"I told you Usagi! I am going to the bookstore and that's that!" Chibiusa said.

"Little brat, you better pay me back!" Usagi said.

"I have my OWN money this time, so you can go to the mall if you want." Chibiusa said.

"Fine. I will pick you up in an hour." Usagi walked off.

Chibiusa walked into the bookstore.

"This book is better, really." A guy said in the distance.

That guy sounds familiar. Chibiusa thought.

"Do you always have to be right?" A girl replied to the guy.

So does she... Chibiusa thought.

"I guess he does." Another guy said.

I know them, I'm sure, I have to check it out. Chibiusa ran to the back of the store.

Chibiusa looked around the corner. Oh my god! She ran over to them.

"Abe!" Chibiusa smiled.

"Chibiusa?" Abe replied.

She ran over to him and hugged him.

"Do we know her?" Hellboy asked.

"You wouldn't." Abe said sarcastically.

"How do you?" Liz asked, with big eyes.

"The future. Chibiusa, how did you get in this century?" Abe asked.

"My mom sent me back! Why are all of you in Tokyo?" She asked.

"Mission." Hellboy rolled his eyes.

"Oh." Chibiusa smiled.

"We stopped by for Coffee." Liz smiled.

"Coffee? I don't see any." Chibiusa asked.

"Liz is the only one who got Coffee, I got a power bar." Hellboy said, holding up the bar.

"I got water." Abe said.

"Of course." Chibiusa smiled.

"We need to get going." Hellboy said, pointing to his watch.

"Yeah, we better go." Liz said.

"Can I come?" Chibiusa asked.

"Won't Usagi worry?" Abe asked.

"I don't think so, she never does." Chibiusa replied.

"Well I guess you could, I don't see why not." Liz shrugged.

"Great!" Chibiusa grabbed Abe's hand.

Abe smiled.

"So, where are we going?" Chibiusa asked.

"A girl named Hotaru's house." Hellboy replied.

"WHAT!" Chibiusa was VERY worried.

"Calm down, your blood pressure is raising too high." Abe said.

"Will she be alright!" Chibiusa asked.

"Yes, that's why we are going, to make sure she is alright." Liz said.

"You know, you sort of look like her, I never noticed that before." Abe said to Liz.

Liz laughed.

"How did you guys get away with looking like this?" Chibiusa asked.

"They thought we were cosplayers." Hellboy laughed.

"Hey! I look normal!" Liz hit Hellboy's shoulder.