"We have to find Chibiusa." Hellboy says, fighting back tears.

"For Abe." Liz puts her hand on Hellboy's and they get up.

They look at the dark creepy place around them and shiver.

"Let's split up." Liz says.

"I will go through this tunnel." Hellboy points to the right tunnel.

They walk into their 'respective' tunnels and run.

Meanwhile with Chibimoon...

Abe, I can talk to you know. Chibimoon tries to talk to Abe in his mind.

Abe, why aren't you answering? She says. Is something wrong? She asks, starting to get worried.

Please, Abe. Awnser me. She says, starting to feel tears roll down her cheeks. ABE! What's wrong? Are you hurt? I can't feel your brain waves or anything! She starts to cry.

"You are wondering what happened to your friend, aren't you?" The man says.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!" She yells.

"You want to see? Here." The man turns on his magic mirror and walks away.

She watches what happened.

"NO!" She yells and cries.

"That was very fun to watch, for me anyway." The man says.

"Let me see him. Please!" She cries.

"Fine, I will even let you go free, for good. I wanted to kill one of your friends and that was it, my work is done, everyone is falling apart thanks to you!" The man gave an evil grin and an evil laugh.

"I did NOTHING!" She spits on him.

The man throws her out the door and locks it.

She ran down the caves and through the doors and hallways.

"ABE!" She sees him laying on the ground.

"Abe, please come back..." She hugs him and cries.

"Moon pink crystal!" Her crystal comes out of her chest and she puts it in Abe.

"Abe...Wake up!" She gets up and sees him start to glow.

Abe gasped for air and coughed a little bit and sat up.

"Abe!" She hugs him.

"Chibimoon..." He hugs her.

"Where are Liz and Hellboy?" She asks.

"Looking for you." He says.

"We have to get them and leave!" She says.

"I can do that." Abe reaches for something on the side of his pants. A communicator. He gets it and pushes the button and lets her talk.

"Liz, Hellboy! Come on, we need to leave! Meet me where you came from, now!" She says and he turns it off.

"Are you going to be okay?" Abe asks.

"I'll be fine." She smiles.

They hear Liz and Hellboy running down the hallways.

"You might want to get up." Chibimoon smiles.

He stands up and puts the communicator back on the side of his pants.

Liz and Hellboy are still when they see him standing.

Liz runs to Abe and cries, and she hugs him.

Then Abe looks at Hellboy.

"Aw, crap. I hate moments like this." Hellboy laughs and he walks over to hug Abe.

"Let's get going." Liz says.

"I have one question, how did y'all get down here?" Abe asks.

"You'll never know." Hellboy and Liz laughed.