from the hand the attempted to bat him away before giving James and Remus a shy smile. "He's in class now, Remus," he squeaked quietly, glancing at James. "Sirius was supposed to wake him -" Sirius gave an indignant snort "- up this morning, y'know." he continued, noticing the look of distain on both Remus and James' faces. He waved his hand at them merrily. "Besides it's not like James actually wanted to-"

"I asked Evans out," James mumbled into his arm. Sirius who was next to him all but jumped out of his seat and fell on the floor laughing for all the class to see.

"You," he wheezed, clutching at his sides before doubling over with another fit of laughter, ignoring the look Professor Binns was giving him. "Y-you asked…You asked Evans out!" Sirius wailed through his laughter.

Both James and Lily turned a red to match their house color and looked pointedly down at their books.

Sirius earned a detention for his sudden outburst.