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Oh, been tryin' to let it go

Tryin' to keep my eyes closed

Tryin' to keep it just like before

Times when I never even thought to speak

Don't wanna tell you what it is – 1 Thing, Amerie

"How could you do that Ino? Neji is totally hot!" Sakura exclaimed twirling in her chair to face the blond at the desk across from her.

Ino rolled her eyes and turned as well in her chair. Her elbow rested against the arm rest of the chair and cheek settling against her balled fist. She crossed her legs, today wearing jean capris, her foot bouncing up and down.

"He was a jerk from what Kin told me. Besides I don't go after friend's guys."

"You don't even like Kin!"

"That isn't the point. Besides he isn't that hot."

Temari snorted from her place sitting on top of Ino's desk.

"Let's be real. Neji Hyuga is hot."

"With a nice ass," Sakura chirped in.

"And money," Temari added.

"And that sexy voice-"

"Okay I get it! Neji is hot what do you want me to do about it now?"

Ino sighed, brushing back her long curtain of blond hair. She made a face as she spoke once more

"Besides I hate guys like that."

Silence took over the air with the exception of the whispers from Hinata, who was over at her desk on the phone talking in a low voice.

"Hinata, what are you whispering for?" Sakura asked, curiously walking over to Hinata and looking over her shoulder.

Hinata seemed to jump and quickly hung up the phone. A red hue crossed her cheeks as she begun to poke her fingers together in a nervous manner. "

N-no one…"

Sakura raised a brow in suspicious but shrugged nonetheless and returned back to her seat. Hinata glanced over her shoulder before staring back down at her desk, she lifted her mouse pad a bit revealing a small picture of Uchiha Sasuke, and there was another picture however of an older looking man, whose looks were similar and rivaled Sasuke's handsome face. Covering the pictures back up, Hinata turned in her seats to get into the conversation. Her mind had to be taken off of the phone conversation she was just in.

"Neji isn't that bad Ino…" Hinata spoke in her soft tone.

Ino snorted.

"Sure he isn't."

"Guess who got flowers!"

Tenten walked down the stairs of the room, in her hands a large bouquet of pink camellias. She placed the vase down next to Temari on Ino's desk. The females squealed in delight with the exception of Ino and Temari who simply beheld the bouquet curiously.

Tenten pulled off the card that had been taped to the vase. Tenten winked waving the card in the air.

"To Ino from a certain dark haired Hyuga," Flipping the card open she cleared her throat and begun to read the contents, "Do you know what camellias mean?"

Ino rolled her eyes once more yet her cheeks seemed to have a bit of a red hue to it. She turned in her seat to look at the flowers. She had to admit they were pretty. Fingers danced across their petal surface before she finally spoke.

"Yeah, longing for you…"

Sakura squealed and grasped Ino's hands between her own. The evil glint in her eyes told Ino that the pink haired woman was already scheming on how to get her and Neji together. Ino untangled her hands from Sakura's, turning once more in the seat and picking up the vase of flowers she faced her friend once more and shoved the vase of flowers in her hands. Sakura looked down at them confused.


"You have them. They match your hair."

"Ino, why don't you like Neji?" Hinata spoke up, a slight frown marring her brows.

"Because I don't date playboys," Ino declared.

"You never give a guy long enough to show you he isn't…" Hinata pointed out.

"I do too!"

"No, you really don't. What's you longest relationship been? Three weeks?" Temari interjected.

"They're right, you're a heartbreaker," Tenten added.

Ino crossed her arms and huffed. She honestly couldn't think of a come back at the moment but she had her reasons why she couldn't seem to keep a guy. None of them seemed right for her so why subject herself to a relationship where she was unhappy? Why didn't she have the right to be happy like everyone else?

The phone on Hinata's desk rung once more, Hinata seemed to ignore it for a moment but the continuous ringing finally prompted the Hyuga to answer it.


There was a low voice the other line that the girls were not familiar with. Hinata seemed to radiate her nervous state. Finally the timid girl hung up the phone. Standing abruptly, she gathered up her things quickly and moved in a face pace towards the door.

"Family business," was her excuse for her quick departure.

The door slammed behind her. The remaining girls looked at each other, worry etched upon their features making their feelings known that they held towards their shy friend. Though Hinata could very well take care of her self, they still felt a bit protective over her as she was the youngest in the group, even if Sakura and Ino had her beat by only a few months. Ino stood, prepared to try and follow after the Hyuga but Temari waved it off stopping the other blond from leaving.

"Let it go, Hinata is a big girl and if she says its family business then it must be important," She pointed out.

Ino sat back down slowly and reluctantly. A sigh escaped from her lips. Hinata was her best friend; she couldn't help but worry a bit more than the others. She had little time to contemplate Hinata's strange behavior as her own phone begun to ring as well. Temari picked it up and handed to her, sliding off the desk in the process. She had had a clear view of the caller ID and knew exactly who it was thus the reason why she had the mischievous smile on her face. Ino looked Temari with suspicion, and then looked at the phone. With a sigh she brought it up to her ear.


"Did you receive the flowers?"

Ino rolled her eyes.

"Yes, Sakura loves them. What are you doing, stalking me?"

"Hardly, we have mutual friends that provide me with information."

"Like who?"


Ino scowled into the phone glancing at Tenten through the corner of her eyes. Tenten smiled sheepishly, turning back to a fabric that was lied out on a table, trying to look innocent.

"What do you want, Hyuga?"

"No need to be so hostile. I was just wondering, if I could take you out to dinner?"

"I don't eat out for dinner."

"Lunch, then?"

"I go to lunch with the girls."

"How about breakfast?"

"I don't eat breakfast."

Ino smiled with triumph as she heard the frustrated sigh on the other line. Neji however wasn't finished and hit her with something she wasn't expecting.

"Then may I take you to the new observatory tonight?"

Ino's heart jumped. She loved stargazing and had wanting to go to the new observatory for months. Tickets for hard to come by, however, as the shows were spectacular. Even if she did manage to get a hold of a ticket she would never be able to afford it.

The blond bit her lip, chewing softly thinking of the pros and cons. Blue eyes looked towards her friends for advice, the phone dropping just a bit. Sakura was giving her the thumbs up and practically bouncing in her seat. Temari was mouthing encouragement.

It was Tenten however that helped Ino make up her mind.

"Even if you don't go with him, at least take the ticket and go alone," the brown haired woman whispered.

Ino nodded, raising the phone back to her ear.


"Good. Meet me outside of the observatory at 7."


She then hung up the phone only to be greeted by the collective squeals of her friends. Ino groaned mentally, dropping her head on her desk wondering what exactly she just got herself into.

During the excitement, Hinata was dealing with problems of her own. At the moment she was in an alley leaning against a wall with a tall man before her. She looked around nervously, like a child afraid of being caught sticking his hand into the cookie jar. Her eyes returned back to the man.

"Why did you come?"

"Why did you hang up on me?"

"They were becoming suspicious; I couldn't let them find out…" Hinata replied, clearly distressed.

"Let them find out."

"N-no! No one can find out about-"

Hot lips met with hers. White eyes widened before relaxing and finally closing. After a moment, Hinata begun to return the kiss with the same passion that was given. She moaned into his mouth causing the ends of his lips to upturn into a small smirk. The moan however seemed to wake Hinata up from the spell she had fallen under. Her eyes snapped open, hands raising and pushing the man away.

"Leave me alone!"

The man put his hands on the wall behind Hinata, trapping her from running away.

"You weren't saying that last night."

Hinata trembled; bring her hands up to her mouth. A nervous habit she had developed as though it could protect her.

"I was weak…and lonely."

A hand rose and placed itself on her cheek. White eyes met those red and black, such an odd combination only available to the Uchiha family. Fingers stroked before falling to her chin and lifting her face.

"I want to take care of you…"


His lips were hot on her own once more. This time Hinata put up little resistance. As much as she hated this, she admitted that she wanted it as well. She wanted Itachi, his hard body pressing against her and hands holding her like a precious treasure. He made her feel special and safe. Sasuke though…she was supposed to be his wife and here she was with his brother! Even though the marriage was a arranged one she still should have stayed faithful to her to-be husband.

"I'm sorry, Sasuke…"was the last lingering thought in her mind before she fell completely under the enchantment that was Itachi Uchiha.