A Quantum Mirror Love Story


Summary: An AU Sam loses her Jack. A year and a half later, she is transported to another reality with no way to get home and low and behold, there's a Jack!

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Title: I had some really creative ideas for a title for this, but oddly enough, went for the most basic one. I believe the saying goes, "Perfect in it's simplicity!"


Chapter One: Not Another One!

Sam wasn't sure how long she had been walking around in the dark tunnels of Dakara. Teal'c had been with her for a while, but was called away for a meeting with the council quite a bit ago. The dark, dank tunnels did nothing to cheer her melancholy mood.

She had a lot of reasons to be happy. The jaffa had won Dakara and were forming the Free Jaffa Nation. The goa'uld were no longer a major threat in the galaxy, thanks in a large part to the Replicator Carter. The replicators had been eradicated and everyone was celebrating the flood of victories.

Everyone, that is, except her.

"I wish you were here, sir," Sam's soft voice sounded out in the dark tunnel. "You, of all people, deserved to see our victory over the goa'uld." Sam's eyes began to fill up with unshed tears as a small, sad smile creased across her face. "You should have seen Teal'c, sir," she laughed. "He was so proud of his people…….You would have been so proud of him. I know I am." Sam's hand came up and brushed the lone tear that had escaped off her cheek. "I miss you, sir. So much!"

Sam lowered her head, silently chastising herself for her weakness. It had been a year and a half and she still could not get over him. Not even her father's death, only a few weeks before, was affecting her as deeply as Colonel O'Neill's death.

Sam closed her eyes as a flood of memories assaulted her mind. Amongst them, her last moment with the colonel. He had fallen on the battlefield. Shot in the chest by a staff blast. His vest had failed him and Sam had to live with his death and the guilt that she had wished it had been Janet in his place.

It was at the last minute that Col. O'Neill had complained that his vest was too tight. Janet, drowning in the vest she had on, switched with Jack just before the gate began dialing.

They had both been hit with staff blasts that day.

Janet's had saved her life.

Jack's hadn't.

Sam had lost the love of her life. The man she loved more than anything had slipped through her fingers and there was nothing she could do about it. She had lost him before ever really knowing him the way that lover's should.

And, a part of her regretted that Jack had switched vests with Janet. And, a larger part of her felt selfish and guilty for ever thinking it.

She had rushed to him when she saw him hit. So many emotions coursing through her veins. Fear, the greatest of them all. She knelt down, yelling his name over the loud booms of gunfire and explosives all around them. "Sir, hang on! Please!" she had yelled, pulling the vest away from his chest so she could see his wound.

He reached his hand up and touched her cheek, causing her to stop her examination and meet his eyes. "I'm sorry, Sam," he croaked out, rubbing his thumb over her dry lips. "Sorry."

His eyes closed and his hand fell down to the ground.


Sam wiped angrily at the tears now racing down her cheeks from the tragic memory. "Damn!" she chastised herself. "So stupid," she complained and sniffled before turning to wander back the other way.

It was then that she noticed what looked like a doorway in one of the tunnel walls. This area of the tunnels was hardly visited and was very dark, so the chance that no one had noticed the passageway before, did not come as a surprise.

Sam walked over and shined her flashlight into the room. The doorway was quite small, the top only reaching Sam's shoulders. But, the room inside was huge. Sam leaned down and crossed the threshold into the newly-discovered chamber.

There were tables and benches sprawled throughout the room, making Sam hypothesize that it had been used as some sort of meeting room at one time or another. It had obviously not been used in a very long time.

Sam's eyes took in the room and landed on a large wooden object against the far wall of the chamber. It looked very similar to an old-fashioned wardrobe. Sam's curiosity peaked, she walked over and slowly opened the large twin doors.

Sam coughed as her lungs were instantly filled with dust. Once the dust settled, Sam took in the sight before her. Shelves. An entire wardrobe of shelves.

The shelves were filled with small devices. Small devices that all appeared to be ancient in design. Sam's eyes sparkled, an odd occurrence as of late, as she took in the new doohickeys. Oh, her day had just improved ten-fold!

Sam's eyes wandered up to the top shelf and to a metallic device resting there. She picked it up, admiring the craftsmanship that had gone into making such a sleek-looking piece of machinery. She flipped it over in her hands, noting the ancient writing on the back as she tried to figure out what it was.

Not seeing any switches or buttons, Sam was just getting ready to put it back down when it emitted a loud humming noise.

Surprised, Sam dropped the device. Inwardly cursing herself as she remembered all the times Col. O'Neill had dropped one device or another in her lab. Sam shook her head and started to lean down to pick up the machine when a light burst from the top, temporarily blinding her.

She slowly opened one eye, testing the brightness of the room.

When she saw what was in front of her, both eyes opened wide in shock.

Standing in front of her was a holographic image of herself.

The image was coming out of the top of the device. It looked exactly like her. A perfect mirror image, except instead of a mirror, it was a hologram.

"Amazing!" Sam breathed, wondering if the Asgaard knew there was holographic technology that rivaled their own. She reached her hand out in a childish curiosity to see her hand go through the hologram.

Instead of going through like she expected, Sam was electrocuted. She immediately regretted her action as she felt the bolts shoot through her body. She wasn't sure if she had screamed aloud or only in her head before succumbing to darkness.


Sam slowly started to awaken. Her mind taking in the smell, feel, and sounds of where she was. As her mind became more alert, Sam remembered exactly how she had become unconscious in the first place and her eyes shot open.

She looked around the room. This was definitely not where she had been before. She was lying on a small cot in a cell.

"What the hell?" she mumbled, standing up and making her way over to the bars separating her from freedom. "Hello! Is anyone out there? What's going on?" she yelled, only a little concerned about who it might be who answered her.

A few moments later, Sam heard a loud clang as a heavy metal door was opened in the distance. She heard footsteps approaching, and cranked her head the best she could to see who was coming down the dark passage. "Ry'ac!" she exclaimed as soon as she was able to see the person.

Instead of a happy response, Ry'ac looked at Sam with a most bemused expression and then turned and fled from the room.

"What is going on?" Sam complained, agitation fighting with confusion through her body.

It was only a few minutes later when Sam heard the familiar sound of the metal door open again, this time two pair of footsteps clanking down the aisle.

"Teal'c!" Sam exclaimed as Ry'ac and Teal'c emerged from the dark. "What is going on? Why am I in here? Let me out."

"I am afraid I cannot," Teal'c replied.

"What? Why? Teal'c, what's going on?" she repeated the words she had been saying since she had awakened.

"I cannot release you because I know not who you are," Teal'c supplied.

"What?" Sam gasped. "What do you mean you don't know me? Teal'c, it's me, Sam. We've worked together for eight years."

"That is incorrect. Captain Carter perished many years ago."

"Uh, no I didn't. I'm right here and I'm a colonel. What the hell is going on?"

"How have you come to be on this planet? Why did no one detect your presence until now?"

"What? Teal'c, I've been with you on this planet for days. We were just together walking down the back tunnels before you were called away to a council meeting," Sam exasperated.

"You were discovered unconscious in one of the back chambers, alone."

Sam sighed and buried her head in her hands, different possibilities of what could possibly be going on running through her head. Mind-control being in the top three.

Mind-control was quickly wiped from the list of candidates as two more people entered the room. The first was no surprise, but the second threw a whole new group of possibilities into the mix.

"Kawalsky!" Sam exclaimed.

Kawalsky didn't answer, only turned his head from Sam to Teal'c and back again.

"Daniel," Sam started, turning to the other man who had entered the room. "I think I know what is going on. There should be a device in the room I was in. It is some sort of transportation device, working in much the same way as the quantum mirror…"

"The quantum mirror?" Kawalsky interrupted.

"Yes," Sam replied. "There was ancient writing on the back, Daniel. You have to go get it. I'm basically positive I've been transported to another reality."

"Why are you positive you're in a different reality?" Kawalsky asked, his stance indicating he didn't believe the blonde astrophysicist.

"For one, you're dead in my reality," she replied bluntly before tossing Daniel a look that said to do as she said.

Daniel nodded in agreement and asked Ry'ac to show him to the room Sam had been found in.

It was hours later before anyone came back into the holding area where Sam was going stir-crazy. The noise of the door opening was quickly replaced by Daniel's excited yell as he rushed towards Sam. "You were right! I translated the writing on the device you described. It appears to be another form of the quantum mirror. Much more advanced. It also came with an instruction manual…well, sort of. There's another device that basically is like a computer terminal. It explains what each device is and what it does!"

"That's great! So, you know how to get me back home?"

Daniel's excited mood turned somber immediately. "Um, well, no, not yet, anyways. The writing is an abstract dialect of ancient. It's going to take me a little bit of time to translate it correctly. But, the good news is that now we know you are who you say you are and we have orders to take you back to earth."

"Great!" Sam replied sarcastically.

"Teal'c has agreed to let me take all the devices back with us so I can continue translating, so hopefully, it won't take that long to figure out."

Sam nodded, the lump in her throat growing larger. She was stuck in this reality for the time being.

Before long, Sam was released from the holding cell and joined Daniel, Kawalsky, and Major Boyd through the stargate. She was not in handcuffs, but she had no weapons and she felt Kawalsky watching her every move.

Sam emerged right after Daniel and just before Kawalsky on the other side. The familiar sounds and sights of the gate room coming into focus. Expecting to see General Hammond at the bottom of the ramp, Sam's mouth dropped open in shock as she saw none other than Jack O'Neill standing there.

"Sir?" Sam's small voice squeaked.

Jack looked at her briefly. His eyes cold and distant, sending an icy shiver down Sam's spine. He quickly turned his attention back to Kawalsky. "Get her to the infirmary to be checked out. Debrief in ten minutes," Jack's rough voice ordered before he turned and walked stiffly out of the room.

All Sam could hear was her heart pounding madly in her chest. The shock of seeing him alive again and the devastation that he felt nothing for her making her light-headed and dizzy.


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