Title: Sight Into Womanhood

Author: darkemptyheart/ DarkSeductress

Theme: Commitment

Rating: PG

Word Count: 285; Womanhood 150, Sight 135

Author's Note: I thought it would be interesting to add Naruto and Sasuke into this final part, because regardless of how you feel about the members of Team 7, they are connected for life.


When Sakura left Konoha, she was on the cusp between a woman and a child. Before leaving, she was a fickle child, clinging to past dreams she knew could never be.

She returned to Konoha a woman, knowing who and what she wants. She knows the war for womanhood is not over yet; there is one last battle to win.

As she packs her clothes, under Naruto and Sasuke's watching eyes, she reminds herself this is officially a vacation.

It doesn't matter. She refuses to let Naruto's pout make her feel as if she's abandoning them. They left her a long time ago.

He doesn't ask her if she's coming back.

They both know, she's not.

"Why him?" Sasuke demands of her, speaking for the first time.

Sakura's hands tremble. She doesn't stop packing.

With her back to him, she whispers, "Because he sees me."

This goodbye, she doesn't cry.


They never discussed what would happen once they returned to Konoha. As they had traveled back, Kankuro had wondered if once the madness was tucked away, would any substance be left between them.

Sakura would always belong to him, but Kankuro won't take what didn't want to be taken.

This is why when Sakura was waiting for him at Konoha's gates the next morning, Kankuro was surprised.

Her hair was pulled up and a traveling bag was laying at her feet.

She stared at his chest, when he invaded her space.

Kankuro titled her head up, stroking her chin as their eyes met.

He had to know.

He would not be her last resort, or a replacement for what she couldn't have.


Sakura's lips curled up into a trembling smile.

"Because you see me."