Am I alive?

I should be.

At least, I was.

Was I ever alive?

Did I ever feel joy?

I felt pain.

We all felt pain.

But none as much as I.

I felt the pain of others. Enjoyed it.

But does it matter now?

All is said and done.

They called my good outweighing my evil.

But I've killed.

I didn't deserve this.

I don't.

Am I dreaming? Am I dead?

I don't want your pity. Not for what I have done.

I've murdered. I've mislead. They forgave me.

Why? I should have died.

So I'm not dead.

What about him?

Orbis Xaxis.

I didn't see him die.

Is he dead?

No. I can feel him lurking.

There he is. I see him clearly now. Beckoning to me.


To late. He has me.

My heart and soul.