Recap: "You got my eye!" Seto complained to Honda, who was looking over at Seto. "It hurts..."

"Must be the gel." Honda said as he reached/leaned over to look at Seto's eye. "Be still."

"I can't, it burns." Seto whined. Honda sighed and straddled Seto on his lap, making Yami and Jou chock on their spit. He leaned in and moved Seto's hands, making Seto pout, and blew in Seto's eye gently. He stopped after a minute.


"Better..." He asked. Seto nodded his head and kissed Honda on the check, causing Yami and Jou to stuff tissue up their nose at seeing two hot wet boys on each other. Honda started to stand, but fell back. As he fell back, he reached up and caught the closest thing, which was Seto. Seto was now on top of Honda and in between his legs. "Ow, my head..."

"Let me see." Seto said as he leaned forward so that his body was flush against Honda's. He examined his head, then pulled back. "I feel a little hard bump-" Seto and Honda looked over to see Jou and Yami passed out.

"So, you two have an orgy with Set and Hon, while I'm stuck here nursing a black eye!" Bakura complied to a smirking Jou and Yami.

"I wouldn't call it an orgy, but… man…they were hot…"

"Oh, yeah…"

"So, what did you do today Set?" Pegasus asked Seto, who was lying on the bed while Honda was beside him and playing with Seto's still wet hair.

"We went jogging and to the park, and then we went on a boat ride. It was fun." Seto told Pegasus happily.


"Me and Honda, who else?"


"Anyway…you're going to be home in a couple of days! I can't wait! I've already planned on starting on the invitations. Not a lot of people know this, but that's really the biggest part of the wedding."


"And then we'll spend the rest of the day in the hot tub…"

"Set, love…the business deal will take a little longer than expecte-"

"I KNEW IT!" Seto exclaimed as he sat up in the bed. He frowned. "Peg…"

"I'm sorry love…I'll be there in a couple of days, then we'll start with whatever you want."

"I want you to be home now…" Seto whined. "It…gets lonely without you there to warm my bed…(Insert Honda fake puking in the background and Seto rolling his eyes with a blush on his face)…I miss you…"

"And I miss you…does it help you to know that I'm even more lonely than you…All I think about is you…"

"Really?" Seto asked with a smile.

"Of course, especially at night when I'm in my room alone…I picture your face while I'm jacking off-"

"Pegasus!" Seto shouted into the phone at a laughing Pegasus.

"Mmm…I'll put that in my memory for another lonely nigh."

"You pervert!"

"I'm not a pervert, just a man with needs that has to be filled by his hands and imagination."

"I am so going to hang up on you if you keep talking like that!"

"I don't know…you like when I talk dirty at home…especially right before I blew you…Hm…"


"You hung up on him." Honda stated. "He must have been talking dirty again."


"You really miss him?"


"He'll be back…"


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