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Catch me as I fall

Say you're here and it's all over now

Speaking to the atmosphere

No one's here and I fall into myself

This truth drives me

Into madness

I know I can stop the pain if I will it all away-Evanescence

Temari hummed to herself as she walked down the stairs on the home she shared with her siblings. Dressed in small black dress and her hair wrapped up into a bun, it was obvious she was going somewhere important. The female passed by the living room on her way out the door, her steps slowed before finally stopping as she took in the sight of her brothers playing a fighting video game before the large TV screen. Temari rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips.

"You guys need a life and girlfriends."

Gaara barely looked away from the TV screen. Simply grunting as he usually did in response whenever one of his siblings spoke to him. Kankuro scowled at his sisters words but he took barely looked away from the TV screen.

"I have a life, I just have better things to do-"He began to rapidly press a button on the controller "What I don't understand is why you don't tell Blondie that you like her-"he grunted fighter fell to an attack Gaara had launched.

Temari walked over to the two boys, who were sitting on the floor rather the couch, and sat on the couch behind them. She checked her watch, she could spare a few family moments, and Shikamaru always took longer than he said he would. Crossing her legs and propping her elbow on her knee she grinned.

"He just doesn't want to ruin his friendship with her. Let me share a little advice when it comes to girls and friendships-" "Wonderful, a lesson from the transvestite," Kankuro murmured rolling his eyes.

The comment earned him a smack in the back of the head which allowed Gaara to take advantage of the distraction and win the first round.

"Anyway like I was saying, when a girl has a guy friend that's all she wants. If she wants a boyfriend she'll go find one. Besides, who wants a guy who knows all your secrets and weaknesses?"

"That makes no sense; you're supposed to tell your boyfriend everything. If you don't tell him who do you tell?"Kankuro exclaimed.

"Your girlfriends."

"Their girlfriends."

The two other siblings responded simultaneously. Honking outside caught Temari's attention, standing she waved at her siblings making sure to warn them not to mess up the house and ran outside to meet Shikamaru. Back inside Kankuro released a special fighting move on Gaara's player killing him and winning the game. The older boy leaned back on the couch waving his controller.

"Your life sucks. You should do something about it."

Gaara merely glared at the corner of his eyes.

"Another round."

Though they're words didn't look like they affect him, in reality they sent his mind whirling and thinking.

"Thank you for bringing me here, Sasuke-san," Hinata spoke holding the slight stutter from her voice. Sasuke shook his head waving off her gratitude.

"Don't thank me; you could bring yourself here if you wanted."

The two were on their weekly dinner meal, three times a week they would go out with one another to get to know each other better. The idea had work and they had become rather close, Sasuke used Hinata as a confident and Hinata listened with patience and understanding. At the moment however this was not the case. Silence enveloped them and though usually it was a comfortable silence, now it was a suffocating and tense. Sasuke slowly took a sip of his wine watching Hinata over the tall glass. She seemed fidgety and uncomfortable as though something heavy was on her mind.

Placing the glass back down, he laced his fingers together looking at Hinata intensely.

"Is there something wrong, Hinata?"

She didn't respond immediately confirming Sasuke's suspicions. She would open her mouth a bit as though she wanted to say something and then shut it again falling back into deep thought. Sasuke was growing impatient but before he would say something, Hinata finally spoke.

"Sasuke-san, ano...how do you feel about me?"

"At first I didn't think much of you. Now, however, something's there" Sasuke put bluntly, lightly shrugging.

Hinata immediately began to blush causing Sasuke to chuckle. He wasn't one to dance around the issues and he was upfront of everything unless it was necessary to lie. The handsome Uchiha lifted a dark brow.


Hinata merely shook her head, and then stood abruptly picking up her purse.

"I'm sorry Sasuke-san; I forgot to do something very important!"

With that she turned and ran out the restaurant leaving a very confused Uchiha in her wake. Sasuke frowned; Hinata had been acting out of the ordinary as of late. Then again he had never taken much notice of her until this year. When he had first heard of the engagement he had been nothing less then pissed.

He had continued his playboy ways regardless that he had a fiancé. Yet as the year went on and he grew to know Hinata more, he found himself going out less and less and throwing out any phone numbers he received. The handsome Uchiha was brought from his thoughts when the waiter asked for his order. Sasuke simply grunted, standing and left the restaurant.

Hinata stood nervously just outside the Yakuka hotel, waiting for someone to come out those doors. Yet while she dreaded seeing him, something in her also wanted to see him. Finally the glass doors opened. That family handsome face and piercing red eyes met her own, they looked please to see her and even a small smile placed upon his features made her want to turn back in guilt.

"This is a first," Itachi murmured, approaching the Hyuuga.

He made move to wrap his arms around her yet her raised hands against his chest stopped him. A dark red lifted and met her eyes with a slightly annoyed look. The Uchiha took a step back, watching the Hyuuga intently before speaking once more.

"What is it?"

Hinata wanted to be strong. She wanted to be able to stand up for herself and not be bulliedbut as she looked into those familiar eyes. She felt her resolve begin to crumble at her feet. Closing her eyes so she wouldn't have to look at him, her hands fell back limply her side.

A deep breath was taken before her quiet words met his ears.

"W-we can't do this anymore, I-Itachi…"

She felt his presence near her before she felt his hands on her arm slamming her against the brick wall of the side of the hotel. She opened her eyes to meet his; they burned with fury despite the composed look on his face. Her hand was raised above her hand and he was pinning her wrist against the wall tightly.

"Why, because of Sasuke? Even if you say you have feelings for him we both know better. The only thing keeping you to him is your mind…but your body and heart always bring you to me…"

"N-no! That's not true; I really want to be with Sasuke even if it was arranged!"

Hinata shouted back as though trying to convince herself. She closed her eyes tightly as if in pain, she bit her bottom lip in an attempt to curb her from crying, these eyes from spilling tears once more. He was right though, no matter what she told herself over and over again it was always Itachi, not Sasuke, which she went into the arms off.

"It's over…" She whispered.

The hand that held her wrist released it sliding down the length of her arm sending trembles up her spine. Then the presence was gone, that warmth she craved disappeared. When she opened her eyes, she was alone, no Itachi within sight and for some reason she felt as though something had been torn out of her. Finally the tears spilled and she fell to her knees.

"Itachi…Itachi…"she murmured, tears sliding down her cheeks onto her clenched hands.

This was the right thing. They weren't met to be together, she was engaged to Sasuke for crying out loud! Why couldn't she happy? Then he had told her he might be developing feelings for her, that there might actually be something for them in this arranged marriage.

So with all this…why couldn't she stop thinking of Itachi?