Charlie told them to sit down.

Then he got himself a cup of coffee and pulled a chair next to Rick and Dee Dee's chairs. As he took a sip of the dark liquid, he said, " I'm retiring from the force next year." Dee Dee mustered up the courage to say, " You are the best commander we've ever had." Hunter squeezed her hand as she began to cry. She turned around, managed a weak smile, and put her head on his shoulder. Charlie hesitated, and turned to the door. He walked out. Dee Dee was still on Hunter's shoulder. His somewhat neatly pressed jacket was now stained with her tears. She looked up at him. Hunter took his hands and attempted to brush the tears off of her cheeks. Dee Dee looked up at him in awe. Rick thought, " So beautiful and cute!"

Hunter looked at her, touched her cheek and they began to kiss passionately.

Dee Dee thought," Such a sweet guy."

Hunter and McCall began to hold hands. Dee Dee could feel the feeling of what it was like to be loved. They got up, holding hands, and walked to her cherry red sports car. Hunter took her in his arms, and said," What's been troubling you? You don't seem to be yourself. Does it have to do with Charlie leaving?"

Dee Dee hesitated for a moment, and then said:

" Remember that night we had dinner together 2 months ago, when you asked me to dinner and you and I went back to my house? Do you remember the things that happened?" Hunter stood there stunned. " What do you mean?"

Dee Dee hesitated again, and took a deep breath…

"Hunter, I'm pregnant with your child."