note: Sandra is my character.
Tempest and Alex were walking. They both tried to contact their teams but no luck.
Alex said," we will make a truce until we find our teams!"
Tempest said," i'm okay with that but I so hate you!"
Alex said," i'm used to it!"
Tempest said," I'm used to it to! Which way Action jock?"
Alex said," We still can walk up foward! There's a city near by if you want to head there!"
Tempest said," sounds okay!"
They continued walking as there was a breeze.

An hour later...
Grinder said," i fixed Big air! Fidget! You take little air and scout ahead! Little air was not damaged! I just need to make one adjustment."
Fidget headed inside the ship and the top of the ship opened. She jumped in and flew off.

In little air(5 minutes later)
She scouted the area Alex fell but no luck. She than thought of flying foward. That's when she noticed Dr.X's airship.
Fidget said,"Grinder, I see Dr.X's airship!"
Grinder said," We are behind you!"
Rikki said to her off his com-line," Keep going Fidget! We are to find Alex! Don't forgot that Tempest is with him!"
Fidget said," Oh yeah! Not good!"

Tempest was trying to keep his cool. He saw his hand glowing green.
Alex asked," Are you tired?"
Tempest denied," No, I am not!"
Alex said," We can stop anytime!"
Tempest said," Thanks but no thanks Action jerk!"
Tempest was really tired but didn't want it to show. It was a few minutes later when Tempest fell behind Alex and collasped.
Alex turned and said," Tempest!"
Alex walked back and looked at him. Tempest was still breathing.
Alex picked Tempest up as he heard a car.
A blue car appeared out of nowhere. The window opened to reveal Sandra
Sandra said," Hey Alex! Need a lift?"
Alex smiled," what are you doing here?"
He looked at the 19 year old girl. She has no glasses.
Sandra jumped out and said," Let's get him in!"
Sandra helped Alex pick up Tempest. Alex opened the back door and the two placed him in.
Sandra said," You keep forgetting you are in Alberta, Canada!"
Alex said," I'll drive!"
Sandra said," We'll head to my place!"
The two jumped in and drove off. Alex didn't know her real idenity. It was 20 minutes later when they arrived at her place. Alex carried him as Brandy opened the door.
Sandra said," Where's your team?"
Alex said," that's unknown!"
Sandra said," Alex, Go find your team! I'll use his com-link to find him!"
Alex said," That will do and tell him the truce is over!"
Sandra answered," Will do!
Alex took off and got a free ride from a taxi due to the driver being a fan of his. Then his com-line went off. He stoped the taxi-driver out of Edmonton.
Alex said," Fidget is that you?"
Alex jumped out, giving the driver his autograph.
Fidget said," Alex!"
Alex said," Pick up on my singal! I'm outside of Edmonton!"
Fidget said," Got ya!"

Tempest woke up to see a woman around older than him.
Tempest said," where am I?"
Sandra answered," You are in Edmonton!"
Tempest said," Where's Action Jock?"
Sandra answered," He took off and said the truce was off! I got your communication link working!"
Tempest mumbled," Thank you!"
Sandra handed it to him.
She added," I contacted Dr.X!"
Sandra said," Who the heck are you?"
Sandra said," I'm Sandra! Dr.X said he would be here pretty fast so we better get you outside! Feel better?"
Tempest answered," Yes, what happened?"
Sandra answered," You passed out! I am guessing it is because of heat or a lack of energy!"
Sandra helped Tempest out as the blimp arrived.
Sandra said," Hope you feel better!"
Tempest nodded and grabbed the ladder. Then he climbed up.
Sandra walked into the house.

On the airship...
Dr.X and Asazi were waiting as Tempest climbed up.
Dr.X said," So glad to see you back Tempest!"
Tempest said," I had a rough day!"
Dr.X said," I am putting you off duty to rest!"
Tempest gave a nod and walked off.

Alex was found and taken back to Big air.