Disclaimer: I do not own Van Helsing, just a character from a story. I hope you like my poem. I'll leave the figuring out what it's about up to you fiction readers. Well, bye.

Walking On Your Grave

Her hearts sole desire

Of wandering in my willow tree

Where we once met in retrospect

My love, where art thee?

Where is thy bosom I wish to embrace?

Where are the spots and speckles?

Upon thy holy face?

Is it, this day, I must face

Is this day like all others?

That day when we were proclaimed

As lovers

Is it as it once was?

Or is it like those days we long

Lived in purgatory?

My lively spirit, feel free to resolve

Your condolences now,

But as thy deathbed slowly

Rots underneath my feet,

Remember, as your memories

Descend, my life will too begin

Well, that's it! Love you bunches...oh, and please do review!