Coma Love

By: Midnight Forever

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, there would be way more yaoi.

Notes: Okay, if you've ever seen the little comic called Coma Love by Veilchen, this is just a written version of it really. It follows the comic, panel by panel, but of course, it has my own artistic flare. This is OroKimi, with some additional blood, because poor Kimi is sick D= So, without further adieu, please enjoy…

Dedicated to: Veilchen, since she inspired and did all the work for me :D

Coma Love

I'd woken up maybe an hour ago, but the coughs have been wracking my frame continuously so that it feels like it's been an eternity. No blood has come up yet, but I wish it would, the coughs usually stopped then.

A sudden wave of them cause me to hunch over, eyes shut tight in pain. There's nothing worse then the feeling of not being able to breath. As always, I have a hand up to my mouth and without looking, I could feel the warm, slightly sticky liquid puddle and slowly drip down my palm and forearm.

That one thought crosses my mind again, as it always does when I see my blood on my hand: Why me? Why do I have to suffer? It's been that way for a while now. The constant reminder of my pain that wakes me from the deepest bowels of sleep.

A light comes from the door and without looking up, I can tell someone must have finally heard my coughing and come to check on me. But as soon as I look up, fear instills me. It's him, my master. Orochimaru-sama. I'm afraid he's to punish me for not living up to his standards, I try, I really do, master! But my complications make it sometimes impossible to complete a mission, let alone get up some mornings.

As he comes closer, I look away, incapable of bearing his gaze any longer. I slouch against my dresser, needing the support it gives. But suddenly, his hand, his beautiful pale, pale hand reaches down to me. Almost beckoning me to sit up, so I do.

He lowered himself as well, so we we're almost eye-level. He gathers the bangs on the right side of my face in his hands gently, as if to not harm the strands. I soon realize he's placing the clasp around my bangs. I vaguely notice that it was the red ones with the black snakes engraved on them; the ones he had given me on my last birthday.

As he moves to start on the left side, I suddenly clasp his hand to my cheek, slight surprise filling those beautiful golden eyes of his. Next thing I know, I'm gathered in his arms, listening to his heartbeat. Tha-thump, tha-thump, the rhythm continues. I always long for such embraces with him, when I know I'm the only thing on his mind, when he's completely mine. And then that usually sparks a need to spend the rest of the day together, just talking, if even that.

And as light poured through my little window, it illuminates the picture on my nightstand. It was me, when I was younger, when I first came here. My bangs weren't long enough for clasps, so they just hung in my face, giving me that cute-innocent look. And of course, he was in the picture, his protective arm around my small shoulders, oh how he could give off this air of safety then, and even now.

The first clasps I ever had lay next to the frame, simple red ones. And as I thought back on the time when we first met, I watch in happiness as a light blue feather drifts down near the frame, his arms never leaving me.

It was just like when I was little; he always takes care of me, in one way or another.

A/N: How was it? Unbareably cute?? That was my aim. I suggest you all go look at the picture. Veily is on y!Gallery, go find her!! She's a wonderful artist and a great person. Go Veilchen~

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