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Summary: The reason why InuTaishou called his son 'Inuyasha'…
Notes: InuYasha really means 'dog forest spirit'. But I've also seen his name written as, wrongly, female dog demon. And thus this story was born.

The Daimyo's Mistake

"My darling!" Izayoi called out weakly as her lover draped a red cloth of the fire rat over her shoulders. Cradling her newborn babe in her arms, the human princess stared at his back beseechingly, praying that he would abandon this foolish fight with Takemaru, and come with her.

InuTaishou glanced back quickly at his human lover and narrowed his intense amber eyes. Looking down into the bundle of clothes and at the tiny creature inside it, the daimyo turned back to the expectant, one-armed Takemaru. He had caught a flash of delicate white ears and beautiful silver hair accompanied by wide amber eyes. It was obvious what the name should be. Letting out the smallest of decisive nods, InuTaishou growled out, "Inuyasha."

"What?" Takemaru snarled as he readied his sword.

"My darling?"

Without looking back, InuTaishou repeated, "The child shall be called Inuyasha."

"Inuyasha," Izayoi repeated slowly, clutching the newborn to her breast.

"Now go!" snapped the daimyo, and with one last call of 'My darling!' the human princess fled and InuTaishou prepared for battle, raising Sou'unga and knowing his death was only moments away as the house began to tumble down around him.

Izayoi. You must live. Live long. Together with our daughter, Inuyasha…

Author's Notes: Priceless.