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It just takes a little bit of this, a little bit of that
It started with a kiss
Now we're up to bat
A little bit of laughs, a little bit of pain
I'm telling you my babe
It's all in the game of love- The Game of Love, Santana

Chapter 1: The Breakups and Bets

"You asshole, how dare you end it like this! I ought of come over there right now and shove me foot up your-"

There was a click and the call ended in silence. Hyuga Neji, CEO of the Hyuga Branch Corp. stood from his desk gathering his things into a large brief case.

"I don't have time for this" he murmured under his breath, closing the brief case and walking out his large, spacious office.

Along the way he stopped beside his secretary, Tenten's, desk. Tenten was a fairly attractive woman with chestnut hair held up in two buns and eyes that matched. She had been working for Neji for a little over a year; she was also one of Neji's best friends. At the moment she was on the phone, she looked at him through the corner of her eye and gave him a small smile. Most likely she was talking to her boyfriend and Neji's best friend, Rock Lee.

"If anyone calls tell them I'm in a meeting."

Tenten nodded confirming that she heard him and continued her conversation with the man on the other end. Neji rolled his eyes, thinking to himself he had the right to fire here then and there. He wouldn't however; Tenten did manage to get good work done despite he constant calls. He then preceded into the meeting room, opening the door he was greeted by a table surrounded by ten people, five on each side with a woman sitting at the head of the table and his own chair on the other end waiting for him.

"Nice of you to join us" the woman commented sarcastically but it was teasing judging by the look in her eyes.

Neji smirked; this woman was Hanabi Hyuga, the daughter of the president of Hyuga Corp. and heiress to its fortune. She was an apprentice to her father at the moment learning about the business and occasionally she made stops to their branch companies. He, Neji, was CEO of the branch companies.

"I was detained."

"Sure you were."

Neji then sat down into the large leather chair, his leaned foreword propping his elbows upon the table and lacing his fingers.

"So, talk."

The people around the table scrambled to be heard for an idea liked could mean a promotion. While a younger man begun to speak Neji started to daze off a bit. To everyone else however he looked as though he was listening intently. He begun to think as he always did when he was in these types of meetings.

The first thing that crossed his mind was his latest break-up from former girlfriend, Kin Tsuchi. Kin Tsuchi was a professional basketball player who had the worst reputation but her skills made you over look them. She was a beautiful woman but had a fowl mouth that could put you off. Neji, however, was an exception; he saw it as a challenge and wanted her.

Within a few months he had managed to achieve what no other man had ever done, capture her heart. The other night after sex she had revealed to him that she loved him. Neji however did not feel the same. This morning he had told her it was over. Thus the conversation turned violent.

He was used to those types of things. Neji had went through many woman searching for one who suited his needs but none was up to par. It gave him a horrible playboy reputation but Neji cared little about what the media thought about him. Why did he go through so many women?

"Neji, there is no love in this world. Humans are creatures not capable of love. Only lust…"

The words of his mother still rung through his ears to this day, these were the words spoken when he had revealed he had a crush on a girl. After ward however the feelings faded and he took his mother's words to heart.

"Neji, are you listening?"

Neji snapped out of his thoughts, his eyes rising to meet those of his cousin's.

"Of course."

"Then share your opinion with us."

Neji mentally rolled his eyes. Of course he had no idea what they were saying, but Neji was an accomplished liar and had a silver tongue that could convince anyone of anything. A gift he spent many years practicing on to move his way up the ladder of Hyuga Corp.


The meeting ended quickly and Neji of course had been a large success. Hanabi had praised him for his ideas and assured him her father would know of them. Neji had thanked her but that was all. He now stood alone in the meeting room, placing several piles of papers into his brief case.

Out the corner of his eye he glanced at the digital clock hanging upon the wall. The numbers glowed in a deep red reaching 6 pm. Perhaps he would go home and practice in the gym for a few hours…Whatever the Hyuga was planning on doing however went interrupted.

The meeting doors slammed open almost shattering the glass, Neji scowled; though his back was turned he already knew who it was. He turned to confirm his suspicious and was proven correct. Naruto, not just Naruto though but most of his other friends as well, Kiba, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Lee, Gaara, and Shino, all successful and all playboys which the exception of Lee, Shikamaru, and Naruto. Naruto was dating a woman named Sakura Haruno, who was a nurse at the local Konoha hospital, Shikamaru was engaged a model named Temari who happened to be Gaara's older sister, and Lee was with Tenten.

Naruto was the hyper one of the bunch, the others thought he had licked the paint off the walls when he was younger. Naruto denies this. Naruto was the owner of a successful dojo an had the skills to back it up though somehow he always managed to get beat by Neji, Sasuke, Lee, and Gaara. One day he was hurt rather badly and sent o the hospital, that was were he met Sakura Haruno and they fell in love.

Shikamaru had to be the laziest person that Neji knew despite this however he as a highly sought intelligence office for the army. He didn't go to war but he thought of plans that worked 99 of the time. It was a well paying job and he had to do little to no work. Somehow he managed to capture the heart of a well sought out painter named Temari Sabaku. They were complete opposites but completed each other rather nicely.

Rock Lee had been Neji's bestfriend since he was thirteen years old. He wasn't as attractive as the other guys but his personality made up for it. He and Tenten always seemed to have a thing for eachother even back when the trio used to hang out over Tenten's all day playing video games. Eventually Lee admitted his feelings and they've been together ever since.

The rest, Kiba, Sasuke, Gaara, and Shino were notorious for their playboy ways as well though Sasuke had been roped into an arranged marriage and had a fiancé he still played the field a bit. Kiba Inuzuka was an athlete who played football as well as basketball, he was good at it two and constantly had teams trying to buy him. His woman came from his fame. He also had a dog named Akamaru who Kiba was particularly obsessed with,

Then there was Sasuke Uchiha who was one of the few remaining owners of a company that rivaled Hyuga Corp. called Sharingan. He and his brother had one messed up family but continued to remain successful. Sasuke was a CEO while his brother was president. Sasuke was the pretty boy in the bunch aside from Neji and got most of the girls just by brooding. When they were in high school, Sasuke had his own fan club. To help connect Hyuga Corp. and Sharingan Sasuke was forced into an arranged marriage with Neji's cousin, Hinata, by his uncle Hiashi. Hinata had been disowned by the family and left to become a fashion designer but was brought back into the family to form the marriage. They were supposed to be married in a year and while Sasuke liked Hinata he was less than ready to settle down.

Gaara Sabaku was an odd man. He was quite and had dark rings around his eyes. Many suspected that he had some trauma in his childhood as his father was an abusive tyrant but Gaara never spoke of it, so no one asked. He was a handsome man despite the circles and his persona attracted many females who wanted to 'save him' from himself. Whatever that meant. Though Gaara had a female here and there and then left her high and dry he seemed to have someone on his mind, he wouldn't reveal just who it was however…Surprisingly Gaara was a sculptor, his pieces of work were highly valued and fought over.

The last was Shino Aburame, who like Gaara, was odd in his own way. He was a quiet man who constantly wore sunglasses regardless of the situation and place. He was the heir to Kikai Inc. who specialized in making weapons. Whether Shino liked his profession or not no one knew but he never complained. Somehow Shino managed to get more girls that the other guys even though he didn't talk. When asked what it was he did, he usually replied it was an Aburame secret. This pissed Kiba off immensely from time to time.

"Hey Neji come drinking with us tonight!" Lee said.

Neji rolled his eyes but decided to join them. After all it wasn't like anything life changing would happen tonight. How little the Hyuga knew. Next thing Neji knew he was sitting at a round table with his friends. They all spoke excitely and smugly about their latest conquest while Naruto and Lee drabbled on about the loves of their lives and Shikamaru simply listened.

"Hey Neji what happened to that sexy basketball chick?" Kiba asked.

"We broke up."

"Again? Neji you'll never feel the flames of love if you don't settle!" Lee exclaimed earning odd looks from everyone in the bar.

"Maybe I-"

"Hey, check out it out" Kiba interrupted much to Neji's relief.

The group looked to see a group of females walking into the bar. Many of them were familiar with the exception of blond Neji had never seen before and while Neji usually detested blonds he had to admit that this one was drop dead gorgeous. Long shapely legs ran from a short purple dress with a high collar and no sleeves. Her body was curvy in all the right places. Basically a man's dream.

"Sakura, Tenten, Temari, Hinata!" Naruto called out to the girls that complied of the girls.

He caught their attention. Sakura's face lightened for a moment as she saw her beau, she turned back to her friends talking excitedly before walking towards a table and sitting down. Neji figured they decided not to get the guys involved in their girl time. In the back of his mind while he was staring he heard Kiba let out a low whistle.

"Who is the blond?"

Naruto downed a drink before wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

"Yamanaka Ino, model and fashion designer. Also notorious for turning guys down or making them last for only a week. Kind of like Neji," he replied.

"Ino is nothing like Neji" Gaara interjected looking annoyed.

Not many people knew but Gaara and Ino were very good friends. They had met through Temari and she had modeled for one of his works, they had hit it off almost immediately. Then suddenly something in Kiba's eyes lit up which was never a good sign. He smiled in an almost devilish way as he turned his gaze from the blond to Neji.

"Hey Neji, I got a proposal for you."

Neji lifted a dark brow.

"And it is?"

"You're tired of all these easy woman right? How about a challenge! I bet you can't get Ino to bed in two months. If we win we get to throw the biggest party at your house anytime we want."

"And if I win…?"

"Then we'll clean your house for two months."

"We?" Shikamaru spoke up with an irritated look. He had no intention of cleaning anything.

"Don't worry, Ino's going turn him down just like the others."

"Why are you getting her involved in your stupid bets?" Gaara questioned, his eyebrow twitching.

Not that Gaara believed that Ino would actually fall for Neji but it was a possibility and he wouldn't allow her being played like a game. Not without him to help her along.

"I'll take that bet" Naruto exclaimed,

Neji smirked; this was going to be too easy. She looked like a blond and had a pretty face therefore she wouldn't have many brains behind it.

"Watch and learn."

During the whole ordeal Shino had been relatively quiet. He preferred to listen rather than partake but now he decided was a time to speak.

"Waiter, another round."

The Hyuga pushed his chair out and begun making a beeline towards Ino. The guys watched for a moment, Ino looking at Neji as though he was something disgusting before she tossed her drink into his shocked face. Kiba fell out of his chair laughing followed by Naruto while Gaara, Shikamaru, and Sasuke smirked. Lee too chuckled despite trying to look concerned. Neji made his way back over to them, his hair hanging in his eyes, he pushed the wet strands from his face and glared.

"She knows about Kin. They're friends…"

This only caused Kiba and Naruto to laugh harder. It finally looked like Mr. High and mighty had finally met his match. Neji scowled under his curtain of wet hair, he glared at the table as though trying to burn a hole through it.

"Maybe this will be harder than I thought…"He murmured, picking up his drink and downing it.

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