Rick Hunter was sitting at his desk wondering where the time went.

All day, he was working on his paperwork.

Few minutes later, Dee Dee McCall walks in, her black suede pumps clicking against the worn tile. She looked as if she had seen a ghost.

Dee Dee's bright red lipstick stood out from her raven black hair, and her skin was paler than ever.

Rick looked up from his paperwork and said, " Dee Dee, you look as if you seen a ghost. What is wrong?"

McCall looked up at Hunter. Tears were streaming down her face.

She started to say something when one of the men came in and told them that Charlie wanted to see them. He had stated that it was very important.

Dee Dee told him they would be there, very soon.

Then she started to tell Hunter, in a stutter, " I-I love you." Hunter got up from his desk. He was very startled.

Rick knew that co-worker relationships usually never work out. He was worried he'd hurt Dee Dee's feelings, and her pride as a female.

McCall looked at him and dabbed her eyelids.

Then Rick came up to her and said," Let's give it a try. If it doesn't work out, we can still be friends."

Dee Dee hugged Rick, but all of the sudden, a detective came and said," Charlie needs you now."

The pair nodded their heads and walked together hand in hand to Charlie's office.

Now Charlie's office was very disorganized, much like his house.

Papers were out of order, and the office was quite small for a commanding officer.