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"You shouldn't have pissed Zack off." Brennan commented. Booth threw up his hands from the steering wheel for a moment.

"I thought he'd be happy! He's scared stiff of Goodman."

"You know how we're supposed to poke and prod people's wounds and make them bleed?" Booth looked over to the passenger seat.

"Yeah? Where are you going with this, Bones?"

"Zack's the exception in that he'd build something to electrocute you if you so much as reach out." Booth exhaled.

"Should I be worried, Bones? 'Cause you're almost there."

"The nervous innocence is a fa├žade." Booth smirked.

"I knew it!" Bones frowned.

"How's that gonna stop you from getting electrocuted?" Booth frantically looked between her and the road he was supposed to be focussing on.

"Wait, you were serious about that?"

"Of course."