The four of them were nestled under one of the trees that were scattered about the grounds of Hogwarts. Each of then had a different book in hand, all looking very much liked they never wanted to see another book again in their lives. Suddenly thankful, however, that it was a Saturday, and that these were the only books that they'd have to look in. However, they could only wish that the rest of them would prop open a book and help them as well. There hadn't been any such luck, and it was all very frustrating. Despite the fact that the image the three of them had under that tree could have been something out of an old photo album; the way they were seated and all, it was nothing short of hard and heavy study time.

Yes, it is very safe to say that these were not Marauders placed under the tree.

With Hermione seated on either side of Ron and Harry Ginny was left laying on her stomach in front of the content trio, kicking her legs idly back and forth in the air as she read her books. Harry and Ron continued to casually slump against the tree as they attempted to keep reading; they honestly had no idea how Hermione put up with the reading. But even they seemed to noticed that the girl was becoming restless, and it probably wasn't because she was tried of reading. She hadn't found anything out that she didn't already know yet.

By the time that Hermione had snapped her book shut it was only to find Harry laying down next to Ginny with one arm thrown over his eyes, and Ron leaning on her shoulder, straining to read his book. Ginny was very much fast asleep on her own book. Hermione made a funny sound of distain as she took in the scene before her. Sure, they were supposed to be studying, well researching, but she didn't think that they had been in the books for this long! She shrugged Ron off of her shoulder, only to get a muffled groan of protest before the boy slumped back against the three. This was getting ridiculous.

"Hermione," Ron groaned, not able to tear his eyes away from the book. "I don't think I can go on. I'm wasting away. Look, look! The book is sucking the soul right out of me! We should just quit while we're ahead. We're doomed to stay locked in the past forev- Oi, when'd they fall asleep? They're allowed to asleep and I'm not?"

Hermione could only stare at Ron. What was she supposed to say to that? It wasn't like she knew that Harry and Ginny fell asleep. She hadn't even heard Harry move to lay down! "You've been hanging around Sirius again, haven't you? You're beginning to sound like him. And the book is not sucking your soul away, Ron. If you'd actually bother to open a book once in awhile while we're here you'd - oh, for the love of Merlin. They dressed Peter in drag!"

That seemed to have woken both Harry and Ginny up because the next thing that Hermione knew, Harry was looking around while attempting to sit up, and Ginny had propped herself up on her elbows. Ron was the first to choke back his laughter as he pointed a finger back to the castle. He fell back against the tree laughing. Harry doubled over laughing while Ginny buried her head into her arms to muffle her laughter. They made it seem like an everyday activity; to see someone dressed in drag and looking like they wanted to vanish off of the face of the earth.

"Harry," Ron wheezed, willing himself to sit up. "I think I see why he became a Death Eater."

Ginny continued to laugh into her arm while Harry was still clutching at his sides. Ron continued.

"I mean, bloody hell, I don't blame him!"

They three were laughing while Hermione just stared pointedly at them, eyeing Peter as he trudged around the grounds. Not far behind him she could see James and Sirius leaning heavily against each other in a bout of laughter. In her opinion they were horrible, horrible boys. Far worse than Fred and George. Figuring that Ginny, Harry, and Ron wouldn't stop laughing for another five minutes she firmly placed her book on the ground before stalking over to the two laughing boys. She didn't know what she was going to do, only that she was going to do something. After all, what was she supposed to say to James Potter and Sirius Black? Wasn't that what Remus was for, attempting to keep the boys in line, despite being a Marauder himself?

Now, James and Sirius weren't so daft as to not notice a very angry Hermione stomping toward them. It had in fact shut them up, causing them to feign innocent. They were horrible actors at that very moment due to their very recent bout of laughter, and still being able to see Pete walk around the grounds in a girls uniform, make up, stockings and heels. Sirius began to hum a cheery old tune while James just placed his hands behind his head, the two of them fighting off twin grins as Hermione finally came to stand in front of them.

"You two are horrible!" She hissed, waving a hand at the both oft hem for emphasis. "How can you do that to your own friend?"

James looked affronted. "C'mon, Mione-" Hermione glared at him. "-er, Hermione. It's just a bit of fun. No harm done, not really. Besides, Pete will probably gave a jolly good laugh about this tonight."

"A jolly good laugh," Sirius amended, snickering to himself. "Unless he wets himself, which he probably will from having that jolly good laugh of his."

Hermione crossed her arms, looking up at the two of them expectedly. "You two are the most immature, irresponsible boy I have ever had the misfortune of meeting!" she said exasperatedly before quickly turning back to where she had come from, leaving the two boys looking after her bemusedly.

James shrugged his shoulders, watching her go. He scratched his head, turning to look at Sirius as the other boy began to snicker.

"Reckon she sounds like Evans," Sirius said, stuffing his hands into his robes pocket. "Think we shoulda told her that it was Harry's idea?"

"Don't see what good that would have done," James commented. "Probably would have gotten the poor bloke yelled at, too. Wouldn't fancy seeing her go off on him. It'd be like watching myself get yelled at. Not a very pretty picture, Padfoot."

Sirius snickered again. "Suppose you're right," he said, glancing around for Peter. "OI, PETEY! TIME TO GO STRUT THE CORRDIORS!" he called, smirking triumphantly as the younger boy turned to look at him from the distance. He swore he heard the boy squeak before shuffling their way. "So, Prongs, my boy. Evans agree to go out with you yet?"

"Sod off you bloody wanker."