Title: Heated Games

Author: darkemptyheart/DarkSeductress

Theme: Attraction

Rating: PG-13 for swearing and dirty thoughts

Author's Notes: This takes place 2 years after the time-skip and Sasuke is back (though that might not matter much).

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Naruto.

Word Count: 500 (Heated 250 and Games 250, which is done entirely on purpose)

This whole series of drabbles was written for the Stages of Love challenge on There were 5 stages: Attraction, Romance, Passion, Intimacy, and Commitment. Each drabble has to be between 100- 500 words. I might eventually expand on this.


Sakura is so hot, she might have a fever. But she's a medic and she knows the difference between a fever and... this heat… This heat has spread throughout her body leaving dampness and tension in its wake. She wishes it was a fever, but she knows better, especially, when she meets his eyes.

Sakura is a rationalist and right now there is no rationalizing what his gaze is doing to her. So many questions are racing through her head as her heart pounds: How can a stare cause so much agitation? Why does she feel like a bitch in heat? Why doesn't she want to stop this fire from building?

She could look away, but there's a challenge in the feral grin that has curled back his lips. He is teasing her. Is she woman enough to handle a man? Will she cling to Sasuke because his rejection is safe? Or can she take a chance with the unknown?

There is nothing to distract her from these pleasantly disturbing thoughts. Sakura is alone on a mission with him in unfamiliar territory.


Alone with no one, but God and the wilderness to see if he crossed the camp fire and pushed her on back and pinned her body to the earth and…. She shouldn't think like this.

But no one would know… Inner Sakura whispers enticingly.

This is the moment Sakura knows the attraction is not going anywhere and she has already lost the fight before its even began.


Kankuro has been making it a point to make her uncomfortable since this mission began. Everything from the cut of his eyes to the ghost of his hands brushing against her has been calculated moves to corner her completely. To get her in a place where she knows resistance is only delaying the inevitable. He wants her to know he's going to have her. He wants the knowledge to war within her. He wants her mind to run wild with all the things he could and will do to her.

And now he knows he has her. It's the distraction in her eyes, the flush that's tainted her cheeks and trails seductively into her shirt, and the subtle closing of her thighs. She is on fire and he grins knowing the real game is about to begin.

There will be nowhere for her to run. No friends to distract her. No fucking Sasuke-kun. There will only be him and her thoughts for company. He wonders how creative she will be in the days to come. How many ways will she be able to run from him without moving one step?

How cunning is she?

There is a cooling in her eyes now. She has decided to fight. Kankuro watches her leave the fire.

He has set the fire, but it is not consuming her yet.

Doesn't matter.

Kankuro knows it doesn't take much to excite a live coal.

They both know it will not take long to set her ablaze.