A new dueling school was just opened in America when they decided to do a foreign exchange with Japan. The exchange included 2 boys and 1 girl, and the same for Japan.

They chose these from the english school:

Layla Karr

Bill Harper

Danny Smith

From the Japanese school:

Alexis Rhodes

Jaden Yuki

Syrus Truesdale


Assembly in Japanese school:

"OK we all know about the American school opening and we will be doing an exchange starting next week, there will be 2 boys and 1 girl for this exchange and that will be anounced tomorrow" Said Dr. Crowler to the kids in the aditorium(spelling I know).

"So since nothing else is to be said you are all dismissed" He said letting them leave.


Assembly in American School:

"OK since we know about the Japanese School ours started with we are doing a foreing exchange and three people will be chosen to go 1 female and 2 males and I will tell you who they are and might I add you will be leaving in 1 week from tomorrow" She said.

"The lucky three are Layla Karr, Danny Smith, and Bill Harper, so pack your bags and we will talk to you tomorrow about the details, you are all dismissed" The teacher said, the teachers name was Mrs. Akoko and she was a very nice teacher who everyone loved. The classes here where only about 2 hours long each with 3 a day, one on each card.

When the announcements where made Layla's friends where shocked and yet felt great for her, so when they where dismissed they went to talk to her she said "Yes I have always wanted to go and my dream came true, but I am soooo scared to ride in a airplane, and I will send you all letters everyday!" she said hugging them "So will you guys help me pack?" She asked.

"Duh of course come on!" They said pulling her to there dorm.


The next day in the Japanese School:

Over the announcements Dr. Crowler said "Sorry to interupt classes but these are the three who are participating the exchange, Alexis Rhodes, Syrus Truesdale, and Jaden Yuki, thats all thank you" After that Alexis's friends(Mindy and Jasmine) said "oh my god! You get to go well you HAVE to write, OK?"

"OK OK OK you guys of course I will, but come help me pack!" She said as they walked to the dorm after class.


Same day as in Japanese School in American School:

Layla and her friends Mia and Rachel where helping her pack, they packed:

Some School uniforms

A few shirts(non-uniform)

A couple pairs of non-uniform pants

A dress

2 skirts


3 pairs of pajanmas

Other things she needed which would take me to long to list (LOL)

"OK we are done!" said Layla falling onto her bed


One week later in Japanese School:

"By Alexis, Jaden, Syrus" said Zane as they left

"BYE GUYS" yelled Jasmine and Mindy together as the 3 left in the cab.

When they got to the airport Dr. Crowler took them to the plane and told them that there escort would hold up a sign saying 'Alexis, Jaden, and Syrus' to make sure he got the right kids, and he had there descriptions with a picture.


Departing day at the American School:

"Bye layla" said her friends giving her a hug.

The boys also said there goodbyes and they left for the airport and Dr. Crowler was picking them up.

They got on the plane and started on there way to Japan.